I Hate Seattle

You can't make this stuff up!


I came back to Seattle because of my online Grad program, networking sessions, - just for the summer. The plan was simple, find a place to stay for two months, get in some hikes, see some old friends, do some networking before going back to the east coast.

Oh boy-- this ones a dozy.
I've only been back in Seattle for less than a month. So far the first place I moved into, I soon found out had a level 3 sex offender living there, (confirmed by the police). The mother, who rented to me, didn't mention her son had any run in's with the law. Her words were, "Don't worry, nobody will bother you here as she handed me the keys." Her son, (the sex offender) started following me out to my car, hanging around outside my window, watching me from the couch coming and going from the bathroom. It was making me uncomfortable, but I didn't panic until a neighbor made a point to explain to me that this guy had been thrown in jail twice for grabbing women all over town.

I got out as soon as possible! ....Only to move into another situation where I'm told once again, same words by the land lord..."Oh and don't worry.. nobody will bother you here." She offered to stop by that evening to bring me extra blankets, ect. She knew I was going to be out. She was still lingering when I came home. I came into my room to find some of my luggage open. Next day, one of the roommates explained to me that she was a convicted felon! Charged with stealing, forgery and assault! The roommate said..., "Just don't leave anything valuable around." Are you fucking kidding me?
I was getting so pissed I had to get out. I took my canoe up to Rattle Snake to chill, (I have a blow-up kayak), in the middle of blowing it up, a guy offered me his parking spot and another agreed to watch for a minute while I moved my car into a spot. I come back minutes later to find out some asshole had backed haphazardly down the ramp, running over my pump (for blowing up the kayak) he doesn't even apologizes, but rather points out, how it shouldn't have been in his way in the first place, and how cheap it looks, so it shouldn't cost anything to replace it? Seattle you fucking suck! I've had two incidences already with people treating me like absolute shit in a Starbucks and a laundry mat, I actually had to ask the guy to make my drink because he was just ignoring me, and management didn't even give a shit. It seems small but that was right after some nasty, dictatorial, bitch, refused to allow me to do one load of laundry- even after I'd spent 30 minutes in traffic just getting there, because they were closing early that day. This is got to be the most stressed out, unappealing group of human beings on the planet! I fucking hate this place!! Good gracious!

BTW, there's something strange going on with this page...because there are response's in the comment section- that are mimicking me, I haven't made. I haven't responded to any comments at all. This site is being monitored and hacked! Any responses that are deliberately antagonizing, I doubt are from Seattle locals. It would never occur to them this site would exist. I know a lot of people from this area, and none of them have heard of this page ..just something to think about.

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Seattle sucks and the people really suck


What a shame. What a beautiful place. Worked and lived here 1999-2004. Met a few great people here, even one or two (OK, one) who actually grew up here, and everyone else ex-pats. Otherwise, people were insecure, weird, unsophisticated, very paranoid, selfish, piggish, childish, VERY RUDE, or in all ways UN-WORDLY. Something one might expect from isolated "things" that live at the end of the Earth. Any of these "things" ever make the mistake of moving, say, to Chicago, NY, Jersey, Philly, Boston etc, they can expect a severe beating to set them straight, if that's possible because you have to appreciate the learning experience which I doubt is possible for the "things" populace. I understand its far worse now from my days, where at least some original sailor dive bars were still operating in Bell town. On another note, I would mock the cops and J-walk (highly fucking improper in asshole, SUPER proper, fake polite, beyond belief passive aggressive, politically correct Seattle), and when they would come after me give them the finger and disappear. Fun. Ha Ha. Idiots. Hung out at the 5-Point. Always assholes to me, until just before I left. Repeat-please come to Chicago or the East Coast and get some "treatment", but I doubt it will help the growing up process. Maybe just don't, and stay the fuck where you are. Don't want to see you. A final note, got the last laugh by calling some pretentious idiot who had an "APP" to work Samsung TVs (are you fucking kidding me?) a TV repairman. Ha Ha.

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Ten Things I hate about you, Seattle


Hi everyone,
I was recently introduced to this site by a friend from Irvine, CA and had to post. A lot of people here are saying that some of the people that post are long gone, so I felt like I needed to add some fresh blood to the thread. I currently live in North Seattle and attended UW.

Foremost, this City has got to be the shittiest place on earth besides maybe Detroit (whom's major income is blowing up abandoned buildings for movie sets when they're not poisoning their kids with lead infested water)

So I've compiled a list of ten things that I really hate about Seattle.

(1) The rain
Foremost, it rains a lot here. I don't care if you think it drizzles or it dumps, you're a fucking idiot if you think it doesn't rain a lot. I was at a BBQ in west Seattle last weekend and after struggling to start a conversation with practically socially autistic neighbors, a lady was talking about how she just loves it when the rain is 33*F and freezes on her face when she goes outside. Like it's cool to struggle with the weather and overcome the shit winters. Please, eat a dick. To the people that say it's grey like SF or SD in June, you might be correct if you're clinically disturbed. I often ask people if they're going to move after college to some place with nice weather and they go: "no
I like it here" and I give them that look like "what the fuck is wrong with you". But I guess to each their own and in this case, their own is living a shit depressing life in the worst city on the planet.

(2) People that impose themselves politically into you even if you somewhat agree with them
When I came to Seattle, I considered myself a moderate that could keep an open mind on all issues. After living here for four years when people have shamed my girlfriend for looking hot (also from CA, thank the fucking lord), told me I was xenophobic, homophobic, islamaphobic, and politically backwards before I had even spoken because of the color of my skin and upbringing, that idea of moderation went right out the fucking window. When Hillary lost the election, I watched 4 professors cry in each of my classes. There was not a dry eye in every class I went to. People didn't even show up for exams and they all got free passes to take it later. I understand that some people might have felt threatened by the result of the election, but as we all know it's just because these people have been watching CNN and MSNBC from the time of their first breath. If they venture elsewhere, they might be able to actually embrace other opinions and viewpoints, but hey..they LOVE it here. I'm not gonna lie. It brought me joy to see the tears of the people that shamed me for being white and middle class.

(3) The angry feminists
I think Emma Watson put it fantastically when she described herself as a feminist that believes in promoting equal rights of men and women. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But when you march downtown and block traffic while you wear pink pussy hats and spew hate about America and the presidency, I lose all respect for you. Protesting is fine. Going after "cis white males" for being guys and having white skin is something they can't help. What can help is getting on a treadmill and respecting yourself enough to not look like garbage while you try to promote your cause.

(4) The people who own dogs that clearly shouldn't own dogs
These people are the people I want to punch in the face the most. While in school I owned a small business that involved pet care to pay bills and support myself through classes. Every day I would go to the dog park and bring my dog who is unfixed. He is a highly trained service dog that is e-collar trained and flys with me on airplanes. These fat fucking vulgar dog walkers who take 20-30 dogs at a time always have dogs that come and try to hump and start shit with my dog. I understand that testicles on a dog can do that. Other males can react negatively, but it's up to the owner and dog walker to control their dog(s) at the dog park if they know the dog has a problem. When their dog try's to hump and jump my dog at the park, it's always my fault. Unfixed dogs are legal to bring to the dog park.

Every single conversation I have at the park goes like this: "Fix your dog!" and I respond with "Nope!"

People here just don't have the time to train their dogs or don't care because (1) they don't care about them (2) they say they like the rain, but won't take their dog on walk when it actually rains or (3) they don't have the time because they just got this great job at amazon...

I have watched a husky go after a duck in green lake and a woman who is just running the lake, literally go into the lake fully clothed, drag the dog out by the collar, and scream at the owner for letting his dog chase ducks.
It's a dog. Dogs chase ducks.

I've also seen an angry bull lesbian at the green lake dog park yell at a woman and get in her face because this poor lady's dog was playing with this other woman's dog. I thought this bull was going to hit this lady for literally no reason. People here are offended by everything. I'm sure you all have noticed.

(5) The traffic
For the love of God and all that is holy, fix the fucking freeways. I-5 is constantly a shit show and 99 isn't much better. It takes me 30min plus to get downtown. That is so fucked for a five mile drive. The craziest thing is that after you get past UW and exit 169, you realize that it's just fucking retards going slow and there's not accident whatsoever.

(6) The Homeless
Everyone hates the homeless. Even my friends that voted for Bernie and Hillary hate the homeless. I live right by a park. My car has broken into, my apartment has been broken into, there are people hiding pocket pussies near my front door. What the fuck are the politicians doing here? Blame the opioid companies for the Heroin epidemic... I blame you fucking idiots in power for having my neighbors kids feel they have to put signs up around the park asking for homeless to throw their needles away so they don't get stuck playing hide and go seek in the bushes. People are fucking outside my porch at night. There are condoms in my driveway. My neighborhood park's bathrooms have been lit on fire 3 times. My mailbox has been pried open with a crowbar in the middle of the night. Every morning when I go out to walk my dog before class, there are literal hookers in the bathroom on the floor convulsing from Heroin overdoses and blowing dudes in cars at the end of my block. My neighbor's houses have broken into, my storage unit and my other neighbors' storage units have also been broken into. This place is a fucking mess and no one gives a shit. When I was growing up, we got kicked out of parks by police for playing frisbee after 8pm in CA. Here you can pitch a tent, shoot up, fuck a hooker, break into cars, break into homes, and then get state aid for drug abuse and subsidized housing. Then I have to pay for it. That is some backwards shit.

(7) The drivers
Wow the drivers are bad here. I have been killed by drivers almost 9 times in two years (which I think is a relatively low number considering). In Seattle if you want to get around them on a motorcycle, you can lane split on the left most lane between cars and the barriers. I've had a concrete spike go through my wheel and almost blow my tire on I-5 just so I don't have to deal with being killed by drivers in the regular 4 lanes.

People here don't understand how to stop at stop signs. Everyone just needs to take a step back and literally fuck themselves. If the car is going straight and you are turning left, you YIELD to the car who is going straight and then turn. You DO NOT turn in front of cars that are going straight. Two cars who are facing each other go at the SAME FUCKING TIME. We don't wait around at this circle jerk where one person goes at a time.

The Uber drivers should not be allowed to drive period. If you come here and work for a taxi company, you should LEARN HOW TO DRIVE A FUCKING CAR.

(8) The Seattle Freeze
This shit is so real.
People are so God damn rude here. All of my friends are out of state. All the people I know from western Washington and boring and fake as fuck. They don't even try to act like they're sociable. I once overheard a conversation where this girl got into Stanford, but was thinking about turning it down because "she had to be nice"...this bitch was about to turn down going to arguably the best school on the west coast because she couldn't even fake being nice. If you can't even fake being nice, you should do us all a favor and die.

People say they wanna hangout and never do. I see people use each other all the time for social status. I've seen friends fuck my other friends girlfriends because they want to improve their social status at school. And even when my friends know about it, do nothing to tell the person who is being cheated on. It's usually a yeah dude sorry man, you just couldn't hold her down bro.

I guess loyalty doesn't exist in this place.

Also, why do you all dress like you're going on a hike when you're clearly not going on a hike?

(9) The girls
100% ugly, 100% politically charged, 100% fake. No one try's to look presentable, no one try's to be socially outgoing, every girl hops from one rich guy with a boat to the next. If you're not rich, blue as the ocean, or a coder at Google or Amazon...good luck. Thank god I never stuck with anyone here because I would rather slam Tylenol and slit my wrists in a bathtub than come back here to visit anyone's friends or parents.

You also let yourselves go all the time. Doesn't matter if it's winter or summer, you're all pounding vodka, beer or wine. You're constantly 10-20 pounds overweight. Personally, fat shaming is shitty. But you should seriously consider your health when you get fat. The only reason guys will bang you is because every girl in Seattle is fat. Go anywhere else on the west coast especially CA. No one will touch you with a 10ft pole.

(10) The tech people
Ahhh the tech people. In Seattle you can look like you just auditioned for the Big Bang theory and pick up chicks. Just tell them you're at google or amazon. You can be the pastiest, pussy ass, dungeon cave, Starcraft champion, craft micro beer loving, lazy piece of shit, and walk into a cap hill bar, tell a girl you work at a tech company and get laid. All they want is that dick and a prenup with a Google exec. Trust me, I've seen it happen. Being a standup normal guy doesn't get you anywhere. If don't want an average 6 gold digger on your nuts, get out while you can.

Also, you migrating anywhere from here makes me sick to my stomach. Soon we'll all be sterile and placid because of your genetics watering down our gene pool. Stay in Seattle.

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getting the hell out of tacoma for good...


today was a really bad day for me. laid in bed all day didnt feel like going outside and dealing with the crap WA has to offer to me...

i should be thrilled because i am leaving WA for good after having lived here for 20 years next month, however the remaining days i have left are just wearing me so thin that i had to vent about it. thankfully i found this website.

let me talk about why i hate WA and TACOMA where i live at currently:

-the weather:
if you love the lifeless depressing color gray when staring into the sky on a daily basis then you will love WA. for me i prefer blue. but you dont get a lot of that...not to mention you cannot star gaze here. the sky is FILLED with clouds all of the time

-lack of social interaction:
good luck walking out and about and having people smile at you or even make EYE CONTACT. everyone is stuck in their own world and if you try to speak to them they keep it short and end the convo as quickly as possible so that they can continue off on their solitary business.

-lack of style:
if you love fashion and dressing nice then forget about that here. everyone dresses like they are going on a mountain hike ALL of the time. if you want to dress in anything stylish or revealing prepare to get stared down like you are a freak of nature.

-ghost town
speaking about tacoma in general go downtown tacoma and it is DEAD, vacant space for businesses all over the city and and hardly anyone walking the streets. it looks like the city had an emergency evacuation

-expensive rent
want to rent a SHACK that was built in 1955 for nearly $2000? look in tacoma. want a mere closet for the same price? go to seattle.

going to the grocery store, bank, post office is like walking into a zombie movie. everyone looks DEAD inside.

-low population
in tacoma everyone will know your business and the judgement of personal business is STRONG even though the population is around 200,000

-horrible nightlife
WA is the definition of BORING. no real nightclubs if you are young there is basically nothing but restaurants to eat in and hipster bars where people stand around drinking craft beer and being pretentious. the music is LAME as well...party here means stand around all night staring at each other.

which brings me to dating. guys here will NOT approach women and vice versa. be prepared to stand around staring at wallflowers all night long no one talking to each other, no one taking initiative. even if you give out your number people wont call you back they wont set up plans. everyone here is a flake and has zero social skills or confidence.

-old people
in certain areas in tacoma esp speaking from personal experience in the northern part of tacoma there is a lot of OLD decrepit boring people. if you are in your 20s please stay away you will feel like you are living in a city for someone 3 times your age.

so all in all i would describe tacoma and WA as the following:
boring, isolated, cold, lifeless, granola, expensive, bad vibe, bad energy

it will ONLY rag you down. which it has done for me but there is hope for me...i am now VEGAS bound. and cant wait to savor life the way its meant to be SAVORED!

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In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Scream


It's not necessary to try and out-do these lovely, lovely oases of truth.

But please allow me to recount one of the most chilling experiences of my life. And I do *not* embellish this when I say CHILLING.

One Saturday night I heard a living room full of people having a sing-song. In American it's like a singing party, you know, a few guitars, food, passing a bottle whatever around. And relaxing and enjoying oneself.

I swear, something inside me locked up and froze. "Something's not right... something's not ...... no! No! NOOOO!"

They were ENJOYING THEMSELVES. Read this again and let it sink in. And feel the freeze.

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the worst city


For too long I have lived in this faketropolis, my journey to what would become to be the worst years of my life started in 2002. Yes I've endured all this time here, between the cities aka suburbs, the shitty traffic, the drivers, the shitty weather and people in general.
I'm not a world traveler but from the few countries I've visited before moving here I would have no problem seeing beautifully women in the street, even in no so well developed countries, but not here, you are lucky to spot maybe couple of them a month, a that's those in there 20's, over 30's is next to impossible they just let go themselves completely after that age. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks like this, because I've brought up the subject to my co-workers and they thought I was so rude.
Unfortunately I've become one of those ppl described in the hundreds of post here.
Some times I think I am the most miserable person in the world. This place has changed me for the worst, I am a zombie a subhuman, seattle has trapped me, has confined me. Take the advice given by many posters here and get out while you can.

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The one thing about seattle


The thing i found repulsive about seattle's liberals: the homeless exploitation tours (think human zoo) being advertised in such a smug way for a ridiculous smug price --and of course with no proceeds going to the homeless. The affluent customers and flambouyant tour guide, spend an afternoon masquarding as homeless people to covertly view the essential, gritty and raw homeless experience which often consists of shitting in the bushes,blow jobs for heroin and sleeping along the loud and busy freeway. To cap this activity off, the flambouyant tour guide and customers elegantly dine at a five star restaurant to discuss the experience of watching the homeless people shit,sleep and do drugs. If that is not liberal hypocrisy then what is..


.excus ny unedited grammar sentence structure incomplete

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Seattle really does suck


Yes, Seattle and and all the hype is overrated,overpriced and yes the weather sucks a high hard one too.
Having grown up in Alaska, Seattle was considered the promise land and the only place to live in the "lower 48".
What a bunch of shit!
Even the Seattle Super Sonics left and went to Oklahoma. Now, I want everyone to think what that move in it self stated about the nirvana known a Seattle. Completely sorry ass!!!
If anyone moved to Seattle believing it was going to be the goods,you probably found out in short order, it's expensive, rains constantly, only Interstate 5, and meth really is a problem in our society.
Hey, it's not too late; fortunately we live in America and you are free to leave. You don't have to be subjected to 10 months of rain and overpriced clam chowder. Now, the seafood is pretty good, but nobody need to put up with that much bullshit for a 10 dollar bowl of clamclam chowder.
My ultimate destination has taken me to Texas. While I will tell you life is not perfect perfect in Lone Star state, and least the sun is shining and the high quality of beef at a reasonable price is a redeeming quality.
Think we grill some steaks tonight. Good luck even being able to do that in rainy ass Seattle.
Hey, their is a reason Kirt Cobain killed himself.

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Never, ever living here again


I’ll start by saying I lived in Seattle for nearly 30 years (1972 – 2001) before moving to Texas. Of all things to miss, it’s the weather for me. I miss the mountains and the ocean for sure, but I got used to long, damp, drizzly days and for whatever reason, I miss them. That said, I’ve been in Ohio now for 15 years and wouldn’t go back to Seattle for all the tea in China. Why? The people. Sure, it’s WAY more expensive, but when I go back now to visit family and friends, I can’t wait to leave.

Everyone moving there now thinks it’s going to be circa 1991 when Grunge was king and Seattle was actually fairly cool. Now however, it SUCKS!!! A bunch of arrogant a-holes that constantly talk down to people. Who would want to move there? Traffic is horrendous, the 2nd coming of mortgage-gedden is brewing and the weather, for people unlike myself, still sucks.

Well, no thanks. Pioneer Square is a haven for the homeless and crime is biblical in scale compared to the 90’s (when it was still pretty bad). All people can talk about is how much there house is worth so I hope they all try and sell at the same time again, and once interest rates creep up, people won’t be buying 5-700k homes. If you want a 3k payment, you’d better be looking at the 250-350 market.

Good luck suckers, I’ll take Ohio any day.

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Not just Seattle, it's Seattle-ites


Lived in Seattle 2009-2013, got the fuck out and moved to LA. After finding this site, which is like some kind of underground railroad for normal people trapped in a faketropolis of crunchy-yet-soggy asshats, I moved to LA for some sunshine and better company. While there are lots of crappy people in LA, there's about 10 million to choose from, and it doesn't take long to find the intellectuals, the internationals, the interesting and fun and accepting people - who are transplants just like you. Anyway it turns out I have new neighbors from Seattle, who instead of having something in common, have already started leaving passive-aggressive notes on my door that they suspect my dog is pooping on their lawn. Please, shitty Seattle asshats, please stay in your horrible little grey blotch in the corner and don't try to venture out, the world doesn't want you around, you're not going to fit in anywhere else anyway.

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