I Hate Seattle

Seattle can't even make a breakfast sandwhich


Yeah I went to this samdwhich shop in the U-District and the fiybkept asking me to refine my order, because apparently I wasn't speajing clearly enough when I asked for a simple "breakfast sandwhich." I've spent no more than a week in NYC. I was in Queens and just about every morning I'd go to a new spot for breakfast. Each time the food was excellent and all I had to do was ask for a breakfast sandwhich, no retunings or refinings required. I leave this Seattle spot knawing on a two giant loaves of bread and a little butter and egg that somehow likes to slide around in the middle (I try to bite into the them, but I keep missing because they are so slippery). I recoil in absolute disgust. I glance back at the cornerstore and I notice a "Best Sandwhiches" emblazoned on the blue awning. Clearly, somebody hasn't been sued for false advertising. Clearly, someone should. :~\

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Why don't women just wear makeup?


For all the complaining about women being unattractive it wouldn't be a problem if they just wore make-up. So many Seattle women complain about not being able to find the "right guy" yet they don't even follow up on basic expectations. The irony is that there are honestly more men focused on being pretty than there are women. Sad, but true.

Also, lesbianism is a crock of crap, imho.

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Just a lurker, but...


Thought I'd post this since:

I've enjoyed reading many of these posts. At one time, I had thought about making a move to Seattle. I'm sure it's not all bad, but I am thankful at this time for not making the move.

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I want you to move away


I was born and raised in Seattle. I hate it here now. Seattle changed from when I was a kid in the 80's. Seattle used to be more working class, meaning, normal people lived here. And those people were likely born here.

I can't stand all you passive aggressive liberals who care more about the image of your moral status and so in turn actually make things worse!

I can't stand you people who move here, complain about the people here, and yet it seems most everyone who lives here are transplants themselves.

I can't stand you people who complain it's too white. Especially you white liberals who say this. How about some whites move to a "diverse" Asian community and complain it's too Asian. And everyone accepts your hatred as laudable and progressive which provides an image of moral status.

I can't stand weak status seekers who don't deserve the status because you lack higher virtues.

You, Seattle, are undeservedly pretentious. You are irrational in your ability to lead for the betterment of the population, the city, and the land.

I hope there's an exodus from this city. I hope all you complainers who moved here, and all you who thought you ought to change the city and the people into YOUR image, ALL JUST LEAVE.

If all you transplants left from thinking this place is awful, I would have a smile on my face.

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Glad this site exists...


I've lived here on two occasions. The mid 90's for three years and then again now since 2010. I like to call myself the 10 year tourist and I should be writing a song about it rather then posting my thoughts here but why not?
I think I'm saddest about the lack of radical people here. Seattle had lots of artsy and interesting people in the 90's. Now this place is over priced and full of supremely uptight white folks who make far too much money for doing something that is way over valued. I work in the parks downtown and there are three main food groups of people to observe; Tourists, The business class and the homeless. The only blue collar workers you will see are providing services for the upper echelon. Few people look like they don't belong in the suburbs. I think that's really it in a nut shell. Seattle now feels and operates like a suburb. All the super safe and pedestrian people have decided to bring their earning power here and everything has suffered. Homelessness has risen 20% in the last few years and 150,000 people have moved to the southern suburbs since 2000 as they were priced out. Seattle will not really entertain rent control and only 6% of the new housing is affordable. So this is now essentially a very boring version of SF. Music clubs close and become gourmet taco joints where amazombies stuff their faces before they jump into their sporty fully outfitted bicycle costumes.
Good luck finding anyone with personality let alone a sense of humor. Just try making sarcasm work, how much do you enjoy dead air and enthusiastic indifference?
Sad really as the whole west coast is being destroyed so the wealthy can have a playground in every city they choose. We are now casualties or prisoners of the class war but no one will admit it. Attempt to have a political discussion or state how embarrassed you're to have the presidential candidates we are suffering. More silence and disappearing acts. The only interesting conversations I have are with the homeless people, they still have spirit and are survivors. SF in the mid 90's had an organization called the yuppie eradication Project, we need something here like that. We need a more active push back against the monied classes and stop being so complacent. I have serious doubts that anyone, myself included will do anything about it. Will let it all slip through our fingers and in all reality it's already gone. Farewell...

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Why can't people here drive like normal humans.

I drove in NYC for years. I've driven in France , Italy, Austin Texas, across the entire fucking country, nothing beats Seattle. All time worst drivers.

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Rude assholes and bad tippers


The food here sucks ass. I've never been in a self proclaimed "foodie city" that had worse food than Seattle. Portland kicks your ass in food and as soon as My transfer gets approved I'm moving there. People in Oregon are much warmer and friendlier than the people here. Anyways, seattlites will rave about the food but then you go to this restaurant with alllllll this hype and the food is so bland. You know why? Because the people are bland and miserable. They do not cook with love or passion and you can taste it in their food.

I worked at a restaurant in Madison park for awhile and holy shit were the people rude. The tips were terrible as well. I mean truly terrible. I bartended in NYC for ten years. There's a certain code. You sit at my bar, we chat, I buy you a beer, you leave me a little extra (even just $1 more) as a courtesy of the beer/interaction. It's a respect thing. Not here. People here will sit, ask you ridiculous questions....I mean truly asinine. One guy asked me what type of ice we had. I couldn't contain myself....I just looked at him and said "what?" In a typical NY tone....then he asked me if it was "you know I'm like is it in good ice?" This was asked to me While he stared at the wall...because no one in Seattle can look you in the eye....I just said sir it is the best ice you've ever had...nice and cold and square....he didn't even understand I was calling him an asshole. Anyways, they will ask you 17 questions about wine then order a beer, then food, they will nit pick the smallest of things because they're all fucking neurotic (when really the biggest thing they have to complain about is the terrible food in front of them) and after alllllll that, even if their bill is $75 you will be lucky to get 10% where as back home the super anal annoying people who give you a hard time usually tip more because they are aware that they are a pain in the ass.

Now I know why Kurt cobain killed himself. Because he couldn't take these assholes in Madison park any longer.

I've dealt with a lot of difficult people in my life. And I mean a lot. Madison park takes the cake and is truly the worst place on earth.

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Wtf is wrong with the people in this city


I moved here from NYC 2 months ago and I hate this place. Which sucks because it has some serious potential. I love the zero humidity, being near the water is so cool. The produce is amazing. 3 hours to get to Portland, van couver or the Olympic peninsula. Amazing nature...those are the things I like....

Now. The entire city with SO much potential is completely ruined by the people. The people are horrible. I've never met so many pretentious up their own ass snotty pricks in my life. Here's an example of a passive aggressive text I received at ten pm at night to inform me that I no longer had a job (which is in of itself a whole separate issue...not sure how people make money here unless they are in tech)

The preface: I watch a 6 year old girl 2x a week for 3 hours. 6 hours a week. We color, we read, we ride bikes....this is when she isn't being a complete asshole to me. She is an only child and will routinely have problems with other children in the neighborhood and then come home and need "alone" time...for hours. Most of the time when I speak to her she ignores me and then when I try to explain to her that it is rude to ignore people she ignores me some more. Normally I would say it's just kid stuff but this kid is extra special. She's a typical entitled snotty Seattle brat.

Now the parents. "We don't tell E what to do, but make sure she wears shoes and eats dinner" "oh she was upset because you made her wear shoes outside" typical fake liberal "hippie" parents.

So today she comes back from playing with friends and is in a mood. She walks past me not saying a word so I follow her, knock on her door and she screams at me that she needs alone time because she's been around other children all afternoon. She is six years old and it was a beautiful Sunday. Boo hoo, life is so hard. So I'm like ok...whatever. About an hour later I ask her if she wants dinner...no she she informs me that she doesn't have a dinner time...ok thank you. Then she cries and hides under her blanket and tells me to go away. Ok.

The parents come home and I inform them that I think something happened with the other girls because E came home upset. This doesn't surprise them because E routinely has problems with other kids. Because E is a snotty little asshole at 6 years old and the other kids (who are pretty cool) know it. I tell them that she wanted alone time and they shake their heads at me with their mouths open like they fully understand why their 6 year old needed to barricade herself in her room and refuse food for 3 hours. I tell them (now E has come out) that tomorrow will be a better day and I had plans to take E to the museum, something different (E loves dinosaurs and lizards) they thank me and I leave.

Fast forward. It's ten PM. I'm supposed to watch E tomorrow

"Sorry E has been so challenging. She seems to be having some issues adjusting to all the changes so we have decided to spend more time with her after school. We are also going to limit her time with the alley kids for a while and encourage some other friendships. Thanks for all your help and sorry this didn't work out. Feel free to use me as a reference as well. We will happily send you a check for tonight and pay you for this week as a small way to compensate you for the inconvenience. Shoot us a good mailing address.
Wishing you ease in Seattle and beyond. Thanks so much again for your care."

No phone call. No discussion. These people let their child RUN them after 1 bad day. Reminder that I watch this kid 6 hours a week and for about 4 of those hours she's out playing with friends. This is how Seattle parents it's snotty entitled selfish rude children. This is why they turn out to be assholes.

I turned down other opportunities because I understand children need a steady routine and I committed for the year. I carefully planned trips home. In fact I just booked a flight today, non refundable. I could have went home much sooner. People here don't care, they will just passive aggressively fire you because their child was mad that you asked them to eat dinner. Jesus Christ.

I have so much more to bitch about but I have to go to bed. More bitching about the drivers and rule followers tomorrow.

Thank god for this site

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Washington State Sucks!!


I figured it out. This is how you type cast residents of Washington state:

Take the characters from King Of The Hill. Make half of them meth addicts. Then, toss in some really fat people, and some super liberals, and boom! That's the vast majority of Washington people.

Think about it: Not everyone you meet is a meth head, but several of them are. The people who aren't meth heads are super liberal, really fat, or just kind of weird in a weird sort of way.

#fuckseattle I tell you what!

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30 year veteran of a Seattle.


Lived hear all my life. Maybe the Seattle freeze is real because I have no friends. My former best friend is now a tranny pornstar, what a fucking joke. This city is corny and full of the SWJs you read about. This city is has too many men. Every time I go out the men outnumber the women, and the women are usually hunched over looking at there phones. The weather sucks but it's still not add bad as people say. It gets good around mid to late spring and till mid September. The drivers suck. Tailgate you no matter which lane you're in. And they'll pass a bunch of cars in another just to squeeze in front of you and another car at 70 80 MPH. Nevermind all that space behind me where you easily could've merged in. Also this city lacks diversity. White people everywhere and moving into neighborhoods I grew in while my family gets scattered all over the place. I fucking hate it hear.

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