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Seattle Votes Down Fee on Bags

Let's see, the Seattle public school system is pathetic (everyone moves to Bellevue when they have kids), the region is literally decades away from having usable public transit, there are so many drug addicts wandering the streets they actually outnumber citizens, violent crime has been increasing, and there are still no plans to do anything with the massive crater on 2nd Avenue.... but don't worry! Our fearless local government is rolling up their sleeves and tackling the most important issue of all -- shopping bags!

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The Troll On Here


I haven't posted for a while because I am ill and need surgery asap. I don't want to have it here, and certainly not with the specialist who recommends it. I was actually confirmed in my complaint about her to my new gp's nurse and told that they get many complaints about her lack of care at pacmed.

A few weeks ago a troll here dogged me, commenting me many more times than it shows in my thread (somebody shaved down his posts). I will be posting them here soon. A cruel, cruel person, who is obviously from seattle, defending it and it's cruel, sick, stupid inhabitants and being so nasty to me.

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more just telling the truth than comedy but...



...the part about "the mountains" cracked me up, that truly is the stock response to anything here.

Would love to see this guy live though, even if he just tells the same jokes, it would be worth it just to see someone insult the townies to their faces.

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Finally, people I agree with


Wow, I am glad I found this site. I agree with what has been said here about the coldness of the people and culture here, the fake polite attitude, etc.

Put a smile on my face and made me not feel so isolated.

Thankfully, I will only be here through school then I will go back home.

Update as of -8/16

I am hoping to get into graduate program back home or closer to it when I am done with my undergrad.

The weather here adversely effects me and the people just suck.

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Seattle: pick a slogan


Here are a few I just thought up....

Seattle: where the people are as cheerful as the weather.

Seattle: proving that you don't have to like country music in order to be white trash.

Seattle: whoever coined the term "unwashed masses" clearly had been here.

Seattle: why live in a city when a giant drum circle will do?

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I went to Vancouver this weekend with a friend who is interning at Microsoft and my 14mo baby. Walking up a busy street, I spaced out at the same time a street cafe waitress was backing out the door to her establishment. We crashed into each other. She stopped, looked me in the eye and apologized sincerely. When she saw I was carrying a child she got even more sincere and apologetic. I also apologized. We had a normal human interaction. Why am I writing about this? Why did normal human behavior merit such close attention? You all know.

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What am I missing?


I have lived in the Seattle metro area for the past 2 1/2 years of my life, that I'll never get back, and this has been the worst ass backwards place I've ever lived. Now I do try to be, and think, positive about places I go and poeple I meet, but this town makes me NOT want to go out and meet people because there is always some attitude involved with someone I run into or it's like pullin teeth trying to even ask for the time of day with someone. I, like alot of people, am not from here but really feel like I don't fit in in this place. Ya know like (as a kid) how when you go to a new school and people size you up and try to read you but don't want to talk to you because you look a certain way or for whatever dumb ass reason. It's not like I have a third eye or two heads or something. Or like being in some stuck up 90210 setting when they're just as working class as you. I'll never get it. Thank god for this website. Because the truth comes out quite well on here. Oh and can anyone in this town figure out 4-way stops, merging on freeways, finding their turn signals, hanging up their f---ing phones and driving, talking to the person next to them while driving, not drive 55 (or less) in the #1 lane, even when they see a cop that has already pulled over someone! Arghhhh!!!

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this doctor is now harrassing me on this site


He wants to take even this site away from me, so I have no outlet at all. This guy is sick. He's made 2 comments now, phrasing things in such a way that he knows will get to me. There's no contact email here for me to contact the administrator of this site, other than the button I've clicked on his comments.

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the end of the road


I don't feel I can make it to another place outside the Northwest, and it'll be the same in the northwest. I don't have enough money to go somewhere and if I did, I'd still have to live in a shelter or in my car when I got there.

I feel I can’t go on living because of having moved here. Unless I am able to move somewhere else just as soon as possible, I won’t make it. Today I went to a doctor at PacMed in Kirkland, and he goaded me, nastily with a sneer, accused me, disagreed in a nasty way, didn’t react positively to my efforts to amend, frustrated me on purpose and delightedly, turned it around so he was the injured party, was passive aggressive with the “I’m sorry you feel that way” denied that what I said another doctor said was true, let up only occasionally because that’s a technique to further abuse someone, otherwise they’d walk out the door.

Today he kept attacking me, putting words in my mouth, insisting I said something and wouldn't allow me to qualify it, or else just basically was calling me a liar. HE DUG IT OUT OF ME what my problem was. Bit by bit, til he got to why why why and because I’m emotionally upset I spilled the beans.I have panic attacks since I came here and a history of depression. He kept needling me until I gradually told him everything. Then he actually got nasty, way over the top defending seattlites all the way down the line and then said “What do you expect me to say? I was born here and grew up here!!!”

I told him that I was born and grew up in Atlanta, but I never took it personally when people came there and complained because I’m not Atlanta, I’m a person. He made me cry several times and I’m so desperate for a doctor because of my physical health that I kept hoping the storm would be over. I even said during a pause that I didn’t blame him for defending his home. He said “Why would you?” He just kept it up and kept it up. I finally told him “You want to win? OK, you win”. He said “No I don’t win”. It's like he was ready for me since he walked in. And has had this argument many times before, trying to win it, trying to win.

I am so upset and frustrated that I feel I can’t keep living if I have to live here. I don’t know why he did it. It was a year ago I saw a neurologist there. She dropped me because I missed 2 appointments, because my manager wouldn’t let me leave without putting it in my file, both times, because there was always a deadline and she was keeping a file on me. I told her “I really need to go to the doctor!“ She said “I would strongly advise you not to be gone.“ I had to miss appointments with my GP, too.

I think the doctor was goading me to see how I would react, so he could put that in my file. He is just out of med school. He got hostile with me, then when he had me talking back to him, he told me I was getting hostile. I said “That’s so typical. Turning it around on me so you’re the injured party”. I don’t let people just walk all over me, and that’s probably why they say he’s popular with the patients, because he shows them who’s boss and being sheep, they need a leader, so they’re happy to remain passive and obey him.

He didn’t show any interest at all in my physical illnesses I brought up 4 times, including that I was at PacMed in the first place because I had seen a specialist, who ordered an ultrasound. Which they won’t get me in for for 3 weeks. I suspect I have cancer, but no one cares. He said for the other things “Well you’d have to schedule a physical for that”. I said alright I will. He said “First things, first. You need to see the specialist first because you’ve sat here and talked about seattle the whole time and we’re running over. Otherwise it would be difficult for me to treat you”. I said “You’re kidding. I am waiting for an ultrasound on my abdomen 3 weeks, I could die. The specialist didn’t do any blood tests, she said my GP would do all that”.

I broke down at the check out and they didn’t care much either. Have you noticed nobody wants to waste tissues on you? The girl who recommended him, saying he’s popular with the patients, did say she was sorry. I couldn’t say “That’s ok” because it isn’t. The other one told me he’s popular, too. I went to the coffee shop, had some milk, calmed down some and went back and talked to the clinic manager. She didn’t react in a hostile manner, she had the deer in the headlights look and was business-like with the “And so what can I do for you today?”

I told her that because I scheduled with another doctor, because the doctor suggested that to me, having not addressed any of my physical concerns, and blaming me for talking about seattle for 45 minutes (I said “WE talked about it. WE.”), I wanted to know if the well was now poisoned against me and I would have the same problem now with the 2nd doctor. She said “I’ll talk to him”. I said “I don’t care about him now. I just want to know how it’s going to be”. I asked about the medical records and if there was negative stuff on there from my first doctor here.

Does anyone know if you can possibly go to a doctor somewhere and not have any medical records? Tell them that you just don’t want to give them to them? They’ll think even worse probably - that you did something violent or something.

I am as far down right now as I have ever been.

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YouTube Video: "The Seattle Freeze"



Actually the comments were more poignant than the video itself.

A few things I noticed about the video:
1) "Seattle is a microcosm of a larger social trend"
WTF? Seattle isn't a microcosm of shit. Seattle is it's own little fucked up bizarro world. This woman clearly needs to get out of the Northwest more often.

2) "Seattle people are polite"
I haven't found the people here polite at all. For example if I say hello to one of my neighbors in my apartment building, more than half the time they don't even respond, they just stare in my general direction with this completely vacuous look in their eyes.

3) "Belltown used to be a socially thriving artist's community"
Translation: "It's all the transplants fault!"
Again, this woman really needs to get out of the Northwest and experience the rest of the world. Guess what, lady? Technology and the internet have exploded everywhere in the past 15 years, not just Seattle! People use computers in other places too! And in the rest of the world people still manage to act like human beings!

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