I Hate Seattle

True Story


Years ago, I lived in a different state - SOLO. Far far away from Seattle, Washington. At this point in life I was weekly venturing out to live music gigs and pretty active with that part of my life regarding some artistic pursuits. That's all that can be said.

A friend of mine in a local band in Seattle, Washington was living out of his van, and once had confided in me when our paths had crossed. When I Iearnt of such, I was extremely livid! My first thought was, "what the fluff, why are your FRIENDS letting you live in your van?"

Now, we all have flaws, blah blah, but really? Your band mates that you ROAD TRIP with and who you have confided in with your deepest of secrets are letting you live out of your goddamned van! WTF! That's not a flaw, that's a CRISIS!

Immediately, I wanted to drag him to my city and show him love and care and compassion and have him live in an extra bedroom available in my apartment. But, he was IMMUNE. He didn't have the eyes to see. He was so used to being used by "the scene" and being mistreated and back stabbed by frenemies in Seattle, Washington.

Months later, a friend from my city told me this same friend had been mugged (male) in Seattle. Fuck!

A year or so later, I had my own hardships and moved to this area Eastside bumblefuck because I read of some laws and services that may be able to help me in my particular life situation. One day, I popped into a sandwich shop where my friend formerly worked. No one there had ever heard of him. Hmmmm..... I thought maybe I had entered into the wrong shop.

Three months later, I found out from someone on an online dating website that my friend in Seattle had died. I did some research and later learned the cause was a drug over dose. I won't say much more....Fuck!

Let's just say I saw the writing on the wall WAYYYY back. Over a year prior. No one else did? So much gossip going on about me that I am a drama queen in that scene. Um, hello, I am substance-free, I have a different pair of eyes than you! I CARE! In Seattle, Washington, there is no "let's sit down and talk about XXX." Help is out there! It's up to you to take it, but it's there. But, you need support, friends to ride you, make calls. Not one person in your Seattle, Washington art/music scene can support you? Dear Lord!

Please, get your friends help before they unnecessarily die at age 36. If you are reading this, and you have friends in Seattle, Washington that have any addiction issues or housing issues - take them in. It really IS that bad, and 1,000 times worse than what they convey. I have witnessed insane asylums first hand in the state of Washington. Don't send your loved ones there. Try your hardest!


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Why do I need to know this?


So, I've been slightly "browsing" the internet for a different living situation in Seattle, Washington and just happened to come across this snip-it in a housing ad:

"Hi, I have a room for rent in my house that will be available in the coming weeks due to a roommate moving out (Leaving on good terms; moving in with gf! :) )."

So.....you have a room available. It is irrelevant to me why the room is available. Why do I need to know that your housemate is moving in with his or her partner? Adults do that all the time, it's called being a grownup! LOL!

Just for the sheer fact that this individual is putting his or her housemate's personal business onto the web for all to see, is showcasing his or her level of trustworthiness, right there!

This narcissistic individual probably thought, "oh, what if the prospective renter thinks *IIIII* yes capital *IIIII* did something to push the housemate away? Like, oh my gawd! Someone grew up - in Seattle it's age 45! hahaha.

People drift apart all the time. It's called LIFE! There is no utopia. You aren't *that* important. Stop obsessing about the *why why why of everything - the person is probably laughing at you and not with you and about to get a restraining order because you are nosy fuck*

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It is called PRIVACY, not secrecy, thanks


Privacy. What's that eh? It's bad enough we live in a soul sucking Universe where half of us likely, (and unknowingly) have been microchipped by the dentist or hospital staff when "going under," can't build a cabin on a parcel of land because every single square inch of an inch is owned by someone or some corporation, and, IP addresses are being saved in e-mails. Yup! (use openmailbox or tutanota).

Move to Seattle, Washington and any teeeny bit of privacy you *thought* you had will be taken away the minute you venture outside, simply to walk or breathe. In Seattle, Washington the thought of thinking you thought you had privacy is actually illegal, (I think), just so you know. ;)

If you do not announce your arrival of "who moved into that end unit?" your neighbors will literally stalk you, and try to figure out if the "new car" in their neighborhood is yours or a friend of a neighbor or neighbor 3's daughter's great-grandmother. Trust me. If they can't figure it out that way, they will ACTUALLY give your license plate number to a local pol-ice officer, who is their *friend* and have them look it up for them. Sheer disgust. This actually happened to me, but in a slightly different capacity. I won't even share the long and drawn out UNNECESSARY drama that came as a result of, briefly,living with a real sociopath. A true lunatic!

So many times in life I have simply "rented a room" with money I had saved. Paid the rent. That's it. Mostly when I was relocating somewhere new. I never stayed with "family I knew in the area" - just moved by myself.

Once, I lived in a neighboring state and signed a lease for a 2 bedroom apartment - living ALONE, when I didn't even have a job and just some money saved and wanted to lay low for awhile. God damn, not here!

I have had such a difficult time renting a room because the landlord wants to control "how much time the tenant is in and out of the house." Um, I live there. What is it to you if I have a job, if my rent is paid? I'm not anti-social because I enjoy listening to full masterpiece musical ALBUMS in my room in MY OWN COMPANY.

Look up "Introvert" you fucks! *rolls eyes* I actually had to say to people on different occasions, "you know I am not a big talker" or "I'm a really quiet person." At one point, I actually told a woman I was deaf, simply so she would stop talking to me. I said, "ma'am, I can see your lips moving, but I can't hear anything because I am deaf." Quiet means quiet. As in your high heels clomping on the floor are literally BURNING my ears!

You have a supremely respectful and CLEAN tenant who pays rent on time. What more do you want? Oh, and I walk past you with headphones in because I'm going for a RUN or walk to enjoy MY OWN company - it's called having a relationship with yourself, try it!

This is NOT a place to come if you desire to restart your life and retain anonymity, whatever the case may be. If you desire that, try Key West!

This is NOT a place to come if you are an introvert at heart.

I can't tell you how many people told me I was being evasive or secretive on the sole basis I did not tell them where I "worked." Um, I met you ONCE, for a half an hour! Um, excuse me? I could be taking care of an ill family member or be ill myself. Or, maybe I just have time and savings and have elected not to be part of the rat-race for awhile. Maybe I just figured out that taking "time off" is candy for the soul. Try it you tight ass!

What I have learned is that there's a 90 % *secret* caveat to a house-mate situation. As in, "I'm saying I want a housemate, but really I need a caretaker." Or even worse, "a girlfriend." Um, I have a life. Because you neglect your children or animals or need to hire a legitimate caretaker, I, your housemate, am not a surrogate parent, nor a petsitter, nor your caretaker. Nor your girlfriend! Ick! You can *hire* other people to do those tasks, and pay them (you tight ass) with your fat ass paycheck.

Dear Seattle, Washingtonian, Why? Why, do I have to tell you WHO I am, yet you feel so entitled, as you have "lived here your whole life" to withhold, "who you are" ummmm, "just because." (whispers - and guess what, I don't even care - I bet that offends you doesn't it). Screw that. Never in my life have I lived in an area where people were so up in your business even when you are just quietly moving into a new place. As if moving wasn't stressful enough!

Trust me, those friendly neighbors are really nosy neighbors "gathering information" that they WILL later try to use against you at all costs if you get into a civil dispute. Mind your P's and Q's and don't get personal! And, if you don't happen to have a profile on an anti-social media website, then you are in BIG POTATO trouble and automatically labeled to be in some underground crime syndicate.

Maybe I just don't want *You* knowing what doctor I see, what if any, spiritual practice I choose, if I have a partner, what sex I date, if I'm married, single what have you etc. Landlords are NOTORIOUS for asking illegal questions, let me tell you! And, there is a ton of landlord assault and identity theft by property managers - so beware, dear ihateseattle comrades, beware.

Thank you, and goodnight!

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A Soul Transaction


If you move to Seattle or what is known as "The Eastside" (East of Lake Washington - Brothell, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond) only do so IF you literally feel as if there is NO other option on the PLANET - i.e. a family member is literally on his or her death bed and has you listed as power of attorney and X facility is the ONLY facility in the entire WORLD set-up to take care of this individual. If the means to "alter" the situation you are facing (job loss, caretaker hat, etc.) is there, please do a ten hour long meditation to see if this is the right fit for you; otherwise you will LOSE years of your life and think to yourself, "man, I should have listened to that ranty girl on the Internet from the backwoods - she sure dots her eyes and crosses her t's." I mean that wholeheartedly from the very bottom of the soul.

Truly, I wish someone would have warned me - I had no idea how bad it would get and how, in the deepest state of crisis and midst of a literal nervous breakdown - people could CARE LESS. The State, county, what have you, could CARE LESS. Even the few "friends" I did meet here left me high and dry when I needed them. And, to me, needing a friend is not codependency, it is about the meaty stuff - someone to hold your hand or give you a hug if you lose a job, or are struggling with a breakup, or someone who will ride you to the airport at 4 am and not ask for a penny to cover fuel costs. Someone who will help you to get help if you have an addiction issue and not blame you, and even make the calls FOR you with your permission, and someone who will pick you up in the middle of the night if you may be in a dangerous situation. Someone who will never *assume* you are at fault or created a hardship, simply because you are CLEAR and HONEST with yourself as to where you are in life. That's a friend.

I am a "pick your battles" kind of person and don't blow the whistle of cry wolf. But here in Seattle, Washington and "The Eastside", there is so much bait and switch in literally SECONDS, your authenticity, ingenuity, creativity, and pure essence of love and care for yourself and others will diminish. We are talking SECONDS.

Soon, SECONDS will turn to minutes, to hours, to days, to suddenly half a year! And, all the time you spent trying to be patient, non-judgmental, hoping people would "come around" or "come to understand you" will show it's Darkness. An entire city of pussies who can't speak up for themselves, or speak out about injustices. It's 90 % talk. Little to NO action, and a whole lot of "reaction." Because, um, like, we are only going by "theory" and not "direct experience" here in Seattle, Washington and "The Eastside" mmmmkay!

An entire city of pussies who are so narcissistic that when you do (speak up and speak out), you will be berated and deemed to be a "drama queen" simply for having authentic standards that counter the "status quo" and line up with real TRUTH.

In time, your "frenemies" will show their true colors, you'll be harassed by the pol-ice force unnecessarily, multiple times per WEEK, even, assaulted on public transit, and DISMISSED by your "friends," peers, psychotherapists, church pastor, etc, who think "you made the whole thing up." "They" will try to convince you that you are simply "complaining unnecessarily" that *really* there is NOTHING wrong with Seattle, Washington and that "it's all in your head." They will refuse to hold legitimate conversations with you, ones that will undoubtedly counter their falsification of your truth. "They" will talk over you because your so very true, truth is too much for their extremely experienced eyes and ears to hear. Of course!

"They" will try to pressure you into stating your personal TRUTH is just a "perception." But deep down, you will KNOW. The tears will come. And, you will know. You will know you are alone. A Stranger in a Strange land of Jetson, techno drones, and flavorless beached whales with mini-me's who, not only lack empathy, but who have had the empathy PROGRAMMED right out of them. A new species of automatons who sponge off exploitation and authoritative statutes and vampire the life, heart, and soul out of the few visitors who used to care so much about the little details of life. And, then... then... you will be right where they want you - drinking Starbucks and going to "the game."

In seeking professional "help," to rectify the situation and realign with Source, you will be so strung out that even the deepest pieces of you will feel long forgotten. You will spend months and, even years living in fragments. You will see a ghost in the mirror each and every day. Nothing, not even the holiest of holistic services and psychotherapy will work to piece you together.

And that ghost, is an indicator. An indicator of a Soul now nothing more than a transaction. "They" have you! The noose is tied. A person now a profit margin ready to join the 'anti-community' "community." Barf in a bag to you, but you didn't even notice because the cranial pressure of their mass assault and forced directives to tie that noose were at the forefront of your mind.

When you get a moment to breathe, you will search, and search, and search for a beacon of hope. A sense of home. This longing will become your sole and soul goal. Tears of pain will erase tears of joy. And the "Thems" will surround you, call you names, and throw you into the fire until you submit and run naked in your own humiliation.

As a very last resort, you will place a post on an online forum, hoping that someone, from somewhere, far far away will hear the hostage in you. Because, well, a rape whistle just isn't enough to covey the sheer agony and torment of the "Thems." And then, maybe, just maybe, you will find some solace with the fact that someone, somewhere may donate to you some relocation assistance, because, well, you are just too damn stubborn and integral to submit to a job in the 'anti-community' community world of Seattle, Washington.

Thank you, and Goodnight!

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Density of the Densest


My roots are far into the backwoods country where we never really domesticated pets (had 11 cats in one house, let them run feral), no public transit, and for "fun" people tie a sled to the back of a truck and drag it through a farm field. The epitome of "redneck" if you will (there aren't even taxis in my place of origin). It's extremely dirt poor, in terms of finances, and a lot of neighborhoods don't even have sidewalks.

With that said, people, for the most part, help each other out (even if they don't necessarily like one another). Otherwise, the town doesn't exist. So, if you have a flat, someone will help you to change your tire or give you a ride or, they, themselves may have chains to tow your vehicle right then and there. Or, even a spare tire in their backyard. Lots of options for those stranded on the road. Obviously, I left for a reason, but I do appreciate the sincerity that exists in terms of "I help you, I don't expect anything in return. I'm not going to hit on you or stalk you because you're attractive etc. and I just helped you, and now feel entitled to be in your life after a 10 minute interaction."

Once, I was driving through a town called Woodinville (Seattle Eastside) which, at first had a similar vibe to my "hometown." Wrong! One night, I happened to be broken down on the side of the road. It was late at night, and the car stalled while I was driving around a curvy part of the road. I put on my fourway flashers and tried to flag someone down. Even though my flashers were on, it was difficult to see the car, which I thought was extremely dangerous.

I can't tell you how many cars drove by MY car while I was flagging someone for help! It took about 10 or 15 MINUTES to have someone stop to help. In the meantime, I looked into the window of other cars and saw people texting, eating sandwiches, talking on the phone, etc. I did flag a group of Indian men down, but they seemed to be of the Microsoft "text speak" camp and were even texting while I was trying to gesture they help to move the car off the road. I tried to explain that the car was a hazard to everyone's safety and that it needed to be pushed off the road - immediately! But, anyone with common sense would know that, right? They DROVE AWAY!


Several other folks stopped by, and *didn't know what to do!* "Um, push the damn car off the road!" I knew what was wrong with the car, but it just needed to be off the road for safety reasons. No quick thinking from anyone passing by, whatsoever. People actually tried to have a conversation with me while I was standing there in about 30 degree weather, freezing my ass off and just wanting the car to get into a safe location - for everyone!

A conversation? What in the hell?

I was livid! I did a meditation and magically the car started itself! I was able to drive it off the road into a more secure location and do what needed to be done to repair it.

Lesson Learned: In the State of Washington - get AAA and don't trust that your "friendly" neighbor is going to help you. Well, maybe here and there, but not at large, no sir.

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Run Like Hell, You'll Need an Exorcism if you Stay


Oh my word! Where to begin? Seattle, it's "Eastside" cohorts (consisting of Kirkland, Bellevue, Brothell and the like), and the entire State of Washington are a collective of Narcissists (yes capital N) who enable each other's ill behavior and exist in pyramids of narcissistic nepotism that go something like this: Born in Washington State, attend the University of Washington, LIVE AT HOME, commute downtown or to a "satellite campus" (Brothell has the University of Washington - Cascadia satellite campus), have your parents pay for everything while you are a GROWN UP with four limbs and an able body making no attempt to pay your own way through anything" or develop your own ideas independent of your "family" or FAKE AS BACON "friends," verbally abuse your housemates (if applicable), "friends" and romantic partners because your parents didn't raise you to have etiquette and you didn't seek to learn about life outside "Washington State" and are too narcissistic to seek psychotherapy, (in the event you seek psychotherapy, there is a 90% chance your psychotherapist is also a clock-punching narcissist with a diploma mill degree who will hand you a sheet of yes/no questions to fill out of "how depressed" you are as opposed to asking open ended questions to help you to expand your worldview), prey on innocent international exchange students via covert hazing and mind-control techniques to get them into your "cult," start a non-profit because you have no skills to work for a real business or start a "real business" of your own, mis-manage the non-profit because you went to a school that taught you jack about human communication and money management (even though your parents had loads), form cliques with your FAKE AS BACON "friends" who will work at your non-profit, yet turn on you in a millisecond (i.e. your car breaks down or you lose your housing you will have no one to ride you to a repair shop or a couch to crash on). when your friends turn on you beg your parents for "help", go back and live at home for no other reason than the fact you can't manage your money or relationships properly, in the event you have real addiction issues or something of the sort, receive NO support from your "family" or "friends" and are left hanging by the State which has no services for the handful of folks out there seeking real help, are frustrated at the lack of State services to get "help" and repeat the vicious cycle by enrolling in a "master's" program at.... guess where? The University of Washington! Continue your master's at your nepotinistic school, or a diploma mill school, continue to enroll in school because "the real world" scares you and you can't communicate to a supervisor at a real business, likely enroll in diploma mill schools such as Capella University to get an "online" PhD and never have to have a real dissertation committee review and criticize your work. Teach at The University of Washington and become subservient to the staff, your FAKE AS BACON "friends" and work alongside many aunts, uncles, and parents who think it's naughty to exercise real "academic freedom" laws or "whistleblower" laws because it *may* offend someone. And, well, we cannot offend anyone, now can we, in the narcissistic State of Washington?

How's that for brunch?

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Seattle slipped into hell


So, three years here. I've always wanted to come here to this area; the PNW. So, east side I like it, it's great, people are more talkative, rain's SLIGHTLY more then Seattle. (For your info I ACTUALLY moved here for the rain. TOTAL disappointment. :( . ) So, I live in Seattle, three years now, I try to get out of the city as much as humanly possible. I say hi on the east side, start a random convo, it goes so so. I try it here, comment on a persons phone, jacket, backpack, hair, shoes, glasses, whatever I notice. Nothing. I say hi. Nothing. I say, oh nice phone. Nothing. I say hows your day, nothing. I was on the bus several times.

Most recently a young girl, early 20's, was texting, not paying attention, not holding onto the hand rails. Three times, she starts falling back, bus comes to a sudden stop. She is about to fall, I put my arm around her three times to catch her. Not one time did she thank me, she just giggled. WTF?? It's not like I did it to be thanked but still, I did it without thinking all three times, but not even a acknowledgement I exist. Time before a girl in heels, falling backwards, then forward, failiing at balancing, and paying attention. I grab her, put my arm around her to catch her since I have to leap across from where I'm standing few feet away to catch her. Her response, stare at my arm, stare at me, stare at my arm, stare at me. Then just stare at me, for ten seconds, not a word. I finally say are you okay? A Nod. Wow.

I get up for people on the bus, for women, for elderly, especially for a woman in high heels, seriously. Wearing that on the bus, what a fail. Am I thanked? No, 90% of the time nothing. I seem to be the only guy though taking my time to get up for other people. I guess it's to hard for people from here to be a gentleman. I go to Starbucks, I see people 24/7 leaving their ipods, laptops, phones, etc on the table, going to the bathroom. I say to people shouldn't you take that with you, someone can take that. Nothing. Maybe sometimes they say oh it's fine. Yet when someone takes it they cry about it, common sense.

Common sense is a other thing that isn't here. If I'm waiting in line at a store, or cafe, or etc, you see me in line, then you just get in front of me as I'm about to order, and you're dressed all fancy, you sir, are either blind or a douche. This happens I don't know how many times. I just look at the cashier with a WTF face, they say nothing. I sometimes order from the cafes, barista is staring at me, with a very weird look, not really talking. I go out of my way to talk to them, how is your day, what coffee roast do you think is the best, are you okay? How do you like working here? One word responses. Dude, customer service here sucks ass.

The FEW people in Seattle who talk to me, they grill me hard, wanting to know every detail about my past. Asking for exact details, ..creepy. Then if I ask questions in return, they stare at me like I'm weird for asking..um, no you're the one asking me, instead of a normal damn conversation. So this takes me to the rain. What rain?! Omg, I came here FOR THE RAIN, I actually miss it, it rained more 3 years ago, now it seems to rain few days a month at most..so depressing. IT's hot here, like pretty hot in the summer, way to sunny and blue. This fees NOTHING like the PNW portrayed in docs, movies, tv shows, vlogs, etc. Frak you climate change.

The traffic is one sick fraking joke. I can not go anywhere at mid afternoon ie rush hour, if I do I know it'll take over 2 hours to go from Seattle to the east side or south, etc. It took 50 minutes to go 9 blocks DT seattle caught in traffic, driver refused to let me off, I could have WALKED faster, being completely serious. I take transit because I actually care about our enviorment unlike all these aholes here in the PNW who just HAVE to have a car or 2, when we have oen of the best transit systems I've ever seen. space is at a premium YET you still must have your car? REALLY? Even when there is a bus stop RIGHT in front of your house. I see 2 cars in the drive way. We have commuter vans, we have ride shares, jesus man.

The puget sound is so damn nasty. IT smells funny and why is it so green?! Some bus drivers are complete douche bags, I say hi, nothing. I say hows it going, nothing. I ask about a stop, nothing, just stares. I get people who stare at me, most of the time it's females, from across the cafe, just staring, no smiling, no nasty looks, no trying to start a convo just staring..to the point even as a out going guy, I feel uncomfortable. I've started a new policy though, if someone stares at me. I will stand up, walk right to them and ask them hi, whatcha staring at? HOws it going?

Just like I've REFUSED to be as low as these Seattle people. When I see stuck up people giving me nasty looks, I'm not using the newest iphone like them, or my backpack looks too full. ITS CALLED PACKING A JACKET! I'll go right up and say what the hell is your problem. THey look at me like I'm crazy and I'll repeat my question. I say right to their face do we have a problem here. THis place is turning me into a wound up, anger filled, douche in return. I've even noticed that sometimes I wont say hi to people when they do say hi, just because I'm so spurred by the people here. Thanks for that Seattle. But I wont let them fill me with hate like most people have let Seattle do to them. Even though I say openly screw you Seattle. I can just move to the east side, or the Olympics and meet people who are actually friendly.

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Finally leaving!


Without getting into details, I have been living in and nearby Seattle now for about two years for reasons outside of my control. Just last week, I finally gained the opportunity to return to my home city in the South, and am in the process of packing up and sorting through my affairs.

I didn't want to hate Seattle, Washington state, or the Pacific Northwest at first. The trouble started, however, when I realized I was being treated differently here than anywhere else I'd lived.

Nothing but the most mundane promises to me were ever kept unless I (like so many Seattlites) threatened legal action. Confiding in someone I thought I knew well (or had even lived with for months) led to them floridly assuring me that they would always have my back, then gossiping to everyone they'd ever met about me immediately after our conversation ended; one private conversation including my personally identifying info even went out to the other person's Facebook friendslist of, not kidding, over 1,200 people.

After some more time here, I realized that I wasn't the only person treated in such a conniving and underhanded way here. The culture of Seattle comes across as self-centered, obviously, but not such that the path of least resistance is always taken. Although they sure seem to enjoy being left alone themselves, given the opportunity, way too many Seattlites are prone to meddle in your affairs and go to great lengths to invade your space while simultaneously acting like nothing's wrong. "Mind your own business" carries virtually no weight here compared to where I'm from; oftentimes, it seems like there's no such thing as "your own business" here, and despite the city's eclectic and tolerant image, the nail that sticks out gets hammered down hard.

At the risk of sounding less than totally coherent, I'll summarize my issue with the atmosphere here as follows: I don't understand the choice to live the way Seattlites do. I'd hate to limit essentially all human contact to small talk and the city's typically awkward negotiations of personal space on the sidewalk. I can't imagine getting so angry over hearing music on the bus (a welcome break from sniffles, coughs, and anxiety-ridden basket cases whispering to themselves) that I'd descend into a screaming temper tantrum. Also, what the fuck is up with people standing in one spot and staring daggers at me when I'm sitting on a bench? Either ask if you can sit or just go ahead and sit! This type of creepy behavior isn't considered normal almost anywhere else on the planet but here!

To summarize: Seattle, chill out and mind your own damn business.

I have many more issues with the culture and mindset here, but don't feel like writing a dissertation. Also, Nazi commenters fuck off.

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the darkness


the darkness.

When does one get used to the perennial darkness?

The people are nice enough, but the darkness is giving me cabin fever. Depending upon the person I am talking to, the sun may show up in April, May, June, or July, and last until Sept.

Who is lying to me?

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Mandatory License Retesting


It made me feel good to see that the state police of Washington are pushing for mandatory driver's license retesting at certain times. People here are baby stepped anyways, I remember seeing cars with "student driver on board" literally cutting me off and when I beeped the horn the instructor flipped me off and the student swore at me. (Way to go slacker state)

There are reasons why now a majority of people drive slow on the left and brutally ride the ass of people on the right. It is clearly illegal and I hope that mandatory retesting will teach the people here how wrong they are. It makes no sense for people in cars to literally yell at you to pull over waaaaaay before ambulances appear, but the same people have no clue about not going slow on the left. This place sets the bar so low and then the passive aggressive, noise in the air sociopaths decide that bar is too rudely high and then go against it. Mandatory retesting might help filter out these types.

Maybe after this they can teach the locals to wipe their butts, or at least how to use turn signals. One can hope.

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Hey Seattle

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