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Seattle Times front page


Anyone see the front page of the Seattle Times? Another scam being perpetrated by the sick and corrupt leaders of the city and police. Unleash the tow trucks at 3PM...here we go, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1...that'll be $175 please. By the way, next time, can I direct you to one of the private parking lots charging halacious amounts of money to park? The real estate developers in the city aren't doing well enough and I need a little more in my illicit 'campaign' fund (quote) -- elected officials in Seattle. Besides, it's still way less than $175 to park.

I'm beginning to actually feel sorry for the people in Seattle who are just a little too dumb to figure out what's happening. I'm planning my great escape as soon as I can!!

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Virtuous circle: crackheads, police, poop


Has anyone figured this out? The two dominant population groups in central seattle appear to be: police and crackheads. So, question....the piles of poop lying around in alleys, doorways, etc...WHOSE IS IT???

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Seriously, take a shower already


I was thrilled about finally getting some decent weather until I went to the local QFC yesterday and got a whiff of some of the locals. Well, that killed my appetite. These people reeked so badly they didn't even need to be anyone around to make me literally gag from the stench, it was so vile it lingered for several minutes even after they had moved on to another aisle.

On the flip side, I was downtown recently having some food and drinks and briefly talked to some guy who said he was originally from here. One of the first things he said to me was, "why are you SO dressed up??" wtf? I was just wearing jeans with a blazer. And of course the way he said it was not the slightest bit complimentary. There was an obvious disapproving tone in is voice and an ugly sneer on his face as he spoke, as if to say "how DARE you be DIFFERENT from everyone else here!" Sorry pal, I guess I must have missed the memo requiring everyone to wear dirty camping gear in public at all times.

So stinking like you just slaughtered a cow is totally fine and normal here, but looking like a normal human being is offensive. This place truly is completely backwards.

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mutual admiration society


Ever watch the local news on tv? Town of hillbillies, maybe inbred. Typical newstories: (1) local high school fart team is ranked #1 in the Pacific NW; (2) talking nasty to your neighbor's pitbull is a felony; (3) latest microsoft software is totally cool; (4) axe murderer in kent is described by neighbors as 'really nice, quiet'; (5) weather is not so bad...and it's IMPROVING for the weekend; (6) police officer tasers, then shoots, then runs over 96 year old woman who reached into her handbag for a kleenex ('she had a mean expression and i was afraid for my life'); (7) ain't life just wonderful inside a toilet bowl?

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I don't like to brag, but I think this is pretty hard to top


This is from my blog. It happened last year about this time.

Yesterday evening I was parking my car in front of my building on the street. I live downtown. Downtown, if you see a space on the street, don't circle round the block or it will be gone. I pulled up alongside the car in front of the space, and, instead of going around me, this car came up behind me. I hesitated, hoping she'd back up, 'cuz this was a sweet spot. Finally she did. She backed up to be beside the car behind the space and just sat there. Weird. So, I parallel parked. I touched the car behind, but just barely, and finished parking. The woman in the car was still sitting there. I realized later that she had actually waited to see if I would hit that car behind me.

She pulled up to me as I opened the trunk to get my groceries and I said "What's up?" She said "You hit that car". I said "No I didn't HIT it". She did the eye snap thing like You totally did, but she didn't say totally she said "You HIT...that car! You need to leave your information for him." I said "Look I barely touched it, okay?" and I examined the car's bumper. Not a mark because I didn't hit the fucking car. I started wondering what the relationship was between this woman and an unknown person's car, which had a ticket on the windshield.

She just sat there looking at me with her eyes wide open. "You hit that car" she said. Cars were coming up behind her, then having to go around. I said "What do you want me to do?" She said "I want you to leave your information on that car". I said "OK" because I was tired and then I said "Wait a minute, I didn't do anything so there's no reason to leave my information". She said "I SAW you hit that car. I'm a claims adjuster and I see this kind of thing all the time!!! You hit that car!!!" She was checking her cellphone.

Well, shit, why didn't she say so? If I had known she was a pro I would have put my life in her hands and gone to turn myself in to the police for something I didn't do.

I was too tired to launch into her, so I just took a deep breath and said "Listen. Don't you have somewhere else to go? It's after work, why don't you go home and put your feet up?" She said "I'm not going anywhere, because I'm not going to let you get away with this!" Uh-oh, golf club/windshield time, some would say. I knew then that she's an ex Hall Monitor.

So I said "Ok, I'll leave my information". She said "Good! Do you have paper and pen?" I said "No, do you?" She searched and searched and couldn't find one. Remembering later that she didn't have pen and paper, I said "Good! That means she didn't take down my license number". A friend of mine said "Yeah, but she's probably the kind of bitch that has a photographic memory". From years of squealing on people, always trying to get the details right, because details can make her case stronger, right?

I said "Ok, I'll leave a business card", and I put some salesman's business card on top of the unknown car owner's ticket under the wiper.

So she finally pissed off. I went to pay for my parking space and I didn't put enough money in and it stopped at 5:51 damn it. So I just thought, you know the way she looked at me as she drove away, it wouldn't surprise me if she called the cops. So I took off and went and double parked in front of my building and dropped off my groceries in the lobby. As I came back out, I saw there was a woman motorcycle cop and a police van at the 4-way. Just because this psycho is a psycho, I thought it likely that she did call the cops. So I thought to err on the side of caution and park elsewhere. Turns out, I had to, because there was nowhere else within 4 blocks to park.

You know, it didn't make me angry so much as just depress me that this woman is such a friggin' spider and I happened to unwittingly get snagged in her web. If some people think you have some quality they don't have, like class, or the good fortune to find a sweet parking space, they immediately begin hunting for something wrong with you, so they can convince themselves that you're down on their level. For example, if they can get you mad, screamin' and shoutin'.

Wouldn't you love to have her for a co-worker: "I saw you take that paperclip (Eye snap). I totally saw you

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The Top 10 Things that Suck about Seattleites


10. Chivalry was Tarred and Feathered, then Drawn and Quartered, then Burned and Drowned

There have been more than five occassions where an older woman or gentleman is carrying an overwhelming load of books, bags, suitcases, or tools, and they clearly need help, and I am the one to help them when I am surrounded by several well-bodied men who are aggravated about this slow person in their way.

9. Even the Homeless are Overachievers

Everyone here is an A-Type personality - super-over-achievers about everything. And yes - the homeless people have their own newspaper. One of the latest articles discusses how construction will affect panhandling activities and the city's latest take on gang violence.

8. The Men Are Asexual

No cat calls. No wolf whistles. Yes, I'm married but it's still nice to know you're more attractive than the 80-year-old purple-wigged woman sitting next to you.

7. They Worship the Patron Saint of the Roads and the Goddess of a Sustainable Environment

I have invoked the wrath of the gods by speeding a mile above the speed limit, blocking pedestrians' walkways, passing a car too quickly, accidentally leaving some trash, dropping a recyclable item in the regular waste basket, and driving instead of taking the bus.

6. They Regard Socializing as a Lost Cause

They don't want to hear about your dog or your family or your cute outfit - they could care less. I have met beautiful women with awesome personalities that sit at bars alone with no interaction from any guy in the room. My smoker friends say there is no "smokers bonding time" either - in Texas all smokers are instantly connected and can strike up a conversation as they strike their matches - but not here.

5. Tattoos and Second Ear Piercings Are Doled Out at Graduation

And the tattoos are NOT pretty.

4. They think Queso is a Special Type of Espresso

Seriously - Mexican restaurants bring me a side of grated cheese when I ask for queso. When I explain I want chile con queso dip, they say, "Oh, you're from Texas, aren't you? Yeah, we don't have that here." I have asked fellow Texas transplants where I can find some, and they have searched Seattle and all surrounding areas with no luck. How can something that is a staple in all bars and Mexican restaurants in Texas be so elusive?

3. They think that 13 Days of Sunshine with a view of some mountains is worth 352 days of dark, musty, wet, cold, rainy, icy HELL.

2. Knitting and Gardening are Real Hobbies.

For 20-year-olds.

1. Women Walk Around Completely Naked in the Locker Room.

I don't get it. Every woman knows the magic art of getting dressed without showing a single private part. Yet in the gym's locker room, women of all sizes, ages, and level of shaved hair walk around naked as a jaybird without a single hint of modesty. I don't want to see that!! What I am supposed to do with my eyes?? Is it just me??

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Compassionless, selfish sociopaths


I had to move to another apartment in this building because a pipe burst and flooded my apartment, ruining my stuff including my bed. I had ruined stuff, no bed, and I was not about to stay in a place that stinks and is bacteria laden. But I had no renter's insurance, so I couldn't even go to a hotel. The landlady said I could stay in another apartment ONE night, then I had to go back into the bacteria-laden place. She said I could stay in this empty apartment if I agreed to lease it now. I am glad, it's nicer, but the whole thing was scary. I didn't have the money to just go into another apartment somewhere and pay pet deposits all over again, etc. I am all moved now, all by myself. I have had to tell people about the flooding because I had to tell them, to explain why I missed class, etc. The lack of empathy of ANY KIND is unreal. I tell them and they act like I didn't say anything, or they look at me like "What are you telling me for? If you think I'm going to help somehow, you've got another think coming!" You just simply forget sometimes where you're living, and you're just thinking you're living in a normal place, but then you're slapped in the face again when something like this happens. Even, I have been moving 3 floors down, and people are so nasty about it on the elevator. This runner bitch got mad this morning because she wanted to get up to her apartment (She kept taking her pulse, which pisses me off) and staring at me and my stuff. She was staring at me so I looked right at her. She said "Most people don't go from the 4th floor to the 7th floor!" I told her I was moving. A guy boasted to me that he was under the leak but it didn't get in his apartment. He said "That's how it goes!" Another prick said "Better luck next time!" Another was mad because he was helping a friend move in and I kept getting on the elevator, too. He said snidely to his friend "Is there a laundry on this floor or something?" They sigh, they roll their eyes. The girl across the hall from me came out of her apartment with her boyfriend and just pulled a face because I came out of the new apartment. Of course she waited to do it when I looked at her standing there. No hello, no "Oh are you moving in? I'm Bitchface and this is my boyfriend Pencil Neck". Where's my fuckin' cherry pie, neighbor?

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I need to vent


If you love Seattle then right on more power to you....
This is going to be long but I need it since I can't afford therapy.
Seattle is Just Like San Francisco....
This is what people(3 or 4 people) told me before I moved here.....these people are liars. I am venting and don't really care to argue to prove my point so if you don't like it read something else.
I grew up in San Francisco, after getting tired of a few things in my hometown I decided to move north to a "City" that was cleaner.
Reasons I moved:
Finish college, Avoid the tumor creating "spare change" or "got an extra cigarette" question every block from some bum
Seeing every deusche bag from high school, and of course to experience a new place and to broaden my horizons.
Question: why does everything seem to close at 10? Why do clubs turn ON the lights at 130am?
Anyways I moved here in the summer, the weather was great. That was the best thing I could think of upon
Time to Rant:
Food prices are ridiculous,
tax on everything: haha I remember the first pack of smokes I bought. I was like wtf man you are crazy?7 bucks?!?, and the guy said to me: "welcome to Seattle" I also remember going to Starbucks and I saw the final price and I asked why is it so expensive? Coffee tax she says.
WTF is up with the 3 or 4 Night Clubs. Is there a limit on clubs or something? I know its my preference and all but I hate getting drunk at a bar and talking. I don't like talking. I like going out with friends, dancing and drinking, not sitting and being quiet.
State run liqour stores.....I am glad that is helping curb the alcoholism in this town cause you know, it's worth the sacrifice that I can't buy a freaking bottle of vodka or something at 12AM to drink with the homies at a park. I miss BevMo. haha
I swear to G I never seen so many taxi drivers going slower than the speed limit, almost hitting my car, stopping in the middle of the g-dam street anywhere in my life.
I have never seen so many people run a red light, turn into me while driving, or drive slower than the freakin speed limit!!!!!It really doesn't take 5 tries and a boatload or bumper checking to park a dam car. My car has so many bumps and scrapes from people parking. Seattle people cannot drive at all, I am sorry but thats the truth. I have been in more close calls in this town than anywhere. I actually feel safer driving in Moscow Russia and New York.
The homeless/ crackhead problem is just as bad as SF.
The weather is so awful here, I actually feel depressed in the winter, my grades are lower during winter months too I noticed.
Seattle is not a freakin city, its just an overzealous suburban town.
Hella, Yes I say hella so what. Don't make it a topic to talk about everytime I say it. Besides you guys always say "awesome"
Whoever agreed to the 2 new stadiums or the Seattle Center are terrible people. Have you seen the Seattle Center slogan? "Create your own Seattle Center Experience" that's kinda like saying screw you and give me your money. I feel bad for the people that have to do the citizenship thing in there, why couldn't they do it in City hall or something with more dignity?
I would be happy if Seattle Center and the Needle were demolished and something else was built.
Pacific Place or whatever it is called next to the Glorious Monorail is the sorriest excuse of a shopping center.
the new super awesome tram from the cancer center to Pacific Place (or whatever its called) is like a new version of the Monorail.
Pike Place has some great "local" (Washington State I have learned) fresh food, but you could easily go broke from the overpriced items. Yea the produce is good but its not worth the price.
I never would have believed Chinese food could be expensive until I saw the bbq pork bun in Pike Place...$2.50 or something.. should be 3 for $1.75 mannnn geez
besides that I pay double for dim sum in Seattle Chinatown compared to Sf Chinatown.
the Lower Queen Anne Safeway is the worst Safeway I have been to ever. I get mad everytime I go there but its two blocks away...Catch 22 I guess.
I like dressing nice and looking good for my lady, but alot of the people I see dress less than nice and makes us standout. Plus my co-workers ALWAYS say "hey going out tonight or something? Cause you are all dressed up" WTF I am wearing nice sneakers, nice jeans, and a fun t-shirt or dress shirt sometimes or maybe a Ben Sherman coat when its cold.
haha I spent almost an hour trying to find a laundromat in Lqa the other day since my washer broke, All I could find was 5 point laundromat. Man that place is the grimiest most hazardous place I have been in. I mean really. almost all the washers and dryers are out of order. and I swear there was 2 dryers that were hella burnt and melted. wtf.....
The pizza choices in this town are terrible. I hate Pagliacci, everytime I go there I am disappointed. Sometimes it seems my other option is Pizza Hut.
Food choices suck
I remember walking around and exploring. I was in Seattle Center creating my own experience and I remember seeing so many little mini wannabe rockstars or something (Emo? Idk) One girl had two different color sneakers on, green hair and some super tight unbreathable pants. the other looked like a character I thought I saw in Terminator 1 all 80's out. another girl looked homeless with light blue dirty brown color pants but closer glances showed she was clean cut and dressed like that on purpose.
My wife is from Europe and she won't even call Seattle a City. She says this town is boring and she can't wait until we move to San Francisco or back to Europe. She couldn't believe it either when someone compared this dump to San Francisco
I know why this state is a welfare state now, they tax you for anything so you have less money to spend. and on and on until you become broke.
I think thats it.
O wait, and the buses always smell like nastiness. Not even SF buses smell that bad, and the busfare is kinda high I think.

On the plus side:
I have met some down-ass people here and am glad to have met them
couple of seattle friends who moved from out of state hate it here too(is that a plus?)
Gas is cheaper
I have a washer and dryer in my apartment
At least the buses have AC
I achieved my goal to experience living in another city and I regret it everyday) hahahaha

If you are thinking "geez this a-hole needs to just leave" Well its not so simple if it was I would have left a year ago. I need to finish school(2 years) because I am not moving back to SF to pay out of state tuition again. Oh and by the way heres a fun fact: Yes rent is expensive in Frisco but you always can find an affordable place or get roomates in the SFSU area or Craigslist. Besides that, if you are broke: food, smokes, drinks are cheaper, it isn't hard to find a cheap place to buy food from. And you won't pay out the butt for tax. Hell I remember I took my current wife on our first date, you know how much I spent? $40 I took her all over the city and didn't spend a dime until I decided she was worth it then took to her to dinner where I spent $40(3 orders of sushi and 3 cocktails). No I am not an O.G. gangsta reminiscing about the old days of decades ago or something I am only 24.
I suppose that's it. If you actually read all this then wow, right on.

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Police brutality --- again


Another story yesterday -- a police officer pounds an innocent person (in Belltown) into a coma. SPD: a 'tragedy', not a 'crime'.

WTF is wrong with this city and its residents? Do you think they would tolerate this in any other city in the US? All the bragging about this cesspool being a 'world-class' city...yeah, right up there with Baghdad and Kabul in terms of violence.

Really sickening.

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The sweltering shithole that is the U-District


Maybe, I've been living in Taiwan for too long but are other college districts that shitty? Everyday I see my fair share of homeless people and tweeked-out wackjobs. Not to mention the rampant mugging and shooting in the northern end as well. And last but not least, what about those "charity" canvassers that are out on every frickin' block? Given that college students are usually a bit tight on their budgets, I find their presence annoyingly puzzling.

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