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Capitol 1524 to a Checkmasters, What?


I just heard today that the old Capitol 1524 sneaker boutique that moved out of 1524 E. Olive Way is turning into a Checkmasters check cashing / money advance B.S. business. It is always super frustrating how some residents on the Hill complain about businesses saying that they don't mix in with the neighborhood and I have heard some negative conversations for businesses on this particular block. This is some hard Karma for anyone that ever complained about this store attracting bad clientèle. I am sure they'll put up a nice 24-hour neon sign on both sides of the block (E. Olive and Denny).

Other upcoming businesses on this block that will add some much needed character and flavor are The Bus Stop (being relocated from the new 'mound' parking lot on Pine and The Buck (log-cabin cowboy themed) a few doors down from The Elite gay bar.

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Merge: the meaning...


"A joining together of two flows; Combine or be combined into a whole; Blend gradually into something else"

If you haven't noticed, freeway traffic (usually) goes about 60 mph and if you're going that speed when merging, you will be less likely to fuck up the flow and perhaps be the target of perfectly constituted road rage. To avoid this, simply follow the step-by-step instructions below or stop fucking using the god damn freeway!! If you're too fucking scared to go 60 and merge at the same time, STOP DRIVING AND GO KILL YOURSELF SO WE DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOUR SHIT!

The Art of Entering Gaps:

Merging is designed to permit vehicles to enter and exit a highway without causing disruption in the flow of traffic. Highways are equipped with on-ramps and off-ramps, which generally connect to acceleration and deceleration lanes.

The idea behind this is when you pull onto the entrance ramp, you slowly begin building velocity. At the point where you can make eye contact with the highway, you need to immediately start assessing the gaps and the speed of existing traffic. From here, you should turn on your signal to reflect your intent to other drivers to merge onto the roadway.

Then use the acceleration lane to match the speed flow, and ease your vehicle into an appropriate gap before the acceleration lane ends. Some highways give you slabs of asphalt that are long enough for a jet to take off; others, especially on the East Coast, are so short you will need to make quick decisions or yield.

A successful merge entails you entering the highway almost at or at the speed limit, while causing no disturbance in the speeds of the vehicles behind you.

Thank you and good night.


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Frickin' cops


with all the damn construction going on in this city - and the influx of condo's everywhere - it is becoming a no parking zone city. you park anywhere and there's a stupid cop writing a ticket. i thought there was a shortage of cops - not so on the meter maids!! those bastards work 24/7 to make your life hell. Seattle is a 'fee' city and a no-fun-allowed city. if you enjoy doing it - grab your britches 'cuz some law maker is out there trying to pass a law against it, unless, of course, you want to pay a fee or a tax or grease the palm of some corrupt politician.
i've been back in this city for 3 years and have hated - HATED - every minute. i'm planning on going away again - AND GOOD BYE!

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Land Developers Die!


Went down to Alki last weekend to see the Seafair Pirates, had hoped to see the landing but too late, story of my life...

Then headed over to Lake Union to see the Center for Wooden Boats boat show. Love the old wooden sail boats in particular; craftsmanship like that is just gone from most of the modern world.

And then drove up Eastlake to find the remains of Daly's Drive-in behind chain link fence. Damned Condo developers strike again! First they ruin any remaining nightlife by bitching about the noise downtown, and now they've destroyed an icon from my childhood. Bastards!

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Seattle Drivers vs. Pedestrians


I wrestle with myself often on whether I hate Seattle drivers or pedestrians more. It usually depends on whether I am driving around Capitol Hill or on I-5. I think that most Seattle drivers aren't from the city and as soon as they get within 10 miles of downtown they forget how to drive. This is in my radius of what I have to drive and deal with on a daily. The biggest area of deficiency I have seen is "Merging" into traffic. They might want to have a few hours dedicated to this in the traffic school manual. All you need to do is look over your shoulder to see if it is clear and if there is someone next to you then either speed up if you are driving faster then them or slow down if they are driving faster then you. It's that easy. The other big issue I have with Seattle drivers is that they don't know how to use the commuter lane and fast lane (that is the one on the farthest left). I miss California dearly on this one. I try to not tailgate as I hate it when people tailgate me but it is hard to do when you have traffic moving faster in the right lanes on the freeway. I can't even say that it is usually older people, women or Asian drivers as I have surveyed the violators and they cross the gamut.

Now, the pedestrians in Seattle really think they are drivers and will walk out in front of you with no car behind you just to make you come to an abrupt halt. What is the matter with waiting 2 more seconds for me to pass before stepping out from an unmarked crossing area?

I have actually seen someone walk on top of another car's hood for pulling out into the intersection to look around in order to take a left turn down Pike off Summit Avenue which is a bit tricky sometimes. If that was my car, the pedestrian would have had a karate kick to the neck. Seriously. I don't play. Remember if you ever see a dark grey Acura TL driving around Capitol Hill that is pulling out a little to look around the corner to see if a car is coming not to walk on or slap his window.

Pedestrians in Seattle also like to wear dark clothes and do the step into the street routine at dusk too and will always give you dirty looks even if you aren't wearing your night vision goggles.

Don't even get me started on Seattle transit drivers even though they are nothing compared to the Portland transit demons.

- Nostalgia B

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Starbucks Continues to Suck


Our good ol' local favorite independent coffee chain is closing about 600 underperforming stores nationally. Bummers.


I wonder if the people are really buying McDonalds new premium roast coffee now instead of Big Macs. I ordered a "Large Iced Coffee - Hazelnut flavored" which was in a 24-ounce plastic drink container and it was pretty damn good. I come to find out after a little research that it is actually Seattle's Best Coffee that Starbucks bought back in 2003. I think it came to $2.09 with tax but was $1.79. Starbucks has a 12-ounce iced coffee for $1.80 on the register. With gas and other crap continuing to rise I recommend you trying a cup of ice joe at your local independent McDonald's or you can still go and get a cup of "Fair Trade" coffee so you can order it fancy from your real local coffee shop and deal with the always-not-so-nice barista's in town. Seattle has plenty of them. I recommend the friendly service and great coffee at Online Coffee and Bauhaus on Capitol Hill, Stumptown for a great espresso and Cherry Street Coffee downtown and in Pioneer Square. Their coffee is seriously some legal crack. The streets should be slinging that stuff.

- Nostalgia B

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Condo Residents Suck


Not all but a majority of urban dwellers that think it is cool to live in the city limits need to quit complaining about city noise. It is retarded that people that bought condos downtown in the Belltown neighborhood or Capitol Hill in the Pike/Pike 'entertainment' corridor thought that it was going to be a quiet experience. I used to live on Summit Avenue in between Pike and Pine right next to the Theatre Smeater and Club Seattle gay bath house and across from the Yamaha Motorcycle dealership and there was plenty to complain about but I came to the realization that it was part of city living and I had to deal with it. It is like living next to a Fire Station house, you don't call them every time they come screaming out with their horns. You just need to adjust and get used to it.

Here is where it kills me. People (assholes) that buy these modern condos with concrete floors and thin ass walls next to already established entertainment venues or local drinking holes that call the police when they hear load people outside or when smoke goes into their apartments because their windows are open. Duh? If you didn't want screaming people yelling at 2am outside your place then why in the fkuk did you buy a place right next door to a nightclub or bar? People drink, people get drunk and people scream. That is why my ass lives out in West Seattle so I can come be a weekend warrior in the city then go hide out in my quiet neighborhood and sleep until 2pm without any interruption.

I also used to also have a condo in the 19th Ave lofts and had this dude that lived under neath me come up and complain that I was walking too hard on the floor. The floor was concrete and I am Asian and always take my shoes off and walk in house slippers and I weigh a buck 40 so I was like "Fuck off" and buy a place on the top floor next time sucka.

Next best solution is to buy some Bose headphones. They really work well.

-Nostalgia B

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I Hate Yellow Cab Dispatchers


So the other day I call Yellow Cab and ask them to pick me up at a street corner in Pioneer Square. The dispatcher starts braying at me telling me they don't take corners - she needs a real street address. I guess they don't get Google over there or something. So I walk up the block to find a number, give her the street address and she's still barking and being generally nasty, so I told her - in classic Seattle passive-aggressive style - "Hey, you know you could be a little nicer to me."

Then she freaks the hell out and literally tells me "You want me to be nicer to you? F*** YOU! F*** YOU!" and hangs up. Yeah, literally. I thought I was on Candid Camera or something.

So I called again seeing if I could get her back and talk to her but I got someone else, and since I didn't have another cab number handy, I just told her to send me a cab. When the cabby got there I told him the story, and he told me Yellow Cab is hiring a lot of weird people lately. He said he suspected they're hiring people out of some job program to help the mentally ill, and that he's been getting a lot of similar complaints.

So, from now on: Orange Cab!

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