I Hate Seattle

Funny Farm was based off Seattle


You get sucked in. Scenery is cool, but the people are freaks or maintain inbred mannerisms which make it intolerable to live here. This 1988 movie sums it up quite well.


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King County deputy arrested on prostitution, drug charges


What kind of cletus state is this?!?!

WTF? How can a sheriff pass all these background checks and remain under coworker radar stealing right from underneath the gun range and running an escort business?? Don't they maintain any sort of inventory checks?!? This state is pure hillbilly. To top it off, the cop is a homicidal maniac.


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10 things I learned from Seattle NAtives


1) You don't actually have to be homeless to smell like a homeless person.

2) Why wear clothing when you can wear gear? running gear, walking gear, cycling gear. Tight Spandex or moderately clean yoga pants are perfectly acceptable proffesional work apparel.

3) Tattoos should be like beer promos on sports apparel: big, ugly and there only to make an otherwise good thing look cheap.

4) Age is irrelevant. I saw a grown woman working at a bakery wearing the exact same hoody as my neighbor's 4 year old. Cartoon character and all!

5) Servers in restaurants don't want you to tip them. They also don't want you to speak to them, and really would prefer that you not come into the restaurant at all. k thanx bye.

6) There is nothing funny about anything.

7) Knitting and Gardening are Real Hobbies. For 20 year olds.

8) Nothing wrong with being a rude asshole, as long as you are politically correct.

9) Sexual energy doesn't exist here. Obese, self-absorbed women or effiminate, whiny men. Take your pick. And for God's sakes don't smile or make eye contact!

10) Large corporations are inherintly evil. Except Apple.

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COSplay freaks damage property


I gotta get the fuck outta here! Penske truck is rented couple months from now so at least have that to look forward too! Although it's Portland, I'm so tired of these jobless broke down burnout freaks permeating the bi-state area!

These fuckers need to move out of mommas basement and stop their COSplay bullshit!


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Pedestrian deaths


In most cities I've lived in, people are dying by gangs, gunfire, murder, stabbings, or fires. Here in Shiteattle, there's an excessive daily obsession with pedestrians getting ran over. The media always puts a spin on the story to make the driver to be malicious.

In 2012, the most recent year for which complete statistics are available, there were 2,038 pedestrians involved in Washington State accidents that resulted in injury or death. Seventy-five of those pedestrians died, 337 of those pedestrians suffered serious injuries, and the rest of the pedestrians suffered minor injuries.

Whether the drivers or pedestrians were inattentive, one thing is certain, too many fucking people are croaking here like frogger! From my experience, most pedestrians don't make eye contact with drivers and just lunge towards the crosswalk. Regardless of "I'm a pedestrian, stop for me, it's the law!" bullshit, I do NOT cross streets until I'm 200% certain the driver is going to stop. I tend to have little sympathy for this insular epidemic that plagues Seattle.

I avoid driving in Seattle just for this reason. Even if you accidentally injure a ditsy pedestrian, the media and hippy crowd will come after you with pitchforks and fire pokers. Fuck Seattle and it's foot and bike superiority complex.

Either all Seattle drivers are blissfully stupid of their surroundings, or pedestrians pull the "fuck you I'm 190 lbs soaking wet and your 3300 lb car will stop for me" attitude.

It's amazing all these news story in less than six months.













I was surprised to find Seattle way low on the # deaths per capita compared to other cities, yet, Seattle media sensationalizes all these deaths to the point it's implied to be like a capital murder charge around here.




yes, Seattle Drivers are stupid too.
RANT To the driver on Interstate 5 who reacted to a police cruiser approaching from behind at 75 mph, sirens blaring, lights flashing, by bringing her car to a dead stop — in the fast lane! The cop had to slam on his brakes, then go around her. If you don’t know how to respond to an emergency vehicle, you have no business driving!

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Beautiful place, but the people...


The influx of people from the ruined State of California are putting their mark on Washington and Seattle in particular.

Your liberal-progressive way of life has all but destroyed a once great state over the last 30 years.

You ruin one place then move to another and ruin that one. You're doing it to Washington (and Oregon, buy the way - just look at the way you infected Portland). You're attempting to destroy Montana and Texas, too.

All you toque-wearing hipsters from CA can quit threatening and promising to leave here and just do it.

I hate hipsters, whether you're a CA transplanted hipster or a native Seattle hipster. You stink (as in you smell), you're unkempt and laid-back to the point of being lazy. Your tats are ugly. Your nose-ring and tongue-ring are not cool. Guys, either grow a real beard or shave. One or the other. And those glasses, god-help you, make you look like an asshole. And nobody wants to read your blog.

Get off your ass and out of mom's basement. Take off that stupid toque when it's fucking 80+ degrees outside. Makes you look like a moron and an asshole.

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More rain...record total broken again!


Just once, I'd like to go outside without having to wear a waterproof jacket over my pasty skin. F.T.P!


SEATTLE (AP) -- Rainfall has set a record this spring in Seattle.

The National Weather Service says for the three-month period beginning in February, 19.21 inches of rain has fallen at Sea-Tac Airport, as of mid-day Thursday.

Meteorologist Josh Smith says that breaks the record of 18.98 set in 1972.

Smith says the record may rise in the remaining days of April as a chance of rain continues into next week before drier, warmer weather is expected.

The recent rain also set a record Wednesday at Hoquiam of 1.63 inches, which broke the record for the date of 1.36 inches set in Hoquiam in 1996.

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Seattle weather sucks


This post is a big "fuuuuuuuck you" to the locals who brag about Seattle producing less annual rainfall than NYC urban bullshit legend they love to mention. While this is only a monthly record, it's enough to be fucking annoying and cause daily landslide problems for light rail and the small community of Oso, WA. And to be proud of this shitty muck....ughh...Posting this for the archives.


SEATTLE -- We all know it's been a soggy month of March. Now we have the trophy to prove it.

The rains Friday were enough to set the record for the all-time wettest March in Seattle history.

That's not just Sea-Tac Airport,which goes back to 1945, but also far and away surpasses anything the Downtown Federal Building measured in its years from 1891-1972.

As of 4 p.m. Friday, Seattle sat at 8.60 inches of rain for the month, breaking the old Sea-Tac record of 8.40" in 1950, and shattering the Federal Building record of 7.23" of rain set that same year.

March now goes down as the wettest month since November 2012.

Next up on Seattle's list -- the wettest February-March on record. That record currently sits at 14.85 inches set in 1950. Seattle was at 14.58 inches as of Friday afternoon with still showers in the forecast through the weekend.

The long range forecasts for next week do hint at a couple of dry days, but no prolonged dry period is foreseen yet.

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The "Seattle Reset"


I'm not sure if the habit I'm about to describe is unique to Seattle -- it's possible this happens in a lot of places now, but here's what happens ...

You're talking to someone, possibly someone new, possibly someone you've bumped into a few times. You go on with what you believe is a reasonable conversation, and it seems like they're having a reasonable conversation with you.

Then out of nowhere, the "reset" happens -- the "Seattle Reset" ...

Any conversational context winds up being lost. Personal behaviour returns to what it was before you talked with this person. In many instances, they simply stop talking -- they've "reset", so they don't remember you from that point onward.

It's unnerving, it's deeply anti-social, and it's one of the reasons why I Hate Seattle. (Of course, this is why we're all here -- this isn't a beauty pageant for people who want to give Seattle a big, sloppy kiss.)

What I do know is that it isn't generational -- I've experienced the "Seattle reset" from people who were part of what some Americans call the "Greatest Generation" (I've failed to be impressed) as well as Baby Boomers and Generations X, Y, and Zed. It happens rarely with people who are from other places, who have lived elsewhere before having made the move to Seattle, but it happens frequently with those who are natives as well as those who have gone native.

Forget the "Seattle Freeze" -- it's the "Seattle Reset" that's the bigger problem. Just as you think you've broken through, that there might be a new friend in the making, the "Seattle Reset" kicks in and it's as if you've said nothing at all.

The "Seattle Freeze" is about people shutting you out, but the "Seattle Reset" is about people who can't manage to keep the door open enough to let you in.

Yeah, someone's knockin' at the door, someone's ringin' the bell, but they're not doing you a favour by letting you in. Things do not end with a cheery Paul McCartney song ending. (Of course, native Seattle people might respond with another Paul McCartney song ending by saying "what's wrong with that" ...)

My question ultimately is this: why do people who manifest the "Seattle Reset" behaviour even try to let anyone in? It seems they're nicely self-absorbed, having conversations on light topics, remaining flakier than a dessicated coconut cake.

I suppose I've realised the truth ...

Just because they're polite doesn't mean they're really all that friendly.

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Let's be more focused on bellevue and eastside area


Ok, I gotta say this, bellevue and the eastside area in large is what I called city of corruption. Yes corruption I use that word.

The same type of anti social problem you see in rest of Seattle, bellevue has it even worse. From my experience in this region, I put it this way: South King County is low heats when it comes to anti-socialness (Honestly when you go south of Renton it's getting a lot better. It's still not like the cities in other states though, but people in general are a lot more friendly, talkative and less stand-offish compares to their northern neighbors.), seattle itself is medium, and bellevue and east side is high heats.

But there's more than that for me to use the word "corruption". Ok, let's see...you got all the dorks and yuppies who can't keep their women happy on the eastside, so their women cheat their asses off behind their backs and they tend to do drugs. I ain't talking about weed neither, I'm talking about heroine and crack...etc. And because of this, it attracted drug dealers of all sorts in the Puget Sound region coming here to make some good old quick cash by selling overpriced dope. I've seen it couple times when I go to the bars in bellevue. And they acted loud and belligerent as fuck when they're high. I've lived in Kent before and yes there are crackheads and methheads in Kent, but none of them act as extreme as those eastside ones do. Don't know what is up with that...perhaps due to the fact the eastside ones are amateur I don't do any of those I don't know.

And also wonder why there's no buses running at night other than that night owl? (They even talking about cancelling the night owl sometimes this June.). I've had a discussion with this bus driver before about this subject, and according to him, the only reason there are even buses on the eastside is because those rich people want maids and servants to come and clean their houses, and since there's no servants and maid at night, so nope no night buses. It's like they don't want anything to do with low-income people except drug dealers for their ladies...and yet they try to find excuses to arrest those drug dealers. What is this shit?

And what with the young punks you see on almost every corner of eastside? I've never seen so many young punks located in one specific area before. People learn to raise your kids properly will you? Just by moving your kids to the eastside don't automatically make your kids smart or successful or whatever. It's a big topic and I don't want to write an essay here but this is another thing about Seattle's eastside.

Yeah talking about bellevue has highest Asian population in the entire state...yeah great source of people for them to bully. These eastside Asians make me feel so ashamed to be Asian sometimes. Extremely snooty, anti-social, that "I'm better than you because I got 4 year degree and make more cash" attitude.And they tend to treat their kids like shit. I've seen one who publically scolding, yelliing and beating his son by the Uwajimaya parking lot. It reminds me of Rowland Heights, CA, I'm a South Cali boy and I'm Asian I know all that. We got our own fair share of snobs area down there, but here it's like the snobbish nonsense of Santa Monica and the upper middle class Asian of eastern LA suburbs (Not East Los, don't get it wrong.) meets with that Seattle's anti-socialness, which make it extremely unbearable.

Good news is, I only got one more month in bellevue, after that, I'll to this super cheap studio apartment by Seatac and save cash so I can get the FUCK OUT of Seattle area and move either east coast or south or even out of the country.

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