I Hate Seattle

Cool tips for living in Seattle


Welcome to Seattle! Hope you enjoyed your flight in(as long as you're not from California, we hate those guys, go back home). Today we're going over 10 COOL TIPS for living in a COOL TOWN like SEATTLE. Lets just jump right in.

1. Have fun: With approved activities us northwesterners take part in such as: video games, biking in an orderly fashion with a GROUP, I repeat, WITH A GROUP(only), and buying things. Also, Hempfest is in June every year, so if you enjoy good music* and smoking weed with antisocial teens/twenty-somethings in the grass, this is for you! Just don't have too much fun!

2. Be yourself :^): As long as you don't cause any trouble, we accept people from all walks of life! Just be sure to dress just like us(boys, that means no loose fitting anything! What are you? A plumber? Or homeless? :^) And girls, bust out those Northfaces and leggings!) talk just like us, and preferably, wear glasses. Oh and be white, please.

3. Become part of the thriving social scene!**: Seattleites are known for being incredibly social creatures. Do not be afraid when you receive a solitary nod in response to any given question, for a Seattleite, it requires much effort to respond verbally. Also remember, when using public transportation try to maintain your volume at a low decibel level, as Seattleites can become agitated and/or threatened if voice exceeds whisper level.

4. We welcome all races!: As long as you stay in your protected strongholds of Kent/Tukwila/Rainier Beach, we welcome you with open arms. Just don't come in our PCC's, please. And stay out of our parks.

5. Keep tidy at all times!: Despite Seattle being the birthplace of grunge and stoner rock, as well as kind of spawning most of the alternative scene in conjunction, we try to keep everything pristine here, and it would do nicely if you don't upset things, thank you :^). Your ripped jeans WILL be frowned upon. We loved it when that guy Nirvana did it, but you're not him silly. And we're actively trying to remove any 'city' elements from our town. That could bring problems like DRUGS(that aren't weed and craft brews I mean).. Though we should put a few safe injection sites around, because you know, we care. Enough to give them a surplus of supplies to use, and a clean place to meet for drug exchanges, because we got rid of the fucking tent city underneath the bridge that served as a containment center for the homeless, until we couldn't hide that anymore from the public.
Hopefully, with your cooperation we can become a more green, more pristine city, and we will be taking ballots soon for whether or not to outlaw spitting outside.

6. Learn to drive a whole new way!: You'll find yourself adapting to the roads minutes into coming here. If you're not backed up in rush hour, you'll find limitless opportunity to prove you too can be as aggressive as us(only behind the wheel of course), or so passive you become an obstruction on the road.

7. Get hype!!!: You can't keep up if you're not caffeinated from the moment you hit that starbucks drive-thru. If you get caught even slightly off guard, on the job or otherwise, you'll get that weird look of 'what a fucking idiot'.

8. You will find love***: Men in Seattle are so starved for affection that you will frequently find regular working class men and above with hamplanets, or better yet, their wonderful stay at home Aryan houseplant. Girls can get away with anything here. Even joblessness. Or grotesqueness. Or just an entitled/condescending attitude that at least 80% of the females embrace as themselves. Take note ladies, you're better than him! Just because.

Then again, most of the influx of tech workers are at least borderline autistic, so it's pretty fair all around.

9. Leave the past in the past!: No one wants to hear about where you're from. If you're not from Seattle, you're probably a dumbass. This is after all the last place where anyone in the world has sense, and clearly the best place. Ever. Seattle. Go Hawks.

10. Oh, introverted world :^): Best place hands down to hole up in an overpriced apartment with your spouse and just. Shut off from everybody. Until the next time you log into facebook and reassure your (possibly not real)friends "Yeah we should make plans sometime", until they eventually get the message, at which point you should now have the appearance of being 'normal' and having friends(+250 preferably) that don't bother you.

Just buttrock*

Social activity may be limited to eye contact on the street**

If you're female***

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Uncivilized, rude, patronizing and condescending


So I moved here about three years ago to take a job. Mind you that I moved from Philadelphia in the East coast where people can be rude, but you never have to wonder what they are thinking about you. I think that the grittiness of the East Coast makes people more secure about who they are. Seattle natives (in my opinion) are lacking in culture and real-world experiences, and this I think is one of the main reasons for their anti-social and dysfunctional behavior. Ask a Seattle Native about hardships and they’d talk about a barrister messing up their coffee order, or being “triggered” by someone at the gym. Further exacerbating the problem is the fact that they mostly live in a bubble. In all honesty, no one outside of Seattle cares about Seattle. But to the locals, they consider themselves trendsetters and progressives. This is in fact the most racist city that I have ever lived in. On the surface it appears all great, but once you begin looking beneath that you realize that this city is laden in bigotry and hypocrisy. They talk about minorities as if they feel sorry for them and love taking on "pet projects" to save these people. But once the white power structure is challenged they begin showing their true colors. Not to mention that if you don't assimilate then you are left out in the cold. This is completely find by me, save for the fact that they go out of their way to remind you that standing out is not what they do in their "great city." "No on here uses umbrellas (which is a boldface lie), "we don't wear those," "we don't use those words".... and the list goes on and on.

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Hellllloooooo Washington!!!!


As with most places I've lived it's taking the good with the bad. If it works for you here enjoy what it has to offer. If not look to another place and let this be a destination to visit and enjoy the things on a part time basis. Perspective for sure. It's expensive here but there are costs of living in other places adjusted and sometimes one finds it's about the same. Be the best person you can and hope others will too and if they don't and it seems to be the majority find those that are and build it as you'd like it. I've learned life no matter where you are is what you make it. Hang in there and remember love is the cure for most things ;)

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Stop Drawing Attention to Yourself with Your Obnoxious Infant that Should Have been Aborted


Another day in the life on the "Eastside." High fives, invisible comrade. Where art thou?

Today, I entered into the post-office in Kirkland and just as I was entering, a woman with a three year old and her hands full of letters slammed the door right ON me. Luckily I only had car keys in my hand, so I managed to push the door open, so it didn't fully slam in my face. I turned to look over my shoulder - they ran away. What a parental example if ever there were one! I gave a dirty look, but they kept marching on in their delusions. (the mom is probably going to get a botox injection on her day off. ) Before they left, I screamed, to see if anyone would look - and no one did. Typical.

And...., you know why no one looked? Bystanders were too busy gawking at another clumsy clown with an infant. In the post office! Cluttered mail just falling everywhere, even on the infant's carrier, which the woman literally dragged along the floor! and as she was doing so had the mail falling. No idea what you are on lady. The child was screaming and I could hear "it" over my earplugs. So, pretty much, the post office just turned into a nursery 3 seconds after I had a door SLAMMED in my face.

Only in Kirkland, would someone find this to be amusing, and an older Chinese woman purchasing stamps at the counter looked back: "awwww how cute." Um, it wasn't cute when the mail was literally falling on the infant's carrier on top of the infant. Did you see that part?! Wow!

I kept giving the woman dirty looks, and muttered under my breath, "wear a condom." Not one person in line had a joined evil eye. Everyone, kept cheering and asking if "it" was a boy or a girl and blah blah and commenting on how cute "it" was.

Another delightful day. Shoot me.

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Hope for the best, EXPECT the worst and some tid bits


There's a difference between anger and hostility and this website is out of control. I'm interested to know if a sister site exists with a real moderator, and not some narcissistic troll Seattlite. If so, please make a post.

Oh, and thank you to the individual who gave the prison sentence analogy. It helps me to sleep at night and not react to people who literally run into me every day, simply when I am walking... well, anywhere. Some guy, just the other day at a local natural food mart was speed walking and ran right into me- *while* he was carrying flowers which will later be received by his tramp, narcissistic and conceited love interest. I gave him a dirty look and it didn't phase him in the slightest. I kept my mouth shut and kept marching on.

Truly, I feel desensitized due to all the passive aggressive behavior. I do use expletives, when legitimately angry but never direct them towards someone. And, that is more in writing, anyhow, as opposed to verbal dictation.

Here is an example of a backlash encounter I had the other day:

Just two days ago, I very politely told a woman who was interrupting a conversation of mine, "I'm not talking with you, can you please leave." Boy, was she livid! She left, slammed the door of the cabin, and before she left called me a "bitch" to my face. Wow. I very kindly asked you to leave because you couldn't read non-verbal cues that I WASN'T making eye contact with you.

The sad part is the folks I was speaking with said nothing to her, and they oversee her. At one point they said, "she means well" and "she's going through a difficult time." (um, as if I weren't?) And, calling me a "bitch" to my face means well. Wow.

I ended up writing a letter to the overseer of the (dis)organization, but don't expect anything to come from it.

A very clear example of why the whole passive aggressive cycle is perpetuating itself. And, for the RECORD, that's an assault right there. *Technically speaking* In a SANE society, even non-verbal cues can be considered to be an assault. But the sheer VOLUME of people who will accept this behavior as the new "norm" are forming some sub-cult of pure EVIL.

In Seattle - hope for the best, but definitely expect the WORST, and don't expect your assaults to be fairly handled. Even if the woman were to be charged, she would likely spend her entire prison sentence contemplating "revenge" as opposed to "learning a lesson."

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Fuck you! Your subaru!, and your cage free salad too!


In this post I will try my best to avoid delving deeply into a cathartic, repetative, and rage filled tirade about the painfully obvious flaws typical of the scum fuck shit stain "people" and the problems surrounding them, who inhabit this region. I would simply like some opinions. Is there any real solution for living amongst the masses of these insular, provincial, narcissistic, bad mannered, FAKE, lemming, entitled, coddled, pansy ass yuppy FUCKS? Or is the only real solution to simply pack up and leave to let these dipshits masturbate to themselves in the mirror, fully outfitted in their tour de france biking gear? It's hard to believe that masses of transplants have the financial means or ability to move here, get settled in, and quickly thereafter be able to spend another small fortune to get the fuck out of this god forsaken place once reality sets in. What do those of you with financial or occupational obligations (that come from the civilized world where people have manners, are GENUINE, say please and thank you, think freely, and know how to drive) do to endure and thrive in this necrotic purgatory known as the northwest? Especially without becoming exactly like these classless meth breath, trustafarian, hipster, dip shits, or another BORING fat ass pretentious bbq stained faced football worshiping mongoloid? Is there any solution other than being forced to leave for your own mental health and quality of life? Or must you conform, and bow before the almighty "emerald city" and its blissful and proud inbred populous to endure this beautiful soggy hell?

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True Story


Years ago, I lived in a different state - SOLO. Far far away from Seattle, Washington. At this point in life I was weekly venturing out to live music gigs and pretty active with that part of my life regarding some artistic pursuits. That's all that can be said.

A friend of mine in a local band in Seattle, Washington was living out of his van, and once had confided in me when our paths had crossed. When I Iearnt of such, I was extremely livid! My first thought was, "what the fluff, why are your FRIENDS letting you live in your van?"

Now, we all have flaws, blah blah, but really? Your band mates that you ROAD TRIP with and who you have confided in with your deepest of secrets are letting you live out of your goddamned van! WTF! That's not a flaw, that's a CRISIS!

Immediately, I wanted to drag him to my city and show him love and care and compassion and have him live in an extra bedroom available in my apartment. But, he was IMMUNE. He didn't have the eyes to see. He was so used to being used by "the scene" and being mistreated and back stabbed by frenemies in Seattle, Washington.

Months later, a friend from my city told me this same friend had been mugged (male) in Seattle. Fuck!

A year or so later, I had my own hardships and moved to this area Eastside bumblefuck because I read of some laws and services that may be able to help me in my particular life situation. One day, I popped into a sandwich shop where my friend formerly worked. No one there had ever heard of him. Hmmmm..... I thought maybe I had entered into the wrong shop.

Three months later, I found out from someone on an online dating website that my friend in Seattle had died. I did some research and later learned the cause was a drug over dose. I won't say much more....Fuck!

Let's just say I saw the writing on the wall WAYYYY back. Over a year prior. No one else did? So much gossip going on about me that I am a drama queen in that scene. Um, hello, I am substance-free, I have a different pair of eyes than you! I CARE! In Seattle, Washington, there is no "let's sit down and talk about XXX." Help is out there! It's up to you to take it, but it's there. But, you need support, friends to ride you, make calls. Not one person in your Seattle, Washington art/music scene can support you? Dear Lord!

Please, get your friends help before they unnecessarily die at age 36. If you are reading this, and you have friends in Seattle, Washington that have any addiction issues or housing issues - take them in. It really IS that bad, and 1,000 times worse than what they convey. I have witnessed insane asylums first hand in the state of Washington. Don't send your loved ones there. Try your hardest!


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Why do I need to know this?


So, I've been slightly "browsing" the internet for a different living situation in Seattle, Washington and just happened to come across this snip-it in a housing ad:

"Hi, I have a room for rent in my house that will be available in the coming weeks due to a roommate moving out (Leaving on good terms; moving in with gf! :) )."

So.....you have a room available. It is irrelevant to me why the room is available. Why do I need to know that your housemate is moving in with his or her partner? Adults do that all the time, it's called being a grownup! LOL!

Just for the sheer fact that this individual is putting his or her housemate's personal business onto the web for all to see, is showcasing his or her level of trustworthiness, right there!

This narcissistic individual probably thought, "oh, what if the prospective renter thinks *IIIII* yes capital *IIIII* did something to push the housemate away? Like, oh my gawd! Someone grew up - in Seattle it's age 45! hahaha.

People drift apart all the time. It's called LIFE! There is no utopia. You aren't *that* important. Stop obsessing about the *why why why of everything - the person is probably laughing at you and not with you and about to get a restraining order because you are nosy fuck*

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It is called PRIVACY, not secrecy, thanks


Privacy. What's that eh? It's bad enough we live in a soul sucking Universe where half of us likely, (and unknowingly) have been microchipped by the dentist or hospital staff when "going under," can't build a cabin on a parcel of land because every single square inch of an inch is owned by someone or some corporation, and, IP addresses are being saved in e-mails. Yup! (use openmailbox or tutanota).

Move to Seattle, Washington and any teeeny bit of privacy you *thought* you had will be taken away the minute you venture outside, simply to walk or breathe. In Seattle, Washington the thought of thinking you thought you had privacy is actually illegal, (I think), just so you know. ;)

If you do not announce your arrival of "who moved into that end unit?" your neighbors will literally stalk you, and try to figure out if the "new car" in their neighborhood is yours or a friend of a neighbor or neighbor 3's daughter's great-grandmother. Trust me. If they can't figure it out that way, they will ACTUALLY give your license plate number to a local pol-ice officer, who is their *friend* and have them look it up for them. Sheer disgust. This actually happened to me, but in a slightly different capacity. I won't even share the long and drawn out UNNECESSARY drama that came as a result of, briefly,living with a real sociopath. A true lunatic!

So many times in life I have simply "rented a room" with money I had saved. Paid the rent. That's it. Mostly when I was relocating somewhere new. I never stayed with "family I knew in the area" - just moved by myself.

Once, I lived in a neighboring state and signed a lease for a 2 bedroom apartment - living ALONE, when I didn't even have a job and just some money saved and wanted to lay low for awhile. God damn, not here!

I have had such a difficult time renting a room because the landlord wants to control "how much time the tenant is in and out of the house." Um, I live there. What is it to you if I have a job, if my rent is paid? I'm not anti-social because I enjoy listening to full masterpiece musical ALBUMS in my room in MY OWN COMPANY.

Look up "Introvert" you fucks! *rolls eyes* I actually had to say to people on different occasions, "you know I am not a big talker" or "I'm a really quiet person." At one point, I actually told a woman I was deaf, simply so she would stop talking to me. I said, "ma'am, I can see your lips moving, but I can't hear anything because I am deaf." Quiet means quiet. As in your high heels clomping on the floor are literally BURNING my ears!

You have a supremely respectful and CLEAN tenant who pays rent on time. What more do you want? Oh, and I walk past you with headphones in because I'm going for a RUN or walk to enjoy MY OWN company - it's called having a relationship with yourself, try it!

This is NOT a place to come if you desire to restart your life and retain anonymity, whatever the case may be. If you desire that, try Key West!

This is NOT a place to come if you are an introvert at heart.

I can't tell you how many people told me I was being evasive or secretive on the sole basis I did not tell them where I "worked." Um, I met you ONCE, for a half an hour! Um, excuse me? I could be taking care of an ill family member or be ill myself. Or, maybe I just have time and savings and have elected not to be part of the rat-race for awhile. Maybe I just figured out that taking "time off" is candy for the soul. Try it you tight ass!

What I have learned is that there's a 90 % *secret* caveat to a house-mate situation. As in, "I'm saying I want a housemate, but really I need a caretaker." Or even worse, "a girlfriend." Um, I have a life. Because you neglect your children or animals or need to hire a legitimate caretaker, I, your housemate, am not a surrogate parent, nor a petsitter, nor your caretaker. Nor your girlfriend! Ick! You can *hire* other people to do those tasks, and pay them (you tight ass) with your fat ass paycheck.

Dear Seattle, Washingtonian, Why? Why, do I have to tell you WHO I am, yet you feel so entitled, as you have "lived here your whole life" to withhold, "who you are" ummmm, "just because." (whispers - and guess what, I don't even care - I bet that offends you doesn't it). Screw that. Never in my life have I lived in an area where people were so up in your business even when you are just quietly moving into a new place. As if moving wasn't stressful enough!

Trust me, those friendly neighbors are really nosy neighbors "gathering information" that they WILL later try to use against you at all costs if you get into a civil dispute. Mind your P's and Q's and don't get personal! And, if you don't happen to have a profile on an anti-social media website, then you are in BIG POTATO trouble and automatically labeled to be in some underground crime syndicate.

Maybe I just don't want *You* knowing what doctor I see, what if any, spiritual practice I choose, if I have a partner, what sex I date, if I'm married, single what have you etc. Landlords are NOTORIOUS for asking illegal questions, let me tell you! And, there is a ton of landlord assault and identity theft by property managers - so beware, dear ihateseattle comrades, beware.

Thank you, and goodnight!

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A Soul Transaction


If you move to Seattle or what is known as "The Eastside" (East of Lake Washington - Brothell, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond) only do so IF you literally feel as if there is NO other option on the PLANET - i.e. a family member is literally on his or her death bed and has you listed as power of attorney and X facility is the ONLY facility in the entire WORLD set-up to take care of this individual. If the means to "alter" the situation you are facing (job loss, caretaker hat, etc.) is there, please do a ten hour long meditation to see if this is the right fit for you; otherwise you will LOSE years of your life and think to yourself, "man, I should have listened to that ranty girl on the Internet from the backwoods - she sure dots her eyes and crosses her t's." I mean that wholeheartedly from the very bottom of the soul.

Truly, I wish someone would have warned me - I had no idea how bad it would get and how, in the deepest state of crisis and midst of a literal nervous breakdown - people could CARE LESS. The State, county, what have you, could CARE LESS. Even the few "friends" I did meet here left me high and dry when I needed them. And, to me, needing a friend is not codependency, it is about the meaty stuff - someone to hold your hand or give you a hug if you lose a job, or are struggling with a breakup, or someone who will ride you to the airport at 4 am and not ask for a penny to cover fuel costs. Someone who will help you to get help if you have an addiction issue and not blame you, and even make the calls FOR you with your permission, and someone who will pick you up in the middle of the night if you may be in a dangerous situation. Someone who will never *assume* you are at fault or created a hardship, simply because you are CLEAR and HONEST with yourself as to where you are in life. That's a friend.

I am a "pick your battles" kind of person and don't blow the whistle of cry wolf. But here in Seattle, Washington and "The Eastside", there is so much bait and switch in literally SECONDS, your authenticity, ingenuity, creativity, and pure essence of love and care for yourself and others will diminish. We are talking SECONDS.

Soon, SECONDS will turn to minutes, to hours, to days, to suddenly half a year! And, all the time you spent trying to be patient, non-judgmental, hoping people would "come around" or "come to understand you" will show it's Darkness. An entire city of pussies who can't speak up for themselves, or speak out about injustices. It's 90 % talk. Little to NO action, and a whole lot of "reaction." Because, um, like, we are only going by "theory" and not "direct experience" here in Seattle, Washington and "The Eastside" mmmmkay!

An entire city of pussies who are so narcissistic that when you do (speak up and speak out), you will be berated and deemed to be a "drama queen" simply for having authentic standards that counter the "status quo" and line up with real TRUTH.

In time, your "frenemies" will show their true colors, you'll be harassed by the pol-ice force unnecessarily, multiple times per WEEK, even, assaulted on public transit, and DISMISSED by your "friends," peers, psychotherapists, church pastor, etc, who think "you made the whole thing up." "They" will try to convince you that you are simply "complaining unnecessarily" that *really* there is NOTHING wrong with Seattle, Washington and that "it's all in your head." They will refuse to hold legitimate conversations with you, ones that will undoubtedly counter their falsification of your truth. "They" will talk over you because your so very true, truth is too much for their extremely experienced eyes and ears to hear. Of course!

"They" will try to pressure you into stating your personal TRUTH is just a "perception." But deep down, you will KNOW. The tears will come. And, you will know. You will know you are alone. A Stranger in a Strange land of Jetson, techno drones, and flavorless beached whales with mini-me's who, not only lack empathy, but who have had the empathy PROGRAMMED right out of them. A new species of automatons who sponge off exploitation and authoritative statutes and vampire the life, heart, and soul out of the few visitors who used to care so much about the little details of life. And, then... then... you will be right where they want you - drinking Starbucks and going to "the game."

In seeking professional "help," to rectify the situation and realign with Source, you will be so strung out that even the deepest pieces of you will feel long forgotten. You will spend months and, even years living in fragments. You will see a ghost in the mirror each and every day. Nothing, not even the holiest of holistic services and psychotherapy will work to piece you together.

And that ghost, is an indicator. An indicator of a Soul now nothing more than a transaction. "They" have you! The noose is tied. A person now a profit margin ready to join the 'anti-community' "community." Barf in a bag to you, but you didn't even notice because the cranial pressure of their mass assault and forced directives to tie that noose were at the forefront of your mind.

When you get a moment to breathe, you will search, and search, and search for a beacon of hope. A sense of home. This longing will become your sole and soul goal. Tears of pain will erase tears of joy. And the "Thems" will surround you, call you names, and throw you into the fire until you submit and run naked in your own humiliation.

As a very last resort, you will place a post on an online forum, hoping that someone, from somewhere, far far away will hear the hostage in you. Because, well, a rape whistle just isn't enough to covey the sheer agony and torment of the "Thems." And then, maybe, just maybe, you will find some solace with the fact that someone, somewhere may donate to you some relocation assistance, because, well, you are just too damn stubborn and integral to submit to a job in the 'anti-community' community world of Seattle, Washington.

Thank you, and Goodnight!

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