I Hate Seattle

Hope you all die


Progressive state? Maybe in your Seattle delusions.

Minnesota decriminalized pot in 1976. Yea, you guys are some real trailblazers. Biggest thing you have to brag about is that you have a state full of useless stoners. Gay marriage? Who cares? Again, Washington was far from the first to take that step.

Washington state didn't make bestiality illegal until 2007 upon a Boeing employee dying after being boned in the ass by a horse in Enumclaw. That's a fact, look it up. Certainly the world was impressed with your "progressive" laws then.

Liquor sales were not privatized until 2011. The state was officially added to the union in 1889. People gladly voted to privatize liquor sales that has a stupid high tax rate which made the product even more expensive. But when you have a state full of drunks and drug addicts why not? The state and liquor board fucked you all in the ass on that one and everyone spread wide with a smile on their face for it.

In 2003 a woman named Maria Federici lost her eyesight and could have been killed when a piece of wood flew out of the back of an unsecured pick up truck and crashed through her windshield. At the time it was perfectly legal to NOT secure a load in the back of truck, because the white trash hillbillies in Washington couldn't be bothered or figure out how to tie a knot in some rope when high on meth or heroin. I should have taken that as a sign to leave.

Everyone acts like a world renowned food critic, but unless you live on salmon (wild not farmed of course) and produce from your garden the food in Seattle sucks. Some decent Thai and Indian, but pizza, Italian, Mexican or any other food? Forget it!

The only building that sorry ass city is known for is the Space Needle. Built in 1963 and never had the exterior cleaned until 2006. Why try to clean a international landmark though? Last time the idiots in Seattle tried to improve a major structure it was the Kingdome and the chemical that was used caused the building to deteriorate even faster than it was. Probably has something to do with the lazy slobs in and around Seattle never washing their filthy 40 year old cars, homes or themselves for that matter.

While I am on the subject of failed improvements, how's that 520 floating bridge coming along? Nothing like waiting decades to fix something that was a piece of crap in the first place. Now people stupid enough to live there pay a huge toll daily to cross that deathtrap. Wasn't the main genius on that project fired due to faulty pontoons and didn't know what he was doing?

About as hilarious as your Bertha project. You morons do realize many engineering publications outside of your dank pit are having a field day making fun of Seattle for that don't you? Much the same way the original Galloping Gerdie Tacoma Narrows bridge has been studying around the world as an example of how NOT to engineer a bridge.

If the city had any sense they would had any sense the Monofail would have been torn down after the World's Fair. Seriously, it goes a few blocks and isn't functional half of the time.

Why don't we build this huge ugly viaduct, wait 60 years, then decide to replace that with an underground tunnel in some of the worst geological conditions we can? Make sure there is no reverse on the tunnel boring machine too. So when it hits a pipe that the state knew was in front of the machine you can't get it out easily for repairs. The Alaskan Way Viaduct was probably a tribute to the women in that city, big, ugly, boring and unstable.

Speaking of the women there, my god! Seattle must have a contest to see who can be the ugliest, pastiest, fattest, covered with stupid tattoos women on the planet. Not saying every woman has to try and look like a Hollywood starlet type, but what a pack of knuckle-dragging dead eyed twats! Same goes for the men! Most of the dykes have bigger dicks than the men in Seattle. I think they were all spawned from the Fremont Troll and abundance of sex offenders.

If you are in bad enough luck to have to use the ferry system, hope you like to wait. Some of those ferries are 80 years old and on any given day the West Seattle or Vashon boats are down. Any time one of the vessels is replaced it's usually a hand me down.

Speaking of old garbage I have never seen a city cling so tightly to the past in the stupidest ways possible. Case in point was a Denny's that was slated for demolition in the Ballard area back in the mid-2000s. Turds in that region went so far as to try and have a decrepit ass old Denny's, the same Denny's you only go to when your drunk at 4am, registered as a landmark to prevent it from being torn down. Wasn't the first Denny's ever to exist, no historical value at all. But let's get all up in arms about that because Ballard still isn't a group of stinky Scandinavian fishermen. Times and places change people, maybe the note from 1889 didn't get there yet.

In closing I would like to say, fuck Seattle, fuck Washington, fuck your Prius, fuck your Datsun truck with the Michael Dukakis in 88 bumper sticker, fuck the boring ass skyline, fuck all the ICP Juggalo fans that migrate there, fuck your lame ass hipsters who have not come up with a single original idea of their own, fuck whiny ass Kurt Cobain, I sincerely hope your suicide rate increases one hundred fold and if America ever gets hit with a nuclear missile I hope it lands on Pioneer Square.

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Untrusting Renters


I have Lived in Chicago, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, and visited and made friends with hundreds of people all over the United States.

And then Seattle.

I should have known when my then future roommate asked if I was passive aggressive and then went on about how much she hated it. Turns out, she WAS it.

No one holds doors. No one says thank you. I shoulder check people all of the time who won't even move to the other side of the sidewalk when walking past them.

Such an ignorant place, I'm moving to the country, fuck THIS CITY.

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Truly Disgusting


I'm new to this site, but I've been an avid follower of it. I've read many intellectual posts that have enlightened me on the social disease that is Seattle. I'm glad they fixed this site and finally allowed me to create an account. I may now contribute to these intellectual discussions. And so it begins.

A little bio about myself. I was originally born in Sacramento, CA, but moved up here when I was 7 (or 8 I've been told). I'm a senior at UW majoring in communications and soon to graduate. I'm 23 years old. Hopefully by the time I graduate, I can get the hell out of here.

Words can't even describe how truly disgusting the people are in this city. I know it's been mentioned many times before, but it must be repeated again. Their personalities are pure shit. The most downright passive aggressive fucktards I've ever had the misfortune of socializing with. There is no such thing as a truly genuine person here. You will gain no valuable knowledge nor strike up an intellectual debate. No sir, you will not. Instead you'll get the arrogant/dumbass who pretends he or she knows something about a specific topic, or wastes your time with superficial bullshit. The most invigorating conversation you'll have here is either about the Seahawks, or how hypocritically liberal Seattle is. I say "hypocritically", because Seattle isn't a true liberal-progressive city, far from it. A real democrat would call out the city's politicians and slap the shit out of the people for being so blind to their lies. It's as neo-conservative as the Republican Party, just in a very liberal way (a fellow member here said something similar). Their pride for this city is fucking putrid. I can't stand the way they take pride in their ignorance and thinking they're better than everyone. It's like an entire flock of salesmen lurking at every corner waiting to shove their product down your throat. Their definition of intimate connection is solely through like-mindedness. If you're outspoken, have different opinions, or overall a confident/outgoing individual, you aren't welcome here. You will immediately experience alienation from the locals around here. Ostracizing is what they do best. It doesn't matter how polite or respectful you were to them or their beliefs. You say one thing that goes against their ideology or core beliefs, then you're forever herald as a social outcast. I've personally been the victim of this behavioral disease throughout my entire years of education and beyond. Crowd or "sheep" mentality is to the extreme here, everyone must conform (especially transplants), or you're a freak! It's no fucking wonder the suicide rate here is through the roof. It's not the weather. It's the fucking people! Who can blame those lost souls? They felt that it was their only escape from this shit hole. Why put up with being alone for the rest of your life? Why live day-by-day knowing that you will never socialize or be intimately involved with another person? For the record, I'm not condoning suicide, but I'm sympathetic to their situation. In the end, this city and it's infected inhabitants need to take a good look at themselves and really examine the error of their ways. In order to improve the Seattle experience for both locals and transplants, the city needs to change from within. And when I speak of change, I don't mean banning plastic bags from your local convenience store in order to be more "green" (sounds pretty inconvenient now doesn't it? Better yet, moronic). No, I mean the entire social system of Seattle needs a complete reset. This is where the "Seattle Reset" could be used for the greater good. If we could "reset" the way people socialize with each other here, then I think it would be a decent city, one that I could tolerate living in. It needs to adopt an East-Coast/Southern socializing system in order to be deemed normal and manageable fro everyone. Until then, this place is not for the genuine individual, nor for the intellectual, in fact it's unwelcome here. People like me have so much more potential in life, and it's being held back due to the social plague that has gone untreated since Seattle was established.

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Too many single guys, and not enough care for environment


Seattle has some wealth, but it is probably the most poor in spirit in the entire USA. Why? Corporations such as Microsoft and Amazon hire too many ♂, and they hire en masse. Seattle is estimated to be at 134 single ♂/100 single ♀, and Bellevue at 144 single ♂/100 single ♀ (based on 2010 US Census Data). It comes down to this: some people are prioritizing profit over ♂:♀ ratios and SUSTAINABILITY. It's unacceptably bad and I hope some examples are made over the matter. Maybe some pagan god or goddess will elicit some severe revenge. I have little room for remorse on the decision makers that allowed this.

I'm not sure if I'll create a green guild, but if I did I would consider working on deconstruction (opposite of a construction company) and have a goal of deconstructing a building or two in Seattle that houses wealthy people at some point within 200 years.

Finally, some workers at tech companies here (and SF 3 weeks ago) have been talking so arrogantly, BUT there is 0% chance that these people will be very special in their lives (no war, other big risks young). Fuck off, it's not going to be easy caring much for some of y'all.

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Nothing but white trash meth in Seattle


Sadly, I've been inside some Seattle homes that look just like this but the occupants were NOT on any drugs. So part of me feels skeptical that Seattle people are just natively filthy to begin with.


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Walk down the street and get a free beer bottle upside the head from schizo bums


Looks like nothing has changed about Seattle since I left. Cops are too busy arresting bystanders for filming and obstruction, covering up corruption, and criminals reign the streets.

So, after seeing Zapoi! at Annex Theatre — which I highly recommend — I was walking down 11th headed to Pine and passed a guy walking the other way, who started saying incoherent but hostile things to me. I said, "I don't understand what you said, sorry. Take care." and kept walking. At Pine, in front of the Rhino Room, I started checking the bus app to see what was coming; then I realized the guy had followed me and was standing to my left, pointing his finger in my face and calling me "faggot" along with more incoherent speech. He seemed to think I had violent or sexual intentions towards him. I faced him and made eye contact — which may have been a mistake, but at this point I seem to be playing a prominent role in his inner life, so I suspect it wouldn't have mattered what I did. When I started to step back and turn away, he smacked me across the left side of my face with a beer bottle. I can't remember if I fell down — I kept my cell phone in my hand the whole time, so I don't think I did, but I really can't remember. There were lots of people around, someone called 911 and the police came, but the guy was gone. My teeth got jolted, there were messy but minor cuts with some dramatic blood spatters, but I'm lucky (well, lucky for a guy who got hit in the face with a beer bottle) there was nothing worse. EMTs determined I didn't need stitches, gave me some wet naps. The cops gave me a ride home.
So. That happened. I'm okay, I just have a big bruise across my left jaw. My teeth all seem to be in the right place.
There are a lot of troubled people out there; be careful.


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Flawless move! Checkmate!


Ahh fuck yes! Relief and calming has been achieved. To all the folks still stuck, plan a "move by" date. Keep to that goal and save as much of your income for moving.

A post a few years ago on here inspired me to get the ball rolling. Start by taking small items and gradually increase momentum. Forgot who posted those wise words, but it starts with purging unneeded belongings and slowly moving possessions into a box. (take these items to goodwill, a $10 wage hipster needs your donations since they spent it on WMTT. (weed, meth, tar, and transit).

I found moving to be more of a psychological curse rather than a physical block. Soon, one box becomes two, then four, and so on. Not long, empowerment kicks in and you'll find yourself in the planning stages for logistics.

To all the trolls on here defending Seattle. Eat shit. You bush pig nasty hygiene knuckle dragging morons are stuck in a shit filled pig pen and will defend said pig pen till the day of slaughter. You people are disgusting turds. The region is full of low brow mediocre inbred trash raised in the foothills ingrained with that smug aloofness of your pasty ass Nordic heritage.

Seattleites claim to be book smart but are lazy, manipulative, aggressive, and superficial stool samples. It takes you guys decades to achieve civic goals that other states can do better, faster, and 100x more efficiently in 2/3rds less time. You guys have no philanthropic or civic achievements, so you channel all that energy into 12th MAN, acting like you guys actually had some sort of physical influence on winning a single championship that other teams have done many times over.

Puget Sound is nothing but an overflow toilet for the Pacific. Quit acting like that river rock is some sort of utopia in the same class as Maui or FL. This whole area reaks of incompetence and mediocre melancholy bullshit attitude.

Selectively, the scenery is nice for only a small window of the year. However, it's mostly obtainable OUTSIDE of Seattle civic region. Mt. Rainier is 65 miles from downtown Seattle, yet you guys try and claim it as some sort of Seattle landmark. Your downtown buildings are ugly and drab, your retail and entertainment sector is centered around blue collar fish stock. Whoopee!

Puget is full of low-achievers with a overly smug sense of pride. (How many times do we have to hear news anchors ask self-reassuring questions on TV about how great Seattle X is compared to X city). If it was truly fantastic, why are you inflecting insecurity about these worries on regional TV? It's all just a bunch of worthless human trash overpowering any positives the state could offer.

Heard areas flooded out after I left. I guess powers that be felt that someone should finally wash up the trashy homes. Heard they also found the trailer trash child rapist. Both seem fitting for what is typically found in the woodsy shanty towns that make up the region. LOL

With that said, good luck to those who want to expeditiously move! Meanwhile, a big inbred, grimy fingernail bed toke, mildewy wifebeater under flannel, under REI/Carhartt boot hipsters enslaved to their own road diet apodment cramped ecosystem. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck King county, for it will forever be t-r-a-s-h-y!!

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Moron WA 10 under left lane drivers > go fuck yourselves!


I have road rage with WA drivers and today I felt justified. Obviously an officer did too. A pack of us were driving westbound on SR18 when this Pacific patrol car (outside his jurisdiction) was in front of me. BTW, WA drivers forget how to drive and slow 15 under if they see a white Crown Vic, but that's another chapter. I met up behind him in the left lane. He was following an SUV that was creepin at 54mph refusing to go 60 (speed limit), and at plenty of opportunty, keep right.

He finally reads my mind and turns on his lights, well in that teachable moment, she slows down further! So he turns on both sirens and lights and instead of getting in the right lane (because he might have received an emergency call), she just fucking stops in the left lane!

The entire pack just stops and almost wrecks into the back of me thanks to this stupid cunt! I hope she dies a fiery death.

She finally realized that stopping on the tiny left shoulder wasn't correct so she swerves to straddle both lanes and just stops there too. He passes her on the left shoulder and turns off his lights. I laid on the horn and passed her on the shoulder too, but not before she tried to swerve left again and almost make me rush to miss a guard rail.

WA drivers, go fuck yourselves! Learn what keep right except to pass means, even if you are doing 59 in a 60. By now you have seen this video which is exactly what this cunt was doing wrong.


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Funny Farm was based off Seattle


You get sucked in. Scenery is cool, but the people are freaks or maintain inbred mannerisms which make it intolerable to live here. This 1988 movie sums it up quite well.


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King County deputy arrested on prostitution, drug charges


What kind of cletus state is this?!?!

WTF? How can a sheriff pass all these background checks and remain under coworker radar stealing right from underneath the gun range and running an escort business?? Don't they maintain any sort of inventory checks?!? This state is pure hillbilly. To top it off, the cop is a homicidal maniac.


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