I Hate Seattle

1 year 2 friends


so the 2 friends i made one is from mid-west, and another is from eastern washington.

no one is normal in seattle no one. the place is the land of the fake dead passive aggressive scum.

car sales are assholes
and fraudsters.
i fucking hate this place yet i am pissed about leaving.
fuck you seattle.

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I-5 dumbass


Who was the dumbass that designed the way I-5 necks down to 2 fucking lanes in the middle of Seattle? That has to be the major flaw I should have seen before moving to this region. People can't drive for shit around here and then they decide it'd be a good ideo to funnel every dumbass into a bottleneck right as you enter the heart of the goddamn city. I wish a huge earthquake would just tear that whole thing apart.

And man are people rude as hell around here. No one says thank you, excuse me, or please. Hold the door open for people....only if you want everyone to keep going through without anyone ever looking you in the eye to say 'thanks'. It's really fucking weird how rude people are, as France has nothing on Seattle ice queens. People here seem to think they are something special, when actually the fast majority are just overweight vampire wannabes that have discovered a place where they can wear long sleeve clothing 9 months out of the year to hide their fat asses from ever having to wear a bathing suit. Seriously, as the closest state to Alaska, Washington seems to harbor the southern extant of the human walrus migratory route...of which Seattle is the retirement colony.

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here's hoping


Here's hoping it will rain so much everyone will drown or people may fall into earthquake cracks. where's that mass sterilization I keep hearing bill gates is doing. Is that only for Africa coz we need that hirrrrrr. Son! Supposedly this is the whitest city? Ummmm what. Bebow whabalatow shabahaba stingbat julopow tyvieshimtop bebop dietowack molobawah brotheh that's all I hear is it English. No. It's DIVERSITY !!!!!!!!!! Son!

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Seattleites really hurt others


I have tried to make it work here for 8 years. This place is like a hell where you put up with a good job at the expense of you and your family's well-being. These people's passive-aggressive, cheating, lying, bullying, opportunistic behaviors are the worst. The only nice people I've known here aren't from here. Don't raise your kids here, because when your 7 year old comes home with the disgusting superior, self-centered, irresponsible attitude she picked up at school, you'll regret it.

Common Attributes of Seattleites
1. Complete Lack of Accountability
2. Bad Attitudes
3. Selfishness
4. Rude behavior
5. Passive-Aggressive (will be nice to your face and then hurt you behind your back)
6. Lying (will lie about anything, but especially to cheat people, make money, and defend themselves when confronted)

They do this to the extent that they hurt other people physically and emotionally. Take extra care trusting anyone.

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Can't stand the people here.


Ok where to begin...

I'm a young Asian male moved here from southern California, from San Gabriel, which is located in LA County. At the first couple months I actually kinda like it because there are jobs, good public transportation...etc, I bet many LA transplants can related to it. While I'm not a big fan of seeing grey sky for most of the years, I can somehow tolerate the weather here so it's not exactly a big concern for me.

But over times, I began to realize how much of weirdos Seattlites truly are. LA people are bunch of power hungry egoistic bullies who are flaky as fuck, not to mention the street gangs I had to constantly put up with, but hey at least they don't act like the people here. The people here will DRIVE YOU NUTS.

First of all, let's talk about the dating scene here. In LA there are abundant supplies of nice looking ladies. As air-headed as LA chicks might be, at least they're not like the ones here. It's not even about if they don't talk to guys neither. The problem is not about "Seattle Freeze" people are talking about here, it's what lies underneath the ice. I'm someone who's lucky or unlucky enough to get a date with this girl lives on Capitol Hills...a strictly vegan, liberal, hates cigarettes, extremely uptight, political correct and anal (From my experience, that's like 80 percent of girls here.). One time she told me don't say the word ain't as it sounds redneck, I was like wtf? I eventually ditched her because I'm fed up with all that ultra political correct bullshit. I don't know what's wrong with the men here, but hey ladies, cut that attitude off if you want a good man to be around with.

Then let's talk about the people on average. Like I said before, it's not about Seattle Freeze, it's about what lies underneath the ice. People here are smart ass, know-it-all, patronizing, condescending, quick to judge, opinionated children trapped in grown man's body, and they lack of social skills too. They'll talk to you like if you're mentally retarded when they themselves got their heads stick up their asses. For instance, my roommate was telling me this one time that there are too many germs on sponge and suggest me to wash dishes with the dish washing machine...c'mon give me a fucking break, you can't expect machine to really clean the dishes, and don't act like it's a really "germ free" way to do it. And they'll find any moment they can to take a piece outta you. Once you do something fucked up, no matter how it affect them, you'll be their target to ridicule and/or ostracize forever.

Also, they're lack of social skills. They give me the impression that they simply don't know what's proper time to call people or when to hit their supposedly friends up over what. Sometimes they made me wondering if they're home schooled.

And for Christ's sake, stop trying so fucking hard will you? I mean I've seen these self-claimed atheists who wear t-shirts with upside down 5 point stars everywhere they go. Ok we know you don't believe in God, but you don't have to be an asshole by showing off satanic symbols everywhere you go.

Generally speaking, Seattle people are bunch of condescending snobs who try to be smart asses with their borderline autistic social skills. I say that if you want to live here, it's workable, but remember one thing: Seattle Freeze is rampant, but they freeze themselves up due to insecurity and lack of adequate social skills to form relationship with strangers. BE CAREFUL about who you're trying to make friends with as you do not want to get too close with these social retards. Just get your own place, do your own business. If you're into outdoor it's a plus, but if you're into socializing with people who got good qualities, I say go for East Coast or South.

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Worst decision of my life? Yes, I think so.


What can I say? I just moved here after graduating college. Not for employment opportunities, but for my boyfriend. Like many others in my situation, he loves it. I, however, absolutely loath this grey, cold and humorless shithole.

The weather alone is deadly. Forget about questions of precipitation. It's mid-June and that ever present grey sky is sticking like a fly on shit. I don't know about everyone else, but this quality alone is enough to make me run for some sunnier hills.

Of course, my reaction to Seattle's depressing weather is only reinforced by my native Southern California heritage. LA, to be exact. Yeah, LA, is also full of pretentious dipshits, but at least they have a sense of humor and awareness of their shallowness. Which brings me to the people. The stupid, arrogant, privileged, WHITE, borg-like assholes that consider themselves Seattlites (which is the lamest fucking term for an urban dweller that I've ever had the displeasure of hearing).

I'm gay, and you'd think that with all of of its self-proclaimed liberalism, I'd fit right in. WRONG! Like others have noted, the extreme feminism and perceived progressivism in this city seems to have allocated men, of any orientation, a specific rung on the societal ladder; one that is distinctly below them. Eye contact, friendly smiles, even simple acknowledgement of the existence of another human being is grounds for passive-aggressive and/or cold reactions. Seattle and its inhabitants are some real ice-queens, to coin an understatement.

Let's move on to the all the amazing and culturally enriching experiences one can have while in Seattle. Wait. There are none. Unless one considers pretentious, elitist restaurants and bars to be culturally enriching, finding anything that actually stimulates that human sense of wonder or admiration are few and far between. The best thing I've seen is the Woodland Park Zoo, and even there the animals seem disengaged and slightly indifferent.

For all of LA's flaws (and there are many), you can at least bet your life that on any given day, and in any part of town, you'll see people who look different from you. Different skin colors and different perspectives on the world. Not here, in the social and ethnic void known as Seattle.

And punch me if I'm wrong, but there is something completely unnatural about being deprived from the sun for 8+ months out of the year. To state the obvious, the sun has a HUGE impact on how people feel, which might explain why Seattle's residents are so hard put to treat others with minimal human decency.

And yes, the drivers are fucking inept, pieces of human shit. Just the other day, in the overpriced city Target, I was pulling out of my parking space when this fuck-tard white guy pulls around the corner and proceeds to maneuver his car around mine, almost hitting me, all while giving me the finger (presumably from his sense of entitlement as a superior Seattlite).

I've tried my damnedest to like this city. The few sunny days I've seen have been nice, but not nearly as nice as sunny So-Cal. It is beautiful here if you can get past the ever looming sense of foreboding. I've seen the forests, the mountains, the lakes and rivers. All beautiful. But nothing you can't get at other location in the US. And usually without the ever-present grey skies.

I happen to live across the street from the Space Needle; that eyesore that was built solely for some world's fair a few decades ago. Funny how this city is known only for grunge and this epic architectural failure. Both from times already passed. And yet, everywhere you go, you see signage hailing Seattle as having the Best "insert" in the country, even the world. Give me a fucking break. Aside from the pointless and unsustainable monorail (which is convenient only if you happen to live near it and only go to one location downtown), the transportation system sucks. For a city that praises itself for progressive thinking, it sure as fuck missed the boat when it comes to providing affordable, and fast mobility between it's unremarkable corners.

Let's not forget about the down played commercialism that infests every corner of this city. From ugly, modern and entirely too large condos to overpriced restaurants that lack variety, the whole city is one big homage to American capitalism. One that Seattle residents would say they find morally objectionable. But alas, this city is full of hypocrites.

I haven't even attempted to make friends because as soon as I got out of the moving truck, I felt it. That icy-ness that every normal human being speaks of. Fact is, I feel superior. Superior for my sense of humor, for not being afraid to be politically incorrect at times, for my love of the life-giving sun, and my natural abhorrence for communities that lack ethnic and cultural diversity.

I keep, ever-so-gently, telling my boyfriend that we should move back to California. I've had no success yet. Maybe it's time to break up. To rid myself of this daily experience, I just might do it. I've spent my days looking for work; hours and hours scouring the internet for good paying jobs that will support my education and work experience. All I've found are jobs that somehow seem to discourage degrees, and more often than not, want you to explain why your passionate about working in the grocery industry, the art of coffee making or why fine beer and wine are your reason for living. But I'm no idiot. I know that this exists elsewhere too. But it doesn't seem as pronounced as here. And it would be more tolerable if the people, weather and culture were there to take you in after the dehumanizing experience of selling yourself to a pretentious health food store or gourmet coffee joint. To put it mildly, living in Seattle while slinging coffee and pretending it's an art form is my worst nightmare realized.

I'd rather have the shits for the rest of my life that suffer one more day in this zombie city. Maybe that's why they love zombies so much?

Anyway, that's the end of my big dump on Seattle. New comers, beware. Current residents, eat shit.

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Some annoying things about people in Seattle.


I've lived in Seattle for almost a year. I thought it was nice to see more rain because I moved here from Phoenix. Making new friends on the other hand is difficult. I noticed how selfish some people are and the amount of obnoxious chicks around here. Whenever I have a conversation with a person, they don't have a clue what I am saying. I'm just going to list some things that annoys the hell out of me about Seattle.

1. The amount of swagfags here.
Ok, I've hung out with some "swagfags" when I lived in Phoenix. They seem pretty ok and they seem much more mature than every single swagfag I've came across here. I'm just disgusted by the amount of idiot stereotypical swagfag there is here. Every time I do something silly like tripping over something and adding hot sauce to a lot of food I eat when I am around people, they yell YOLO. Ok. People, stop this shit. People in Seattle try to be so mainstream and cool as possible it gets annoying.. They over do it a lot. I seriously never have seen that much of that annoying crap when I lived in Phoenix. Dear people of Seattle, stop trying so damn hard. You're not cool, you're annoying.

2. Cliques.
Me being an adult, this is like junior high all over again. As mentioned before, I hung out with some nice "swagfags" when I lived in Phoenix. I am a die hard metal head who is open to all types of music except rap. When I lived in Phoenix, we all hung out with everyone in high school. I hung out with scene kids, white wannabe gangsters, metal heads, EVERYONE... I don't even care what they dress like, they don't seem to be as stereotypical. But hey, I really don't mind being a loner and a outcast here.. I honestly can't wait to move back to Phoenix where the sun always shines and people like to be around each other more. I guess it's like one of those drama Disney TV shows where you have to do some stupid complex initiation to be "cool" in order for people to like you... Even when you're an adult. It was not like that when I was in high school a year ago. Every time I'm with a group, they like to leave others out. They're always just sitting here texting their boyfriends/girlfriends or there's always several girls talking to a group of boys. Ok, see this person being left out? Go fucking include them. Stop staring at the damn phone and talking to a bunch of boys, it's very rude. When ever I include my self I get left out, as usual. Damn, I remember when I'm always around a bunch of friends when I lived in Phoenix but now it's so dull.

3. Tweakers.
I have never in my life seen so many tweakers in Seattle... I thought south Phoenix was bad.

4. Mainstream music.
People here are so narrow minded when it comes to music. All I see here are Gangnam Style fags. What is the point of that song and that stupid dance? Is it about having sex with a fucking horse or something? I guess fucking a horse is some initiation to be hip and "cool" around here.

5. People are as negative as the weather.
All of us Seattle outsiders notice this a lot. You can't look at someone in the eye without them accusing you of something. Every time I go to the store/leave the store and I see someone closely walking behind me going the same way I'm going, I ALWAYS hold the door open for that person. (if there is no automatic doors) Holding the door for someone is just a natural thing I do. The person I hold the door open for most of the time look at me as if I'm going to stalk them or give me the wtf eye. I guess it's a crime to have common sense and politeness.

6. Over exaggeration.
I hear this from every local who talks about snow.. When it snows, people freak out. The Schools shut down, drivers go nuts and people stock up on canned food... For what? Not even a inch of snow that doesn't even stick very long. Hell, there's hardly any harsh weather in Seattle.
Summer in Spokane/Eastern Washington. Ok, those of you Seattleites/local Western Washington state people who visit Eastern Washington in the Summer.. 80-85 degrees is not scorching hot. Try visiting Phoenix during the Summer. Stop bitching and whining how hot it is in East Washington as if it's the hottest place ever. Honestly, it feels like Spring time to me and the weather in East Washington during the Summer is beautiful.

Ok, that's the end of my rant.

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Why are Seattle women so ugly?


Can someone explain to me why Seattle women are so friggin' ugly? Seriously, I've lived in 8 major cities, several different countries but land up here and I'm just stunned at how ugly the women are. I'm not into the LA porn star look, but simply love a beautiful woman, with beautiful hair and skin. Charming, flirtatious, and like a Parisian woman, can grab a scarf and walk down the street with style and panache.

Instead Seattle is filled with bull-dog ugly women, with bad skin and hair who dress like fisherman's wives and walk around with all the charm of bikers. Funny thing is I've met good looking guys here with girlfriends whose faces could peel the paint off the wall they are so unattractive.

Now I'm lucky, because I came here with a beautiful woman, but I've always enjoyed eye candy. Sadly, Seattle is so bad, as one friend put it, even the Asian girls aren't pretty.

Dudes: that's the photo of a typical Seattle fugly not me.....but the fact that you think that's an ugly man only proves my point. Here she is, a classic Ms. Seattle: http://seattletimes.com/ABPub/zoom/html/2016834773.html

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Rude Bikers


I was shopping at Fred Meyer the other day and pushed my cart out into the awning outside. It was raining (of course), so I decided to pause for a moment and consider where I had parked. Just as I was about to move on, I was lurched forward and smacked on the back. Confused, I looked around and caught a glimpse of a biker dressed in black overly-long emo/gangster shorts with a stupid faux-hawk, wearing a backpack (the thing that smacked me), his look complete with a few piercings and the oh-so-familiar look of disgust and resentment (probably towards his father) swiftly riding away.
I thought "maybe he didn't realize that he hit me..." so I cried out with an "Excuse me!"............... no response. He began parking his bike a few feet away - definitely within earshot, and with no earbuds that I saw. So I gave another "Excuse me?"............ no answer.

Naturally, I thought that I must be the one who is crazy, so I look around wondering if anyone can hear me speak, or perhaps I have become invisible? It is then that I notice others around me: An elderly woman (who said "that wasn't very nice," relieving me of the worry that I may, in fact, have been invisible), my 5 year old child walking beside me, and a gentleman pushing a handicapped lady in a wheelchair.

So...of all the people around, I am glad that he chose to hit ME. In the future, though, I hope he finds out that common courtesy calls for an apology after nearly running somebody over with your bike. On the other hand, I feel a little less interested in sharing the road when they can't even share a sidewalk, nor find the time among their self-loathing to offer kindness for a wrong.

P.S. My neck was sore the next day from the jolt. I could have easily sued.

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Did this site die?


Ever since it was hacked by Louis Vuitton kitsch it seems to have dropped off.

Surely there are just as many people who hate this hole?

I sincerely doubt this shithole magically improved.

Keep your bitching.

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