I Hate Seattle

Worst Liberals in this state


I just joined this site and have to agree with what a lot of people are saying about Seattle. I used to live in Washington state from 89 to 2001 when we moved to communistfornia I just moved back and have to say Washington has changed so much especially all the salty libs in Seattle if you are a republican and just moved here be warned don't go to Seattle with any Trump stickers, American flags or you will be called a bigot, racist, xenophobe or be attacked the list goes on and on people in Seattle are assholes no respect to any one its like they are better then any one you try to say hello they just look at you like you don't exist people on bikes think there cars weaving in and out of traffic my coworker had a green light he went through the intersection and a sea hag comes and starts slamming here fist on the truck. And I would not bring any kids to Seattle full of homeless, weirdo's drugs addicts needles all over graffiti ever where Broadway aka freakway and the best one get ready resist Trump. homeless camping on the side walks I have never seen it this bad in here in Seattle my work some times takes us through here we try to avoid it as much as possible. People in Seattle are spineless cowards with there Subaru's with a coexist sticker Bernie or Hilary bumper sticker, like a mayor that is a pervert, puts a tax on soda, paints rainbow cross walks, every business has a safe place sign up, freakway has gimps walking all over the place people that look like golem from lord of the rings. I only go to Seattle to visit my grandfather, Pike place, or the Space Needle if you can avoid Seattle us much as possible you will be glad.

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Seattle and grunge


If you're thinking of moving here over some fantasy of "always moving to Seattle", let me just tell you you're wrong.
This place is long gone as the city romanticised in art, movies, and music.
If you are a huge Nirvana fan, or like any of the similar bands in that scene, and expect there to be any of that old culture here, expect to be disappointed. Kurt saw where this city was headed many years before his death, and nowadays, he'd kill himself again if he saw what it's become.
This is a city devoid of culture. People are only concerned with coming off as the most intellectual in any given situation. Passive aggressive, purposely thinly veiled elitism around every corner. Tech workers with consumerist activities for "fun" is the norm now. Back in the 90's, there was a burgeoning creative scene in every aspect you could think of. Poets, visual artists, music, dance, you name it, we had it here.
Nowadays, just about every artist I've known has left, even the somewhat successful ones that have made a living, citing rising rent prices and public disinterest as a main reason. This is a town that now stifles creativity and denigrates it. Unless they find it on reddit, then it's safe to "like".
What's crazy is that publicly, in social media and new articles, we pride ourselves on our cities' achievement in bringing grunge to the world. Many, many cries of sorrow at the death of Chris Cornell. But very few even knew the mans name before it happened, let alone listened to their music, excluding their number 1 hit, when it came on the radio. If you asked any number of Seattelites to name 3 Soundgarden songs, they would say "Black Hole Sun..." and that's it. Completely evident by the fact that that's the only song local radio and news chose to play in memoriam(excluding KEXP, our cities last treasure, though The Stranger can sometimes be good still).
Further evidence of our cities cultural decline is attitude of the people inhabiting every district. It's devoid of actual diversity, though many races are here on paper, not many are out in the city(excluding South Seattle, many Ethiopians), possibly because everything is so expensive. 25 years ago, you could see every subculture, particularly on Madison(though the 'junkie' subculture still exists of course). Nowadays, people dress in uniform, expect many Columbia and North Face rainproof jackets, leggings, glasses. Monotone colorways save for fluorescent pieces(even if you're not a bike rider. I don't get it.), and Seahawks gear when the team is doing well. Black, grey, and an inoffensive grey blue are the class favorites. 25 years ago, people weren't quite as afraid to smile while out in the town, and dating thrived. People had new things to say, the city felt like things were happening, many rock shows, poetry readings at coffee shops. Always something to do. People more or less were ready and excited to meet new people, and some element of NYC was there in the diversity. There are almost no more comfy coffee shops anymore, they've been replaced by starbucks on every block, and that's hardly an exaggeration.
Now, 9/10 people are reddit using, know it all, internet junkies that receive more than enough social stimulation from their Facebook friends they rarely talk to IRL. There's nothing new to say or hear, you already read about it online. Now there's a class sense of conformity in all aspects, whether it be dress or social etiquette in any given setting. This has always been a town where intellectual pursuits have been highly regarded and praised, but due to many factors, possibly mainly the advent of widespread internet use, you will be ostracised by everyone if you aren't exactly like them. Especially when it comes to political views. I do lean left, but I fear for your safety if you claim to be anything otherwise.
Don't expect to go out and meet "cool people" any more, there's no such thing. Just hipsters that know they're better than you. You aren't allowed to talk on the bus whether it's to ask a question to a stranger, or even if you're with your friends just talking amongst yourselves. You will be met with weird stares, if not considered mentally ill, and at the same time, listened to closely so they can find something to pick about(not to your face) whether it's in their own head or to their partner, purposefully unsubtly, but still indirect nonetheless. These people are just too awkward now to pursue social contact that isn't premeditated by an online interaction first, it seems like.
God forbid you actually dress a little grunge or alternative. I'm too old for that crap already, but I've seen it die. You will be considered homeless, unless that flannel is newly bought from American Apparel, and you have enough of a nerdy persona to come across as "safe". Needs more glasses and hipster beard. Women can sometimes get away with it though. On the flip side, for some reason every other woman feels the need to dye their hair a wild color once they reach their 30's. Or if they're just overweight. It's a weird phenomenon.
Excluding the forests and mountains a few hours drive away, everywhere even looks like a city planner's wet dream. The city elements are long gone, replaced by minimal-esque Bauhaus styled micro homes on EVERY block, averaging at around $722,000 or more(look it up, and I don't mean just new homes, our real estate market is now the most competitive in the country). At least there's some nice street art on small business' walls downtown, but give it 10 years and that'll be gone too. Even the parks are now meticulously crafted down to every strand of grass. I don't think playing on the grass with your kids was even in mind while they were drawing up designs for these any more. It doesn't even look that nice, just 'fake nature'.
In conclusion, if your idea of a good time is eating overpriced sub par food at a restaurant with your spouse that sees you as an interchangeable, "safe", sexless(missionary only) nu-male with a cushy job at Microsoft, and then heading home early to play Xbox One games, maybe this city is for you. If you like working alongside undercover heroin users(that population is STILL rising, kind of thanks to our local government thinking safe injection sites were a great idea) and other near suicidal, personality-less people, maybe this is the life for you. If you like summers where the sun is more of a "maybe", and then 325 days of grey skies and rain, maybe you'll love it here. And especially, if you love passive aggression, your idea of solving a problem is ignoring it, and you struggle with avoiding anxiety when just passing someone on the sidewalk, you will make it as a perfect north westerner.

Get over here while you can, while the weather is still "eh" and the rent is still rising!

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Tukwila Police call out rude behavior at accident scenes


Wow, there are rude people everywhere but Seattle is really that bad: http://www.king5.com/news/local/tukwila-police-call-out-rude-behavior-at-accident-scenes/446419813

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I'm so glad I found this site


I've been here 5 years. Moved from the southeastern U.S.. I thought I was just paranoid or something was wrong with me that I seemed to be pissing people off just because I exist and breathe. After reading the posts here I feel so relieved that there are other people who are experiencing "the freeze". I've never encountered so many negative, hateful stuck up Neanderthals except while working on the Mexican border in Arizona. I grew up in the northeastern U.S. and moved to the southeast after college. Arizona and western Washington are the whitest places I've ever lived. If this is what it's like to live around a lot of vanilla pudding then I can't wait to get back to where they have good barbecue and peach ice cream. They can't cook barbecue worth a damn in this state.

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Very evil place


Seattle sucks ass. Got transferred here and left this place as soon as I could. Nothing ever happens in this city. There is no culture or warmth. Everybody here is in it for themselves. It is a business/work city. The only people saying Seattle rocks are losers with no ambitions at all. Which is very ironic because the people here act like they are so civilized and the best. Which is totally wrong. The men here are yuppies and hipsters too. Very jealous and snobbish people. And also, Seattle has this thing where they get rid of anything good. Personally, I call it Seattle's campaign on cutting people down.

One thing I noticed about many of the business industries here in Seattle, is that they will want you to pay extra money to be a member. And several options for different kinds of membership. Each option being very expensive; even the cheapest "plan". Even things like radio stations here, will ask for you to pitch in lots of money; just to stay a member. The city likes to embarrass people and pretends like you are the one who is the problem.

People here have a weird sense of humor and yes, they are passive-aggressive. They will act like you are an idiot if you don't seemingly deliver some sort of idiotic, degrading sense of humor. I think the city exists as a way to degrade or cut people down. The people always talk about themselves, and you have to have a good personality in order to be liked. The people act very juvenile like kids in High school. And everything here seems like a popularity contest.

Seattlites are closet sadists -- I've had it figured out. It is a very miserable place to live. They also hate the USA more than any other city, and people carry around Canadian flags.

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Why are Seattle women so ugly?


Why are the women so ugly in Seattle? They swarm here like flies to a cow paddy. Seriously, what's wrong with the women here? Is there something in the water? I've lived in 8 major cities, several different countries but land up here and I'm just stunned at how ugly the women are. I'm not into the LA porn star look, but simply love a beautiful woman, with beautiful hair and skin. Charming, flirtatious, and like a Parisian woman, can grab a scarf and walk down the street with style and panache.

Instead Seattle is filled with bull-dog ugly women, with bad skin, overweight, muffin tops, hair growing like wild blackberry bushes in all the wrong places, no chins, double chins, no hips, hips as wide as an elephants backside and hair that looks like they’ve cut with weed whackers. All that combined with the charm of ferrets.

Women hit 40 in Seattle and only have two hair cuts - short gray hair and long gray hair. Fashion means dressing like fishermans' wives and walking around with the gait of bikers, thighs chaffing as they waddle down the street. Funny thing is I've met good looking guys here with girlfriends whose faces could peel the paint off the wall they are so unattractive.

Thank god my wife is a California babe. Three kids, weighs 110lbs, not a stretch mark on her. She looks better in a swimsuit than women half her age in Seattle. Mind you, she's Asian with an MBA, so she gives a damn.

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I'm seeing a trend


For all of you Washington newbies posting about how bad Seattle is I want to tell you. I'm a Washington native, 50+ years and Seattle wasn't always like this. In fact, it used to be a great city and we used to have fun going there for a day or weekend. Now however, everything you all are saying is absolutely true and I now avoid it like the plague. It is interesting though that most everyone here saying how bad Seattle is, also relatively new to the area. This is the problem. Millions of you moved here, especially from California and are making it exactly what you were running from when you came here. Stop, go home, so the rest of us can save our city/state.

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Was not that bad 16 years ago?


I am reading through this site with interest. So many people agreeing on the same core problems of Seattle.

I do believe you, but I suspect Seattle simply wasn't that bad 16 years ago when I lived there for a couple of months. It was the end of year 2001, right after 9/11.

Sure it wasn't a lot of time I spent there and I didn't meet that many people, but here's a collection of anecdotes which, while obviously not being the last word, "contradict" this site complaints about Seattle. I suspect Seattle simply wasn't that bad back then. I would be curious to go back there and see it changed, and understand what exactly happened. I believe the theory that the raise of Amazon (existed already, but wasn't that big), general transformations in the US due to technology and hardcore leftist culture, and an invasion of tech nerds and money people in Seattle, have transformed its social picture completely.

- I didn't see the people being particularly anti-social. They were behaving normally.
- A black guy was super nice to me in helping me find a street. Even though my english was non existent back then (I'm not a native english speaker).
- I was just 18 and dressed like crap. I went to some sort of hip-hop clothing store to buy large trousers. The black people in there were respectful towards me white loser.
- I just don't remember anyone treating me particularly like shit. I tend to not forget that type of thing. I am observant and critical of the various societies and groups I encounter. Maybe I just didn't spend enough time there to understand, but the "Seattle Freeze" behavior the site describes would be immediately apparent, and reminds me of Scandinavia where I lived. I did have a problem with that, but I did not notice any of that in a particular measure in Seattle at the time.
- Coming from a european nation with no Starbucks cafes at the time, I had my first experience with it, and made a friend in a girl barista there. She was just a regular american girl in my eyes. She started talking to me first.
- I entered a few shops and I can remember being kindly welcomed a few times. Nothing like I see described here, of businesses not caring about your presence. Note: no I was not that physically stunning back then (I am now! ;) ).
- It was winter, christmas time through february. The weather and my own life situation depressed me back then. I was suffering panic attacks and was worried about my health. Despite this, I didn't feel Seattle's people were treating me bad.
- I just did not see the extreme antisocial coldness or passive-aggressiveness that really reminds me of the people in Iceland or maybe eastern europeans.
- I met with people I first chatted with over the internet, and everything went fine. Absolutely no antisocial weirdness or "freeze" nor bad manners. Quite the opposite. Sure it was a long time a go and my memory can't be precisely accurate, but surely the people I met there weren't THAT bad else I would have remembered.

I believe Seattle has changed quite radically, but I really want to understand how. Could Amazon alone have brought so much misery to a city? Why has the decay been so intense there specifically?

You can find a video of Valve Software's headquarters in Bellevue Seattle, and you'll see some incredibly antisocial nerds who escape terrified as soon as they see the camera. This makes me feel tenderness towards them though, not hatred.

I am too far from Seattle to go there now, but it is one dream of mine to do a nostalgic trip to the places I visited there in 2001, albeit I would be upset to see the negative changes the people in this site mentions.

Has changed changed so much? Why?

Oh, I almost forgot. I met two women from Seattle more recently, a couple of years ago, in Iceland, and they were some of the worst people I have EVER met. One was ethnically asian and she was a bitch who enjoyed putting me down. An absolute bitch with resting bitch face, out to seek and destroy. The other was an older woman of swedish origins who was status-obsessed, extremely materialistic and seem to think like is about money and popularity. She decided her son is "way out of my league" because he "has many contacts", this by having zero information about me simply because I don't go around boasting about how many people I know or my successes. Her son was in the end a humble microphone holding "technician" in movies and wannabe musician. She met me in the kitchen of a hostel in Iceland and assaulted me with a plethora of insults and put-downs. That struck me as one of the most openly aggressive encounter I have had over there. The woman seemed insanely narcissistic and seemed upset or concerned that my life didn't revolve around career, business and selling myself. I didn't know what to think about this encounter and thought it could have something to do with her being swedish or a generic american mindset influence, not specific to Seattle.

All these small anecdotes obviously aren't conclusive proof of anything but they might point in some direction. I am curious to know your opinions on this. The Seattle I knew is completely different from the ones so many people in here describe (they can't all be wrong). Either I was too young and unexperienced and thus blind to the matters back then, or Seattle changed. All I remember is people smiling and being nice to me, and I usually remember bad encounters like the other ones mentioned above. Absolutely noone harassed me while I was in Seattle in 2001, like those two did later.

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Seattle, what a disappointment


I decided to completely uproot my life in Southern California in order to start over fresh in Seattle. I transferred my job and applied for college with excitement that Seattle was this beautiful city full of opportunity...I was highly mistaken.

Here I am, only five months into my one year lease and I can't wait for it to be over.

First of all, my rent alone is way too expensive and it's ridiculous that I have to pay another $250 just to park my car inside of my own garage -- also, car insurance is way more expensive here and you'll wish you didn't have a car if you do.

The people are terribly rude, which they are everywhere, but more-so here. It's almost as if everyone is just miserable or angry and they want to take it out on you. The people are so awful here that I find myself never wanting to leave my apartment and I don't. I go to work, go grocery shopping and then come home and that's it.
The people were so terrible here that I even had to quit my job that I was with for years. Between all of the homeless druggies that came in to steal or tried to rob me while I was working to my piece of shit manager that said I should fight when someone comes in to steal something. Even the people in my apartment complex are rude, they are struck up, antisocial, assholes, who think they are better than everyone, even though we live in the same damn building. The customer service is terrible, you almost don't even know who's working at the place you are at, because no one helps or greets you. Forget going out to eat, I've had waiters that would roll their eyes, slam plates, and even purposely ignore me and my party -- mind you, I am very polite and treat everyone with respect until they push the wrong buttons.

The pedestrians will walk across the street whenever they want and if you make even the slightest bit of eye contact, they will start something with you. I'm not exaggerating, I had a guy cross the street when it was my light to go and I had to slam on my brakes so I wouldn't hit him and he begin slamming his fists against the hood of my car until I was able to leave. Did I mention that it takes hours to get anywhere? If you want to head anywhere outside of downtown, expect to drive way longer than you anticipated. Ironically, the people in Seattle don't know how to drive when it rains, so the time waiting in traffic is tripled during those extra-rainy days.

The homeless people are everywhere and if you don't give them money, they become aggressive. When you're stopped at a stop light, they will come up to your window and knock until you roll it down and give them something. They don't want food either, I had a woman get upset that we gave her food instead of cash and she ended up throwing it away. If you live here, expect to have people constantly coming up to you and bothering you for money.

Did I mention that everything is more expensive here? I mean EVERYTHING! Even something as small as a piece of fruit at the grocery store. There is also hidden fees in almost everything. I was excited to go to college up here only to find out that my tuition would be $52,000 a year as opposed to $4,000 back in California -- this isn't because I am not a resident either, this is solely based on the program that I wanted to attend at SU.

Forget buying a house here. Homes that are valued at $200,000 are selling for $600,000 within a day. I mean, c'mon, this place isn't that great to spend that sorta money on a house.

Essentially, I could deal with things being a little more expensive, but what's really driving me away is the terrible fucking people. I don't expect people to be in a chippy mood all of the time, hell, I don't even care if people never say hello when we're passing by, but the rudeness is just unbearable. I've only been here for five months and can recall more than fifty negative encounters I have had with the people of Seattle.
Like I said, Seattle is a beautiful city, between the water, the city lights and the green trees, but that does not make up for the terrible fucking people here. I can't wait for this lease to be over so I can actually leave my apartment and not be threatened or treated like shit.

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ST3 tax


Who else has been hit with a high ST3 tax when paying for their car tabs? Dear King County, Thanks for forcing me to pay $260 to fund your garbage bullshit transit system that does virtually nothing to alleviate the grid locked mess that embodies Seattle and mainly only serves the wandering homeless and the libtards too poor to afford a car or a motorcycle.

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