I Hate Seattle

Seattle's head is stuck up its own ass


I was on the bus one somewhat-sunny day and looked out the window. I saw what looked like a cute, petite, yet athletic lady in her mid 20s walking her dog. As the bus passed by and the sun got out of my eyes, I noticed that what I was looking at was not a lady. It was some spindley dude with a girly frame, a girly walk, girly shoulders, a short beard, and a fucking samurai bun.

Welcome to Seattle. Please leave your penis at the door.

This is what happens when you live in a city that only gets a month's worth of sunlight. Your testosterone levels drop and you become a girl. I guess the bearded lady was trying to get it back by walking in the sunlight that came out for a few measley minutes. Lift some weights for fuck's sake. I might not be built like the Terminator, but at least I got the Toki Wartooth things goings on. The ladies likes to nibbles my shoulders. Wowee! Only problem is that most of the women here are loud-mouthed whales and the ones that are in good shape are either stuck up, skittish, socially retarded, or all of the above.

I did find it moldy amusing that if someone attempts to call you out on something you did, even if you're in the right, and you bark back, you will get the most shocked/frightened expression you will never find anywhere else in the country.

Many Seattleites behave like a kid that gets really snotty when they're told to take out the trash or do their homework. The population of Seattle for the most part needs a good hard kick in the ass. The customer service, work ethic, street smarts, small talk, you name it. They fail at life. But hey. I wised up and got the hell out once I realized it wasn't going to get better for me.

I moved there and hit the ground running. I had a job lined up, made a few good friends, some equally good acquaintances, and was able to get together and bullshit like you would anywhere else. But good people come too few and too far in between up there.

Seattle deserves to sit in the corner of the continental US. It's a big country so I won't be missing my time there.

To those of you who moved and are doing your best to adjust or are having a rough time. Hang in there. Save up money and move anywhere.

There's light at the end of the tunnel and the tunnel is short. Much shorter than you think.


After I moved away, I got so much sun that it gave me raging boners. Thank you vitamin D!

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So f*cking thankful I got out


I'm so f*cking happy I got out of Seattle!!!

Whatever I did to deserve being stuck there for years... I'm truly sorry.

So, so sorry.

Please don't make me go back.

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Bizzaro'ville. Not creative... seriously: avoid.



Wow, its hard to describe what kind of personal hell I went though when I lived there. 3 years on and off. The details of how fucked up my life got while under the dark clouds of this emotionally unwell city are far too complex to put into a coherent narrative that would be respectable to your time and attention. I don't want to write a novella on this topic, mainly because I just don't want to relive the details and pain again. Once is enough.

So I got stuck in Seattle because I was married to a woman who's parents unwisely chose to move from California a decade prior. I had no idea that marrying that woman meant I would be sucked into the vortex of the Pacific North West, and had I had the view into my future I surely would not carried down this path in blind trust. But truthfully, the pain of living in a city that has such bizzaro, socially, um "simpleton-esque" people had some strange positive effects in my life. So through some strange karmic twist the awful experience of Seattle actually made me a better person.

Anyways, before I start sounding too positive, I want to warn you that if you are a person who enjoys being happy, feeling sunshine, and being around friendly people, you are not meant for Seattle. The PNW is a grey... grey place. Its so wet and grey for 2/3rds of the year... which is magical and actually quite peaceful and beautiful if you are deep in nature. Wonderful, in fact if you want to go on a creative retreat to write a book or something like this in a place like Orcas Island. But when you take that kind of weather, mixed with a lot of stressed out people, terrible, terrible traffic and a clear growing rift between the Technocrats and the rest of the city, it makes the everyday experience of living in Seattle unbearable. Its sooooo not worth it to tough it out and "get through it". Trust me, its not getting better. If it sucks now, its going to suck more next week, next month, and will be more shitty next year.

There is absolutely no reason to go to Seattle. Well unless you're getting paid $150K to write code... but that's about it.

It's not artistic, its not creative, people are super cliquey so the likelihood of making friends is low.

The only place I've seen more socially awkward/repressed people is in Singapore, and I don't want to knock Singapore because it's a pretty rad place... what I'm saying is I've never seen such a predominantly white culture that is so socially repressed. It's weird, I've never been to another city that's been so unfriendly in this way. I wish I knew why the culture was so rude and at times, toxic.

I now live in Portland OR, and the weather is arguably worse, much to my disappointment, however the people here are generally pretty awesome and friendly. So it's not the weather that makes Seattleites go nutters, drive badly and hate you. Its something else.

Maybe the spirits of the land are angry, like an angry volcano god. Except this spirit is mad as much as its vindictive and bat-shit crazy sometimes.

Seriously, don't move to Seattle. You've been warned.

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Liberal Idiots


I work in Kent but often have to drive into Seattle & dodge all of you fucking idiots in your Subaru Outbacks with Bernie stickers on the bumper. Your mayor is a spineless piece of shit & Kshama Sawant should invite the homeless to come live with her family in her own personal home. Hopefully for her sake they deficate on the hardwood instead of the carpet for easier clean up. What a grand idea to have safe injection sites for addicts. Listen up Seattle. Especially all of you aging, up tight, hippies. You all think you're so fucking smart & anyone that opposes you with common sense solutions are backwoods toothless hillbillies. In all your wisdom, you have become fools. Maybe you'll come to your senses when you're out of money because the city has taxed the shit out of every fucking thing they can think of. Nobody seems to take responsibility for their own decisions or actions anymore so it's up to you taxpayers. Better skip the on the lattes & sell your fucking kayak. Time to pony up for those less fortunate. I'll probably see you on the news Monday night when you're out there with the other cattle marching for no apparent reason except to break shit.

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It's True


So happy to have found this site. I realized it was time to get out of WA when I went into Seattle Saturday (I have lived in Bellevue for 3.5 years), and encountered a Seattle protest ("science" related?) march. Pike St was completely blocked from Cap Hill to downtown. It seemed impossible to cross over, in a car or on foot. I know I could have driven around east of Cal Anderson park, but I was so traumatized by the procession, I drove in circles trying hard not to speed toward Pike and kill some cucks and fat girls.

There is absolutely no scene here. No nightlife. Nothing. No real fine dining. Don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise. I am a recluse now who goes to work and comes home, until I get out of here.

I would never live in Seattle proper. It is nasty and weird. Every time I go out, 99% of women are not wearing makeup, are slightly overweight to obese, and have on some sort of mismatched jeans and brown boots ensemble with a cheap jacket or workout clothing. The tats, multicolored hair, and piercings are nauseating. My first "nightclub" experience here (Trinity) involved getting "accidentally" shoved by 2 pasty hamplanets in tight short dresses. To my horror, I have realized the colorful hamplanet look is en vogue.

The worst things about Seattle are the invincible cyclists. I have never witnessed more entitled libtard freaks in my entire existence. Imagine grown men twinkling their bicycle bells for you to get out of their way if you're walking on their precious path. One reason I am moving away is so I don't go to jail for murdering a few.

12th man honkeys. I do not watch or like football, yet I am forced to like the PooHawks and am an outcast if I don't cheer for them. No. Never.

The dating scene is a joke. I have put myself out there, and been on many dates. Guys are really hard to connect with here. Almost every guy in Seattle is poly, or wants to be it seems. I am not. The most screwed up guys are the ones who grew up here. And the most screwed up men ever are the ones who live on their boats (quite common).

Why do people go out in large groups? Is this a status thing? They all drive their Subarus to meet up for bad overpriced entitled food and Rainiers in a can. Afterward, they go to a lame house party in an apartment. Why?

Everyone has an attitude for no reason except they live in Seattle and know other common people you don't. Everyone flakes and ghosts in life, but here it seems to be the only power play/game anyone has. I've heard people constantly whine about needing to make more friends, or go out more. I HAD a good friend who never shut up about how she needed more friends. Then she tried to steal 2 friends of mine out of spite because I never invited her along. Hmm, wonder why.

Coming from L.A., I can tell you that the Mexican food here is the worst I've ever had. The meat is always tough, with consistently lukewarm side items that taste like they came out of a can. Yet, no one will admit this. Seattle people love their "Mexican food". They are always willing to tell you about a great Mexican restaurant "you should try".

Local businesses don't want your business. Clerks love to ignore you. They only speak to let you know their store is closing as you're shopping, or they will lock the doors if they see you approaching 5 minutes before they close. I have had this happen too many times.

I have blown my horn countless times. I don't let people in, and never will. I have been beeped at many times for not letting an entitled cuck cut in front of me, or come out of a parking garage. I have almost run over too many meandering jaywalkers. I beep at those too. They try to grab back but always fail.

If you are any race, even white, you will feel the obsession with racism from the liberals in Seattle. They are only interested in making themselves look good by embracing fake diversity.

I will close this on a positive note:

I genuinely love the rain, and as a person who can't tan, the darkness isn't so bad. I love the trees and views of nature in the parks and wherever, because it can be beautiful here.

I like Pike Place Market. It's a good spot to hang out and explore, if you don't get hit by a car. The crowd is mostly tourists, so you will get some smiles and normal human interaction.

The Asian food is good, but finding a good Thai place can be tricky. They do exist. I prefer Asian cuisine, so this suits me.

Some people do try here, and I appreciate the efforts. I have met some truly kind people.

I read a lot of fiction so I like all the indie bookstores here, and coffee/tea shops. Ouroboros Press makes some handsome books.

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Shiteattle, Washington


I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who hated living in Seattle! I've been enjoying all the posts on this site.

I lived in Seattle for two and a half years and it was a miserable experience. I realize it gets a million times worse than Seattle, but the whole city left a bitter taste in my mouth.

I worked at a grocery store in the Belltown neighborhood for two years and had to deal with despicable treatment from my boss, coworkers, and customers. The people that shopped there would scream at me, cuss me out, threaten me, harass me, and be as obnoxious as possible. My coworkers would also scream at me, say insulting things behind my back/to my face, and make false accusations about me towards the boss. My manager treated his employees horribly and allowed me to be abused.

What the heck, Seattle?

Also, the political culture and discourse in the city really stinks. Unless you like being hysterically screamed at about your white privilege, and insulted for not voting for Bernie Sanders, you probably won't like Seattle politics.

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Miserable Place


Wow I'm starting to really loathe this place. I moved here in May of 2015 and was welcomed by 3 months of glorious weather and sunshine (one of the best summers ever from what I hear). Coming from Florida, I'd never experienced a summer that was so pleasant. You could actually be outside in the sun and not feel like you were melting....Then my first Fall, Winter and Spring came...it was gray and wet, but not too terribly depressing, yet...Then summer last year came and it just wasn't the same as the year before. Lots of gloom, much cooler and probably only a few solid weeks of clear skies...this was the beginning of the end for me.....because the last 7months here have been absolutely terrible. I've never longed for sun so much in my life!! It's now the end of April and I think we've had maybe 2 decent days that feel like spring....there's no convincing me it'll get better either..Sure July will be great, probably august too...then back to the misery. HELL NO!!! I will not spend another 9 out of 12 months of my life miserable in this dark wet gloomy city. I'm NOT ok with the nice summers when it's shit the other 9 months of the year, nope!! Unlike those born and raised here, I know better. I'm moving back to Florida and I couldn't be happier.

I think the people here suck just as bad as the weather, too.
Just walk down the street, pick one, and you will notice the blank, aloof stares on the locals as they walk by you on the sidewalk carefully avoiding any chance of eye contact or social interaction (no one says hello). People lack serious communication skills here. Everyone is so afraid to speak up, be loud, or offend anyone that they just keep everything to themselves. You can't get a honest or direct answer out of anyone. No one will directly ask you or tell you anything. Instead, you have to learn to understand their passive bullshit..."It would be great if".... Social scenes here are whack and people in general just don't seem to have as much fun or be as happy as other places in the country and I'm well travelled having been to 46 of our states. Where are all of the smiley faces?

Oh yeah and then there's the cost of living and traffic. This place is just not for me, and not for lack of trying. I'm an outdoors type person, never had a hard time meeting people, and never had an issue with weather. I moved out here with a positive attitude and legitimately though I would have a different experience out here. Best of luck everyone...

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I have had enough


I have lived here all my life, and I'm moving to the South. The snotty rain everyday since September to now, is just too much.
Some of us, do make eye contact and still attempt to be friendly. Sorry, to all of you, that have experienced the ":Seattle Freeze" We used to be a friendly place, but in the last 10 years, we have become just nasty. The weather has a lot to do with it.
As for people thinking we are soooooo special. No we aren't !!! The traffic is horrendous. Most of the people, in Seattle, are rude, and live in there own, self centered world. The taxes here are crushing. We have the most regressive tax structure in this state.
After 50 years here, my putting my house that over looks the water on the market and leaving to Tennessee.

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People here love their own shit

They think looking like a loser is cool

they drink terrible beer and pay 4x the worth on bad cocktails
made by sad bearded men and women who miss old Seattle.

Teslas don't look cool sitting in traffic. Fucking over priced road block.

Everyone is frowning.

the pigeons don't even try to avoid death anymore. Obese off of our self righteous trash.

Thanks for the eyesores that penetrate the sky! I love staring at them while sitting in gridlock traffic that forms because no one thought the transportation infrastructure was important.

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Toilet Town


Seattle is a big toilet everyone shits in. The people of Seattle are the turds that won't flush. Maybe it's because there so ugly and miserable the toilet doesn't even want them.

So float around in your eco friendly composting toilet Seattle. Make sure you don't talk to the other turds, just act awkward like your use to doing.

I'm moving soon. I can't wait to jump out of the toilet and stand on top of bowl and yell down to the turds FUCK YOU SEATTLE. So please flush yourselves down and do the rest of the world a favor. You will not be missed.

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