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Labradoodle Breeders


Beware of labradoodle breeders. I bought a multigenerational puppy for 1800 that was represented as being low to no shed.

When I picked her up the dam was shedding heavily. The breeder (without being asked) explained that she was shedding her pregnancy coat which is unusual and told me not to worry.

Two months later my puppy began shedding heavily and continued to do so for a year. It was fine hair that floated and that was impossible to clean. It clogged air filters. It fell in our food when she walked by. We breathed it constantly. It made us sick. It was the worst shedding I've ever known. Worse than a lab.

We returned her but the breeder behaved like this was something she expected, like she routinely deceives buyers and sometimes has to take a dog back. We did not get back the time and money we spent raising her nor do we know what happened to her.... Cheating con artist breeder...

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I was in the recovery room moaning in pain as I regained Consciousness. Someone said, "give her something to shut her up." then I was out.
The hospital bed was dirty when I checked in with brown red drips down the rail. My husband cleaned it with a sanitizing wipe. I complained about it and the nurse said I was wrong then came in while i was alone and gave me anti-psychotic drugs to daze me, presumably so I wouldn't complain about the filth? My husband later confirmed my complaint when he returned.

I was treated like a whiny annoyance and like I was crazy for being I'm pain after surgery and calmly reporting sanitation problem.

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Spokane Anti-White Hate Crime


I suppose by now everyone's heard about the hate crime in Spokane, where a couple of black teens beat to death an elderly World War 2 vet: http://www.kxly.com/news/spokane-news/elderly-man-dies-after-being-attacked-outside-ice-arena/-/101214/21574858/-/9flm7iz/-/index.html

I was quite surprised. As a Californian, I didn't even know there was a significant black population in Spokane.

Have there long been racial tensions in Spokane, and/or in other parts of Washington? I'd heard that Tacoma has a problem with racial tensions between blacks and whites.

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Bullying problem in Seattle.


I've read about the stand-offish, passively aggressive, psuedo intellectual types. I've met those people you're talking about, and now I'm about to add a new group of people...bullies.

Bullying problems here is tremendous. No matter at work or school. I've get called names and even got my pants pulled down from behind by this Samoan guy gat my warehouse job before, the manager didn't do a damn thing as around here as it's all about who's popular - Something I've came to realization when I first moved here. I was fed up and called the HR and finally got the other guy suspended while threatening me that he's gonna "get at me after work.".

The bullies here are mostly transplant (Or should I say mostly from inner cities of Californian metropolitans.), and no mean to be racist, mostly minorities (Blacks, Hispanics, Islanders.), and for some reasons they love to target on Asians. They take advantage of the low level maturity and the easily impressed nature of the locals by acting stereotypical "gangsta" to impress them, and they target whoever just mind their own business and try to be civilized. I guess it must be a huge change for them coming from South LA, Oakland and Sacramento. They got this twisted sense of freedom and feel like they can act as uncivilized and cruel to other normal people as much as possible. As half of the local populations, hell even include the police officers I swear, are all into some counter culture type of bullshit, nobody really doing a damn thing to stop them when they act up on others.

Despite what they say about Seattle's low crime rates, I never feel such need of carrying a gun and this is coming from someone who lived in South Bronx New York. Can't wait of moving back to New York. Sure Big Apple got its own problems, but hey at least you don't see New Yorkers try to start drama on random people. If they rough around you, you must have done something to piss them off, intentionally or unintentionally. This is because we got some crazy son of bitches around there and if you pull that shit you might get stabbed or shot and you just never know who carries a gun or knife. Unlike these pale, childish, easily impressed jack asses who're spoon-fed with bunch of bullshit.

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This is crazy!


I've been reading a lot of posts on here and I keep seeing things like passive-aggressiveness, cliques, bullshitters etc. and I cannot believe it because those are the exact type of people I have encountered in this state my whole life.
I live in Tacoma and the weather isn't the only thing that is cold here. People here truly surprise me at how they truly just don't care about other people who aren't: their significant other, their children, their family, or longtime best friend. It's like everyone has their own tribe here and if you miss out on getting into one as a child then your totally screwed.
I am so tired of the detached apathy of the people here, I think everyone who lives here is in a mild depression because of lack of sunlight and it makes most of the population just act a little dead on the inside, and that's not from the excessive drug/alcohol abuse. Sometimes I just wanna scream 'are there any normal people here?!' lol.
This is why when I read things on here that I also feel about how the people are whack, it made me feel so much better.
Thankfully me and my husband are getting out. I have SAD and I just can't go through another WA winter, so we built a nice little truck bed camper and are going to travel to warmer skies. I have lived here my whole life so I am beyond excited to see how people in other states act, I really hope it is different than how they behave in WA.

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Why I hate dating in this city


Can someone tell me why it's so hard to meet men in this city? What a bunch of snobs and pussies..I've got to school with cheerleaders who were less bitchy. Just WHO in hell do u poor excuse for males think you are?

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Do not accept a position with a company here.
They will fire or lay you off whenever they please.
They do not care if you move across country, they do not care if you move your family, and kids across country.
They just don't care.
It's like a little Nazi Germany in Seattle.
70% white people in one city without any diversity results in cold hearted fucked up people just like Nazi's in Germany.

Seig Heil.

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You need drugs if you are going to live here.

Avoid this state.
Locals claim this is the best place and they hate black people, brown people, and anyone not from here. they do not want to share this lousy cold, rainy pits of hell with anyone except their lousy miserable awkward selves.

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Seattle Girlfriends


How is that you tell someone you are my best friend and I am so happy we were together as boyfriend and girlfriend but refuse to make time to see them?
How is it you just cant make any time for your super close friend?
Seattle ex-girlfriends. I have ex-girlfriends that i dumped years ago who still come out and hang out but they are normal because they live in chicago or other states.

I have concluded everyone in seattle is a fucktard.

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1 year 2 friends


so the 2 friends i made one is from mid-west, and another is from eastern washington.

no one is normal in seattle no one. the place is the land of the fake dead passive aggressive scum.

car sales are assholes
and fraudsters.
i fucking hate this place yet i am pissed about leaving.
fuck you seattle.

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