I Hate Seattle

Why I Can't Stand Seattle


I moved to Seattle for school, from the mid-atlantic. I plan on leaving when I'm done.

I do hate Seattle because of the weather, but not because of the clouds or rain. I used to live in Pittsburgh. We had plenty of that. I hate the sorry attempt that Seattle makes at actual winter or summer. I hate when people whine about it being 'hot' and 'muggy' when it's 80 degrees with a 50% humidity. Hot? Are you kidding me? Try 95 with 95% humidity. Stop whining. I actually miss hot humid days and not being cold when I go outside in the morning. I miss actually having snow. Eternal fall and spring (and a cold one at that) are not my idea of good weather. Summer here is NOT beautiful. I have to wear a jacket in the summer, what is up with that? Sure, it looks nice outside, but I want it to feel like SUMMER.

Construction, I don't really care about. Maybe they could have better public transit. A light rail would be nice, but it's not terrible as is. Traffic isn't so bad for me, but I don't usually drive during peak hours, so I really don't know. Drivers, though, are quite passive aggressive. Also, pretty dumb. At a traffic circle, you go AROUND counterclockwise to turn left. At a 4-way stop, you wait for the cars that stopped before you. Is that really so hard? If you're a pedestrian, it is unwise to dart into traffic whenever you feel like it. Also dumb: running across the road, and then slowing down when you reach the lane where a car is coming. Yeah, you have a right to cross the road as a pedestrian, but you can also be friendlyand patient and wait for cars to pass. You're not any better than me because you're a pedestrian (or a bicyclist) so stop acting like it. I'll be nice to you, but you need to be nice to me. Don't treat me like a dick just because I'm driving a car.

These really aren't the big things though. I really dislike most of the people. There is a passive-aggressive tendency inherent in the population. Also, people judge others on HUGE stereotypes. For instance, if I say I'm from the east coast, your first response is, "wow, everyone's just so mean there!" If someone says they're from the midwest, the reply might be something like "oh, well I guess you're glad you made it out of there." Seriously, have you been to the East Coast? Yeah, people are mean, if you're stupid! Don't be a dick, and they won't be mean to you! You really think the Midwest is so bad? How much time have you spent there?

People are lumped into stereotypical groups and can't hold opinions and be treated like real human beings. People in Seattle try to drive away others who disagree with them. Just on one of these other posts I saw someone say, "Well, Seattle hates you too." Way to try to be inclusive and understand, asshole. This is why people hate you in the first place. If you disagree with someone in Seattle, they just hate you. If you don't fit in to their 'culture', they hate you. Of course, they don't come right out and tell you. You're just treated ike less of a human being. I've watched this happen to others. Furthermore, people feel like their opinions must be plastered everywhere. Great, you like democrats. Do you see a lot of people disagreeing with you? You're in a city, almost EVERYONE likes democrats. The population of the city doesn't embrace diversity like it wants to. It clings on to race and gender, and doesn't think about diversity of opinion, class, belief. It just talks about issues anyway, and never does anything about them. Most of the people I encounter are homogeneous. They all have the same beliefs, the same political alignments, the same lifestyles. The neighborhoods are mostly the same. Sure, one has a troll, and some a few more hipsters than the others. But, I have no need to go to a 20 different farmer's markets. They're all the same. Haven't you seen a farmer's market? Yeah, it's great, but, it's just a farmer's market! What is wrong with you? I don't care about another independent book shop or independent coffee shop. Are they really all that different? It's coffee and books, for crying out loud!

What does it say about the city when the two most popular attractions are an observation tower that isn't all that tall and a farmer's market? Where's the history? Where's the ACTUAL culture? People are too busy cherishing 'culture' and trying to be 'creative' and 'independent' themselves that they end up not embracing a culture that may have already existed. Seattle now has little culture, and people just keep trying to force it. The culture it does have is entirely homogeneous, exclusive, and passive aggressive. Really, people aren't all that much smarter here either. Yeah, there are some smart people (as you get anywhere), but most people go around espousing some new found facts that they just read from some sensational book. Great, you can read. Now, stop trying to tell me how stupid I am, and start actually discussing something, you pretentious ass. If you had one semblance of original thought then I might actually think that you're smart. If you were willing to think about an idea rather than just assume its correctness because you happened to read it somewhere, I might actually think you're smart.

Unfortunately, Seattle ends up being a city full of people who want it to be great, and keep pushing in the wrong directions. Some people genuinely love it. Good for them, I hope they enjoy it. Others do not. I am included in that lot.

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Honest assessment by a returning Seattlelite


Born, raised and went to high school here. Town was pretty sleepy, lovely and had solid core values. Went away to college, grad school, lived in 'big' cities. Returned for family reasons a couple of years ago.

The sad news: the city is actually worse than it was when I left.

How can this be? With all the favorable press out there, you'd think this city would be nirvana to a returning 'local'.

I'll keep this short unless anyone wants more details.

Seattle as a city is way, WAY ahead of itself. It's a provincial burg run by natives for natives, with all that entails. Liberal politically, but in all other respects, conservative and pretty surprisingly passive. I really liked it when (during the Dec snowstorm) there was a furious woman on the local news saying 'this place is a joke...in new york when it snows, the supers come out and sweep the sidewalks!'

So if the people are too stupid/lazy/selfish to sweep sidewalks after a snowstorm, how do you explain the fact that the average joe and josephine are really pretty nice?

Politeness, never calling someone on something dishonest or cruel, true passivity in the worse sense.

Contrary to reputation, Seattlelites are not that smart, and certainly have no political will or leadership except to fall in line with cherished 'liberal' causes.

So why is there so much apathy and anomie among this well-educated population? First, of course, I thought of the weather (which is truly dreadful unless you like gray). Then I thought, a tragic intersection of Nordic stoicism and Asian passivity. Then I moved on to the quasi-police state run by truly ill-qualified city workers and the huge, huge policeforce which is getting paid to be our nanny and is self-funding with its tickets and multiple violations of everything minute legal issue in the code. Why they even give tickets for not signalling 100 feet before a turn! Yes, Virginia, to put it crudely, this city is a municipal cesspool run by a likely very corrupt local government which everyone is too de-energized to even challenge.

As for the surrounding communities like Shoreline -- God help you, please don't go there. Way too many rednecks in the SPD (including black rednecks believe or not) --- all passing out citations to drum up the revenue mill. Their city council acts suspiciously like South Orange, NJ in its Mafia-infested heyday.

As Dante said, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!"

He was referring to Hell, I'm referring to Seattle/King County.

Don't even get me started on the dullness of the quality of life (unless you're in drugs or low-brow music) here. It's a perfect match to the leaden quality of the skies.

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No place like home


Wow. This site is my new best friend.
I moved here for work in September and left Chicago, and all of my friends, because I thought a change of scenery and new challenges would be good for me. I like rain, mountains, the ocean...what's not to love, right? Well, I'll start with a rudimentary list:

1. The public transportation, or lack thereof. With no public transport, it should be called a town. Berg, if you like. Village. But not a metropolis. With all the supposed 'green' thinkers out here, they sure are slow on the uptake getting people out of their cars.

2. That 'green' thing. I'm calling B.S. I've seen just as many S.U.V's, low mileage jeeps, and luxury vehicles as I have biofuel hippie mobiles out here, probably more. Having a solar panel heated home with organic hardwood floors and a hybrid car doesn't make you better than me, or more environmentally concious than me. It makes you a douchebag with so much money that you don't know what else to do with it, and a looming hole of stupidity where your brain should be that is so large you couldn't think to give any of that money to a worthy cause in these extraordinarily dire economic times. Which brings me to my third point...

3. Liberal masks, conservative hearts. Or the alternative title, 'City of passive aggressive racists'. Where are all the black people? Hispanic people? What kind of blindingly Aryan cultural void have I fallen in to?
Yeah, you have a large Asian population, bully for you. You voted for Barack Obama, great. But don't walk around like you're underwear are odor free just because you have an education and like to play at being aligned with 'minorities'. Everyone white lives north, in big houses, with big cars, and the only black people I see are south of the city,enduring what I call reality, sans giant home and car, you bigoted liars. The tragedy here isn't that Seattle is segregated. Every city is. It's that every middle-aged white go-getter with an Obama/Biden ticker taped to his ass thinks he's better than his 'ignorant' midwestern
fellow Americans because he espouses a thoroughly researched and completely put on Liberal philosophy at dinner parties and symphonies. Then he goes home to his very white neighborhood, listens to NPR, and congratulates himself on being so color blind. The worst, most repulsive bigotry in existence.

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Why laptops at a coffee place??


Okay, I am so tired of going to these starbucks and coffee places that are filled with nothing but these annoying yuppies who just take up all the seats and sit and type on their laptop for hours. WHY CAN'T YOU JUST DO THAT AT HOME?? And they take up all the seats in the coffee place so there's place for anyone else to sit and drink their coffee and eat their food. Seriously... why do they feel the need to go on their laptop at some starbucks when you can do that at home. Honestly... it's starting to piss me off along with many others out there.

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The Big Unit Hoodoo


the sun has set harder than december in alaska on seattle sports.

mariners- cursed by the baffling refusal to acknowledge that the dismissal of randy johnson is the biggest personnel gaffe since babe ruth. the same people that said randy was finished after he saved baseball in seattle before winning FIVE cy youngs, also canned the athlete who does the most for the community, jamie moyer, in time for him to win a world series elsewhere. the american league worst m's are the first team to lose 100 games with a $100 million payroll. our loyal attendance was third in the league minus the two lesbians kicked out of safeco for kissing during the big screen "kiss cam".

seahawks- first egomaniac mike holmgren thought he could be the only person ever to succeed as president, general manager and coach. then he insisted on a style of play as tenuous and fragile as his starting quarterback selection, who has always seemed a hard hit away from not being around to play in the games he's paid almost a million bucks per. how about not ever using the shotgun formation for almost a decade, or not throwing the ball farther than 15 yards downfield, even when JERRY RICE IS WEARING STEVE LARGENT'S #80 in a playoff game at home! thinking you're philosophy is better than the fundamentals of football is insulting to the game. that's like playing basketball and never shooting long distance jumpers...

supersonics- sweet jesus make the hurt stop.


udub huskies- n.o.p. thinks that oregon's nike is subverting us by providing soft ass lavendar and straw yellow jerseys instead of the dark purple and deep gold worn by royalty and the dominant huskies of don james. remember how they looked when they were a play away from beating USC last year? that's right. they ditched the dorky plum shirts for the oldschool and played like it. now we might not win till 2011.

rest in peace tubaman, the first one's for you

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Man Dies in Apartment Fire in Capitol Hill


Did anyone else catch this story of the elderly man, Ed Jackson, that set his apartment on fire and shot himself in the head in an apartment-building at 1605 Bellevue Ave. on Seattle's Capitol Hill on October 27th?

The fire, which was reported about 6:20 a.m., was in a building slated to be torn down, according to the city's department of planning and development. The elderly man was the only occupant of the building, said Dana Vander Houwen, fire department spokeswoman. He was brought out by medics but died at the scene, she said.

The fire began on the first floor and quickly spread to the fourth floor of the building, located at 1605 Bellevue Avenue near Pine Street. A second fire alarm went out at 6:30 a.m. and 65 firefighters showed up to fight the blaze, Vander Houwen said.

The 89-year-old man who died lived in the building for about 40 years, said Dennis Saxman, a friend who knew him. According to a land-use notice, the structure was set to be replaced by a six-story residential (aka Condo) building with ground floor retail and parking for more than 100 cars underground. Does this sound like a familiar plan for an old apartment building on Capitol Hill.

All other tenants in the 26-unit building had moved out, said Reneé Witt, spokeswoman for the Seattle Police Department. The owner had told the victim he had to vacate that day, she said.
"Apparently, he was the last hold out," Witt said. She said there was so much stuff in his apartment that "it was spewing over onto the balcony." It's unclear at this point if the stuff impeded his ability to get out in time, she said.

The victim's wife had died a few years ago and he was living there alone, Saxman said. The victim, "a feisty man with nerves of steel," was having a hard time dealing with the impending move, Saxman said. "It was tough on him," Saxman said. "He had been here for so long."

John Werner — former owner of the complex who sold the building in 2006 — said he had known the victim for more than 20 years. In fact, Werner said, he had employed him and his wife to manage the property. Werner described the victim as robust, saying that the first time he saw a doctor was when he was in his early 80's. He and his wife apparently had no children and had lived in the building since 1969, Werner said. "He was a fine gentleman, very dependable," Werner said. "It's very sad."

This is clearly a story of a person that was lost in the mix. The current owner should have helped him with relocation services since he was an 89-year old man. I mean come on Yo! This is so disturbing that he dedicated 40 years of his life to the upkeep of this property and they just left him to literally die in it. What kind of respect of human dignity do they have. I hope that he continues to haunt the building leaving it unmarketable. I am sure his spirit will stay there with such a tragic event. Condo buyers beware.


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Eye Sores


1. Seattle Space Needle- it's not even all that tall. It sucks it is an eye sore.

2. Seattle music project- It looks like a giant colorful turd. Why did no one stop this monstrosity?

3. Microsoft can suck it.

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Neighbours Nightclub Closing?


Neighbours, Seattle’s venerable gay dance club, filed a lawsuit last week fighting for its right to remain in a warehouse-style building in the Pike-Pine neighborhood. The bar opened there in 1983, started serving liquor a few years later, and has since made a patchwork of remodels, from go-go cages to another dance floor in the basement.

But the building’s owners, a land trust comprising several individuals, sent a letter to the bar owners in early August terminating the lease and telling the bar to vacate by the end of the month.

In the letter, landlords claim the bar of violated terms of the lease signed in March of this year. It says the lease allows the tenant to use the space as a “tavern… commissary, restaurant. … and cabaret.” But, it says, “No food, however, is prepared and served on the premises. Furthermore, the current operation of the Premises as a dance club is not a permitted use.” The letter goes on to say that the club remodeled without permission and allowed liquor to be taken outside of the bar, as examples of further lease violations.

But there is a no secret that Neighbours is dance club. Leases over previous decades used similar language, the lawsuit shows. So it seems extremely unusual that the landlords would, after signing another lease in March, suddenly act surprised that Neighbours is, in fact, a dance club. An attorney for the landlords has not returned calls to comment.

“We don’t think there is any merit whatsoever to the landlords’ claims,” says Mark Kimball, an attorney representing Neighbours. He says owners were informed about how the space was used. “We believe the business is accurately described in the lease.”

Kimball would not speculate on why the bar owners were attempting to negate the lease after 25 years. He says the bar owners and the landlords are currently in negotiations. “I am extremely confident that the dispute will be resolved favorably to Neighbours,” he says.

Neighbours has been a staple business in the Pike/Pine corridor and has been almost solely responsible for establishing the area surrounding its business as an entertainment and nightlife area. I mean how many Capitol Hill residents have actually lived in the area for 25 years let alone 5 years. The Capitol Hill community should come together and show them public support against the building owners. What do you think they are planning to do with the building? More freakin' condos that won't sell? They are probably a bunch of tight wad born again Christians that are pissed that they own a building that is occupied by a gay nightclub.

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Haha! I love this!


So funny that I just found this site. I am looking for a good "I hate Seattle" bumper sticker before I leave in 2 months. After living here less than a year, I am preparing to take the kids and hit the road, leaving my beloved husband to suffer here in Dante's Third Ring of Hell.

Luckily, we had the foresight to NOT sell our big house on 5 acres for the $230,000 it is valued at. Where the sun shines most all the time.

I seem to have a different complaint about merging as the rest of you. I do stay off the highways here--which means I can't even drive into Seattle proper if I wanted to! Merging is an agreement between friendly people where the driver on the highway slows a bit to LET THE MERGER IN! Come on! Everyone around here drives like they can't even see the incoming cars!

I don't really blame Seattlers for being such pricks, however, since they are all probably vitamin D deficient. People don't wave at each other and everyone frowns. The weather is horrific. The speed-limits are insanely slow.

So, does anyone know a good website or "I hate Seattle" logo to put on a bumper sticker.

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papers please


just a little reminder of our false premise...

91 year old woman without ID kicked out of bar


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