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Police brutality --- again


Another story yesterday -- a police officer pounds an innocent person (in Belltown) into a coma. SPD: a 'tragedy', not a 'crime'.

WTF is wrong with this city and its residents? Do you think they would tolerate this in any other city in the US? All the bragging about this cesspool being a 'world-class' city...yeah, right up there with Baghdad and Kabul in terms of violence.

Really sickening.

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The sweltering shithole that is the U-District


Maybe, I've been living in Taiwan for too long but are other college districts that shitty? Everyday I see my fair share of homeless people and tweeked-out wackjobs. Not to mention the rampant mugging and shooting in the northern end as well. And last but not least, what about those "charity" canvassers that are out on every frickin' block? Given that college students are usually a bit tight on their budgets, I find their presence annoyingly puzzling.

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A lifeline


This site will save my life.

Thank you, everybody, for giving me something to do on Friday night.

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I see myself becoming more like them every day. I scowl at passersby, I mistrust people now, no matter what they say. I hesitate to ask if I should hold the elevator in my building, because 1/2 the time they either ignore me and get in and punch their floor in my face even if I ask what floor, or walk past giving me a look like I'm some kind of nut. They take up all the space, thrusting out sharp limbs, and if they hit you, they look at you like "what did you do that for? How dare you!"

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meanness poorly disguised as helpfulness


Today I was shopping at The Gap, looking through the sale tops on a top rack. A girl came right up and put her arm in front of my face and looked through the tops I was looking at. I laughed because it was ludicrous and said "I hope I'm not in your way!" She said "Yeah, actually...I'll just get over here" and she went to my left side and stuck her arm in my face again. I said "Oh yeah, I definitely prefer your right elbow". She looked at me like what are you talking about, looked me up and down, then said "Oh I'm sorry" with that dead goat eye look they give you when you call them on something. I said "Well maybe you shouldn't do it anymore". She just continued to look through the tops to my left.

Before that, I was going in a revolving door and a woman coming out saw me but shoved the door from the inside anyway, knocking me sideways between the front and revolving door. I said "WTF?" She said with that smug look as she had never taken her eyes off me "Oh are you ok?" I said "Yes, luckily I am. She continued to stare at me with the dead goat eyes.

I was at McD's drive-thru on Friday morning, and the girl told me to pull up and wait for my iced mocha, so I pulled up 2 or 3 car lengths, LOTS of room, and even turned on my flashers. I was sitting there half awake when someone honked loud at me and pinned me so I couldn't have backed up anyway. I looked back at her, a blonde beauty queen, and she shouted at me why didn't I get out of the way. I said "Can you see my blinkers or are you blind?" She pulled up along side of me and turned fully around and said "You shouldn't be eating this food! You shouldn't be eating this food." Then she looked SO satisfied, so peaceful, a serene seattle smile on her face, knowing she'd said JUST the right thing, as if she'd told me helpfully that my brakelight was out or something to help. Her brand new car, her neat blonde ponytail and swan-like neck, oh what a perfect beauty, eh? I suddenly felt berserk, like I snapped, and I even turned my wheel fast, I might have rammed the side of her car, I was almost there. But the little girl had my iced mocha and was between me and the side of the building, and I would have hit her if I'd pulled out. It saved me. The girl was so sad when I told her what happened. I started sobbing immediately, feeling helpless. I cried all the way to work.

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It's Worse Than You Think


I've been here for six years. They have easily been the worst six years of my life. I came from Boston and have travelled and lived in a few cities in my 46 years. Seattle doesn't even rate, as far as cities go. It doesn't even qualify as a mildly entertaining tourist destination. It is a cold vacuum filled with druggies, drunks, transients, and from about 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM, boring clock-punchers with no conversational skills or sense of style.

But that's not the worst of it. The real problem is that Seattle and its populace are afraid and/or unwilling to face the issues that have kept the area stuck in some early 20th century time warp.

Criticism of the Northwest is frowned upon, ignored and turned against the critic as though he or she might have some kind of problem. This is, after all, a wonderful paradise, how dare you suggest that something is wrong with it? The reality is that it's far from paradise; the alcohol and drug abuse is amongst the highest in the nation, to say nothing of the suicide rate. But let's just keep pretending it's paradise and squelch any suggestions otherwise.

The public transportation is a sad joke. The lack of snow removal ("Hey, it never snows here!") is almost criminal. The drivers are the most passive and constipated of any I've ever encountered as they consistently drive under the speed limit to avoid a ticket by the outrageous number of traffic cops "keeping the streets safe". Ha! Where is the outrage? There is none. There is nothing wrong here in paradise.

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5 myths about Seattle


1. People in Seattle are smart.
2. The city is unpolluted.
3. The city is well-governed.
4. It's sunny.
5. It doesn't snow.

1. People here are no smarter than any other larger city; in fact, looking at the city as the toilet it is, people may actually be dumber. They sure is dumb to accept all the police violence ('may I please brutalize you, young lady?)

2. There is sure a lot of human feces around.

3. Corrupt city, county, and state officials, especially judges, abound. Supreme court judges driving around drunk and getting off the hook? Check. Probably more corrupt than average as the intelligence level of the people in the state is below the US norm. Put 'corrupt judges seattle' in google.

4. Like hell it is.

5. Like hell it doesn't.

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the throat-clearing thing


Do you know about the throat-clearing thing? I didn't, for a long time. I did it at work all the time, because I have to clear my throat all the time. They were always so angry at me, but for a long time I didn't connect it with throat-clearing. WTF?

I can't stand this. It makes me so frustrated, because I either do it, or choke to death. Even coughing along with it, to show that I really do need to, makes them turn around and look at me like they hate me. Yet they have no problem coughing in your face as you pass them.

Hypervigilant creeps. This place is like a horror movie. Like The Omen, where the person is driving, and different people stare at him, making eye contact they hold for too long, from across the street, too far away to be natural, with satanic looks, or The Devil's Advocate - they turn into monsters for a second, until you look back and they're "normal" again.

Oh, and, have you noticed that, if you ever call them on something, it's all turned around like you did something bad. They get all polite with that shark-tooth smiley face. I also can't stand the closed mouth default face "smile" they do, where they pull their bottom lip up over their bottom teeth and pull up the corners of their mouth. It looks like they have a mouthful of something and got caught. This is the way pigs smile. Also, the way people with no teeth smile. Gerning. Also, the girls think it's cute to talk with their mouth full.

And they don't trust you. This makes me want to cry. I can't stand that, because I am an honest and trustworthy person and it's cost me a lot in my life, but I always felt it was worth it. I am a slightly older woman, girl, whatever, I dress well, I look nice...But they always think I'm going to cheat them or take something or try to get away with something or I'm lying, or trying to get extra drugs at the pharmacy or pull something somewhere GOOD CHRIST it never stops.

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they will knock you off the sidewalk


Also afraid I may get into an argument with someone for slamming into me on the sidewalk, which they also do. I saw a couple slam into and knock an old lady almost into the street because they had to go 2 abreast 2 mornings ago. She stumbled and if she had stumbled one more step she would have fallen into the busy, busy street. They assume everyone will get out of their way, but I think many of them want to hurt a person. I know a few guys have run into me.

Last Summer, one walking beside his friends slammed into my shoulder and kept going with that smug seattle grin, even though he had slammed into my shoulder bone and taken my breath away it hurt so much. What was I going to do? I turned around and watched them striding along, knowing what they did, and what was I going to do? Start something with 3 big guys and his girl? And have them do something like blind me and pretend it was an accident? And these were middle class dressed, late 20's early 30's guys and his girl. Even if the guys didn't do anything, there are big-mouth bitches here that lay into you for nothing. Big bare-legged, fat-legged bitches. The women here have the fattest legs, and they show them off like they were pork shanks in those sausage-casing type leggings.

People downtown here at the least are the kind who are passive agressive and would have been the kind of kid who would leave the school desk, and leave an upright tack or 2 for whoever sat in it next. And it wouldn't matter who. I was running across the street the other night and cars were coming and this woman came right to the exact gap in cars where I could duck into and blocked my way, just standing there. Probably because I was jaywalking, so I was in the wrong and needed to be punished. She was a huge tank, too.

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saved my life


i think this site will save my life. i've been here 1.5 years, and i've been hurt by so many people. they are relentlessly cruel in nature. i'm white, and i'm talking about mostly the white people. they're sick.

it is really helping to read your posts, because even though it makes me sad to, so much is also my experience, and everyone here tries to make me believe it's just me.


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