I Hate Seattle

Landlord Tried to Bribe me to Leave - Installed spy cam


So, being stuck here, of course I did what any responsible adult would do - I got a sublet in some god awful suburb on the border of King county. Right now, I do not have regular employment due to a physical injury from which I am healing. Fair enough, eh.

Four days into my lease agreement (this happened early Feb.) the woman with whom I live's daughter shows up with 4 garbage bags filled with clothes right smack on the living room floor. Oh dear. (remember this for later).

So, I'm legally in this unit, paid first, last, deposit. One day, after I finished showering, I hear a knock at my bedroom door. Um, ok. Ignored it, and then, "we NEED you to come out in 5 minutes to talk with us at the dinner table." says some high pitched, like oh my gawd fairy wandering flamboyant gay male. Thinking he'll go away I went about my business. 2 minutes later, "You have three minutes to get out here and talk to us." Ignored em' again." I felt like it was Sesame Street or something.

I am literally bare bone nude when this mid-20s gay Venezuelan male opens the door. I am standing there - he's just staring at my breasts like he had never seen a woman's breasts before. I fucking closed the door almost on his fucking fingers.

So, I get dressed. Apparently, this was my landlord's son (she lives there). He and his boyfriend were in the kitchen ready for an interrogation session (not to calmly have a conversation). I HAVE to pass the kitchen when I exit the room, so I'm really screwed.

I'm shaking because I was just abruptly startled (I have anxiety being approached on the spot and sized up by this twat while I was bare bone naked). But, I tried to hold it together.

I am frying some tofu and veggies blah blah and the boyfriend's boyfriend comes over and keep saying, "you will leave. you will leave you will leave." (just prior I heard him not so covertly whisper to his lover, 'watch this'). Keeps staring at me while I am sautéing the veggies and tofu. He was in some effing trance. It was like I was his entertainment piece for the evening. He keeps repeating, aggressively, "you will leave, you will leave, you will leave."

I'm 5 ft 2 maybe 100 or 105 lbs. Pretty fit. He's a fucking monster 5 ft 9 the fake kind of steroid bunch of baloney 'fit', let's just leave it at that.

So, I ignore him, right.

THEN he says, "If you don't pack up your things and leave tomorrow, you aren't going to like what will happen next." I start shaking and drop my fork about 10 times. My whole body is shaking at this point. He continues to say that he will give me a "sum of money" in order to leave - holy shit!

I call the police and blah blah blah. The police try to poison the landlord's mind into saying, "You never know who you will get on Craigslist." Acting as if I was the psycho for calling them. Fear mongering.

Then they ask me, "Is there anything you need to tell us, anything we need to know about?" Basically fishing to see if I have some pseudo "disorder" so they don't have to do their jobs. I say, um, "I have hypoglycemia, and I was just threatened."

No investigation. No nothing.

Next day on the way to an appointment I go to get a protection order and find out I can't put one in order until,"it happens again." So ten incidents in one night doesn't equate to ten separate incidents - I have to wait until a "next day" incident happens. Fuck that.

Come to find the landlord wants to have the daughter move into my rented and paid for room. She had her gang come into the house to try to scare me away. Life doesn't work like that in my world, so I'm still here.

Keep in mind I have an injury I'm healing from, so I am sensitive. Pfff. They could care less. Really care effing less. It's all about what they want - right there- right now- and if we don't get it, then "you aren't going to like what will happen next."

Luckily, they never returned. I heard one of the officers say to them, "she wants to press charges" which I think scared em'. Now, however, every-time I go into the kitchen I am triggered and have flashbacks of that very event. I have a photographic memory, which helps with things like visual art, but not such childish bullying.

So, I think things are cool after this, right. Next day, landlady has a lock on her bedroom door. Jesus Christ!

Few days later, I'm getting ready to leave the house, looking at myself in a mirror in the living room, and in the reflection see.... a fucking spy cam recording me right in the corner of the ceiling. I call a friend who suggests I put nailpolish over the lens. Good idea. Two days later, I'm in the kitchen cooking and have a strange sensation in my body. I go into the dining area - fucking second spy cam under some flowers atop a 15 ft. China cabinet. Really, lady? Destroy that one, too. It was maybe a day or so later the at I looked over to see if the cam on the China cabinet was still there. Nope. So, now she knows that I know she knows. She also must have been recording me, because she knew the cam was destroyed.

I have researched this kind of thing, because I have dealt with so many effing sociopaths. Many of these cameras can upload footage real-time onto someone's phone.

Now, I am open about nudity here. I do walk around naked. Who knows what she has seen. What a fucking sick psycho. If I weren't injured I would have sued her ass. I spoke to some landlord tenant attorneys who agree this is an invasion of privacy. Especially given my social norm of walking around naked. What if I were to be with a lover and had an encounter in the living room. Would she now have that on camera, or be watching? Get out of my life and stay there - you are some robotron subhuman zombiedronefuck.

ClimbHood- Thanks for the posts about standing up for oneself. It is a brave feat.

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ClimbHood - Want to get married


ClimbHood - you are one fine person. Let's get married!

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I Left My Depression in Seattle


I feel like the only people who discredit the Seattle freeze are the ones who freeze people out of their lonely lives. It's real, people don't talk to nor do they want to talk to you. There's a wall where people feel like they don't need you, and will go out of their way to prove it.

I moved to Seattle (technically, the shitburb of Puyallup). Everyone already had their dead set group of friends and I had to mix and mingle between several groups throughout my teenage years. But by my twenties, I had no friends. They were either too shady or non-existent.. One common factor is that they would all flake. Any coffee dates, plans to do something outside of work would be met with silence the day of, then later a sorry, xyz happened. Like shit, you could have texted me right?

As a result, I lost confidence and really became a recluse. Got to the point where I developed anxiety from even interacting with people in the store.

I got out when I had the first chance, now living overseas and feeling like I somehow escaped the twilight zone. Lucky I got out before I had the chance to off myself.

Oh and btw, tech companies don't even want to deal with native Seattleites. And for good reason. The education standards suck. Unless you go to UW or fork 6 figure debt for a private university, you're shit out of luck competing with the kids from elsewhere in the country, hell kids from Europe and Asia get shipped in all the time for Engineering jobs.

I applied to several companies for years to no avail. Once I left, my LinkedIn is full of recruiter mail from, guess who. All the big tech corps based in (guess where...) Seattle.

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Ahhhhh boy back in Seattle. I hope I can give a different perspective as someone born and raised in the greater Seattle area with multiple escape attempts. Well everything you read on here is true so I don’t need to beat a dead horse. I've lived all around the US and in a couple Asian countries. What I’ve noticed as to why people are here, why people can't get out and why people come here seems to be the common denominator of money.

Sadly while many parts of the country are eroding, the automation of the global economy is largely being led by Seattle. This means that competition for resources has become inhumane. To be human is second to the pursuit of improving singularity. Sadly the dysfunctional mutations that have given some the ability to succeed in this environment comes with a unpleasant skill set. Those that can thrive in the dark behind computers and would rather communicate through an API (Application Program Interface) are the ones with the means of being successful at a human level. Real humans that want to have sex outside, get a tan, go for a run without getting wet, physically talk to other humans are second class citizens and must compete for poorly paying jobs.

While I was in Asia I attempted to invent strip poker for the internet with my knowledge of how many desperate men there are in places like Seattle. With no discernible Female population places with money like Seattle would love to play online poker with strippers at a site like strip or tip d0t c0m. But its not that easy. I went cash flow negative for too long and couldn’t pull investment from Asia so I was forced to return to this hell for an unforeseeable amount of time.

If it was easy to make money in another place you would be there! Its not and that’s why you are here reading this right now. If you can find remote work you can live off a much smaller income in a incredible part of the world with an extremely cheap cost of living. But getting remote work is difficult. My main suggestion to people is to get something started before moving. As hard as that is if you don’t have something to move to, or with, then you may end up back in Seattle. So if you want to teach English in a foreign country make sure you have a skype interview and a contract in place before you buy that plane ticket. You would be amazed if you knew how many people have ripped me off in the past under the false pretense of a English teaching position. If you have some type of remote business make sure you have some positive cash flow before you start dreaming. It’s extremely easy to buy a skype number with a Seattle area code and make calls from Asia at night. If there is something you can do from the phone then using skype internationally could be your ticket! If you are having a hard time putting one of these things together then try to outsource yourself. Visit companies based in Seattle that do some type of customer service that can be done on the computer with an internet connection. Tell them you can offer a better service for cheaper as you will be living in asia. Or maybe you have money already and you need a really solid investment like strip or tip d0t c0m which will be a multimillion dollar company in the near future. If you want to talk about your shitty situation or invest in a new industry email me at james at strip or tip d0t c0m.

Good luck Seattleites and don’t jump off a bridge! Somewhere the sun is shining right now!

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The Worst Place to Live


I have lived in the Seattle/Olympia area for 1.5 years. I originally left from Oklahoma to escape what I thought was a terrible environment. Little did I know I was moving into the worst city/area in the country. There is no reason to travel here unless 1. You intend to torture yourself or someone else 2. You are training to become a douchebag 3. You are already a douchebag and would like to be around other douchebags.

1. No Backbone

People that had before complained incessantly about their job or other aspects of their life will quickly show their hypocritical nature if they stand to benefit. For instance, I have seen individuals talk shit about a company for a month straight, and then once promoted, abandon their “values” altogether and get upset when other coworkers aren't suddenly "bro" about the workplace. No one here seems to care, either. What I mean to say, individuals do not hold by their convictions here and do not care about integrity. Jumping on the bandwagon is the most important thing.

2. No sense of style, creativity or critical thought

A follow up to the band wagon characteristic, “individuals” here are hardly that. These are not intelligent, engaging, useful contributors to society. These people seek to debate the frivolous details or put their nose into your business rather than examine their own lives.

3. Everyone is preoccupied with how things appear as opposed to how things are

Vibes are more important than values. Nothing runs too deep here which results in virtually every aspect of life being devoid of substance or meaning. Like so many terrible characteristics of the Puget Sound, this attribute is difficult to put into words.

4. Cloistered lifestyle leads to lack of cultural insights or ability to navigate social situations

People here have not traveled much or lived outside the area long, and it really shows. I think the “Seattle Freeze” is just a mechanism people here employ to keep transplants from finding out how truly lame they are.

5. Passive aggression reigns king

No one is direct about anything. If someone at work has a small issue or concern, expect them to gossip to someone who will tell someone to tell another person to mention it to you in passing. Everyone from age 16 to age 80 behaves more or less the same. It’s especially strange to see professors or educated peoples behaving like kids throwing a temper tantrum.

6. Incompetence is everywhere

Practically every aspect of daily life is a nightmare. The few people who do work for a living are terrible at their jobs but blissfully unaware of it.

7. Forget about sex

If you ever enjoyed sex, or the vague prospect of it, forget that now. The people here are not interested in sex. The women behave strangely and will flirt to gain your attention, but it will never go beyond that. A big part of this has to do with how co-dependent people are here. Women and men tend to date whomever they went to high school with for years, and when that fails, someone else is already in line. There must be 4 men for every woman here, facilitating a situation in which men have to do all the work, put out all the effort, receive zero reciprocation and smile in spite of it. The way women treat their men here is horrendous. Mixed with the feminist sentiments of nearby colleges, it creates men who are thoughtless cowards, basically operating as puppets for their bitter, critical, ineffectual, smelly, wretched girlfriends.

8. Housing is a joke

Finding an apartment is ridiculous. In Washington, third-party verification companies hold all the cards. A renter will present their outrageous criteria to On-Site or Sun Screening, and 4 days and $42 bucks later they will tell you “We’re sorry, we can’t let you live here.” If your credit score isn’t high enough it’s because you don’t make 4 times the rent. At other places, you cannot make more than 2 times the rent (how the fuck is that possible?) Beware. Apartments will claim so long as you work it will be fine, but a few days later ask for a massive double deposit, or a co-signer from the area, and that’s if you’re lucky.

In summation, avoid this place forever. The people are too far gone to be helped. I’m so glad to be going back home to Oklahoma where people are at least slightly practical, logical, emotional and human.

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I thought I was the only one that feels the majority here is a Sociopath



I am really glad I found this site. For a quick minute, I thought I was the only person in Seattle who realized how Sociopathic and Sadistic the majority of the general public can be here.

Funny enough, I always wanted to move here. I thought this was a step forward to a place where people respect intelligence and intellect. Where being a REAL individual is openly accepted.

I have found that most here are content with process of destroying each other which I find uncharacteristically disturbing for a city that prides itself on democracy and advancements in Psychology and Psychiatry.

Even a large portion of homeless people here win favor with non profit organizations by ousting each other.

I do not really think that it is the weather which tends to be dark for most of the year here that makes people this way. The social environment here of a dry cut line between the insanely rich and poor makes it difficult for people to survive. Most corporations treat thier employees like machines. They do not encourage healthy competition or real team connection. Most people have a facade that is a personality front for survival. Seattlites are afraid of speaking thier real mind and are quick to shut down if anyone goes against the known but unsaid rule of restricted expressive thought.

When I lived in the East Coast, I spent time with friends, went to movies, comic book shops, ate at my favorite restaurants, went to comic book conventions...And etc..etc...etc..In addition to my other favorite hobbies.

This place is full of people that are like the walking dead that move towards whatever they need for sustenance. I would not want to hang out with a majority of the people I encounter on any given day. Ever.

Hopefully, sometime in the future I will move again. Life is too short to live in hell.

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faded suns


I left Hell aka washington!
The nature was beautiful....
the people were cold and dead
I nearly went insane
something was sooo wrong!
wtf is the matter with these people here
never again
a land of greed
a land of cold mist
cold hearts, cold rain
no summer no sun no love
bitterness masked by money
buildings, people, dreams
dying in sad ways
grey pale light ice cold blandness
bitterness, haughtiness, icy akwardness
conformity veiled by illusion
illusion delusion black clouds
dark rift mercury poisoning
poverty visibly hidden
mind kontrol technocracy
the dark wrong desired future
gutted history worthless mediocrity
never again
delusional lies
wasted life shivering cold
jackets in summer
concrete moss dripping sickly
bad skin, silent forest
high black magick
aborted time high weirdness

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Snotty Gay people - even the bears!


Gay and have lived here for 20 years. The snobbery I meet up with from the guys whether in bars or a happening Gay Bear party is really depressing. I'm thinking that Meet Up groups might have more potential, but there is little selection, though there are thousands of other cool Meet-up groups in Seattle. This is a shot in the dark, but has anyone had better luck moving to Montana or Oregon? I love the NW, but the insane traffic, real estate prices and Seattle Freeze people are getting to be way too much. Suggestions?

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No one cares about Seattle


Ok, here's the deal: no one gives a shit about Seattle except Seattle.


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Manifest Depression


Are you an underweight, introverted, ultimate-frisbee playing programmer who loves biking, hiking and yourself? Is an ideal Friday night smoking a bowl and then driving your sport wagon to a progressive political rally in the rain? Move to Seattle, friend - you're home. Otherwise, you might not fall in love with:

- A city so cold, but not cold enough for snow.
- People so cold, but not cold enough to be real.
- Darkness every day between October 1 and July 1. And that one instant every 19 days in the winter when you see the sun, it's so low in the sky that it only serves as a faded memory of a better time.
- A constant light rain that is so persistent you will no longer remember the fundamental differences between dry and wet.
- A self-righteous, politically-correct culture in which you could get fired by your employer and exiled by your friends for expressing any view outside the ultra-liberal company line.
- Girls that are determined to be masculine (those REI leggings don't hide your regret).
- Men that are determined to be feminine (that beard doesn't hide your lack of backbone).
- The worst drivers in the country. Statistically. There's no mandatory driver's education and the scars can be seen on most cars.
- Construction everywhere. Condos mostly. Clogging every roadway, creating noise and ugliness. We need a place to keep Amazombies at night after all.
- Seahawks fans whose ubiquitous "Sea-hawwwks" chant is reminiscent of your grandfather hoking a loogie onto the nursing room floor ("12th man" was stolen from Texas A&M, by the way).
- Rent prices that you would expect in the great cities of the world, not the afterthought of the west coast.
- Boring, bland food that is overrated and under-portioned (shout out to awesome salmon sushi - you're still cool).
- Entitled bikers who savor every opportunity to condescend and pose in their overpriced gear.
- Impossible, impenetrable traffic from 4pm-8pm, as if there was somewhere across town that people expect to be less depressing.
- Drab clothes and style. The color palette includes grey, black, light grey, dark grey and light black. And traffic-safety green.
- A deceptively thin beer culture - two mediocre breweries are the only thing on tap anywhere.
- A omnipresent passive aggression that underpins everything in the city outside of the three sunny months. It leads to a social stasis. A year will pass but you will only remember those three months.
- Every town immediately outside of the city for 100 miles in either direction north/south is strip-mall-ified hell.
- People are generally ugly, out-of-shape and unkempt, thankfully they're covered in baggy nylon rain gear for most of the year.
- Sneakily the most racist city you've ever lived in, but you're probably not black or hispanic, nobody here is.
- High sales tax. But it's needed to fix what-I'm-not-sure. Maybe to relocate homeless people one block in any direction.
- The only active nightlife is around Capitol Hill, which is quite dirty and has an awkward gay vs. bro underlying tension you can pretend doesn't exist.
- Roads are falling apart and busses are obnoxiously large and a public nuisance. Maybe try walking - just don't make eye contact with bikers or they might spit on you - but who can blame them? It is pretty damn depressing here.

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