I Hate Seattle

A Soul Transaction


If you move to Seattle or what is known as "The Eastside" (East of Lake Washington - Brothell, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond) only do so IF you literally feel as if there is NO other option on the PLANET - i.e. a family member is literally on his or her death bed and has you listed as power of attorney and X facility is the ONLY facility in the entire WORLD set-up to take care of this individual. If the means to "alter" the situation you are facing (job loss, caretaker hat, etc.) is there, please do a ten hour long meditation to see if this is the right fit for you; otherwise you will LOSE years of your life and think to yourself, "man, I should have listened to that ranty girl on the Internet from the backwoods - she sure dots her eyes and crosses her t's." I mean that wholeheartedly from the very bottom of the soul.

Truly, I wish someone would have warned me - I had no idea how bad it would get and how, in the deepest state of crisis and midst of a literal nervous breakdown - people could CARE LESS. The State, county, what have you, could CARE LESS. Even the few "friends" I did meet here left me high and dry when I needed them. And, to me, needing a friend is not codependency, it is about the meaty stuff - someone to hold your hand or give you a hug if you lose a job, or are struggling with a breakup, or someone who will ride you to the airport at 4 am and not ask for a penny to cover fuel costs. Someone who will help you to get help if you have an addiction issue and not blame you, and even make the calls FOR you with your permission, and someone who will pick you up in the middle of the night if you may be in a dangerous situation. Someone who will never *assume* you are at fault or created a hardship, simply because you are CLEAR and HONEST with yourself as to where you are in life. That's a friend.

I am a "pick your battles" kind of person and don't blow the whistle of cry wolf. But here in Seattle, Washington and "The Eastside", there is so much bait and switch in literally SECONDS, your authenticity, ingenuity, creativity, and pure essence of love and care for yourself and others will diminish. We are talking SECONDS.

Soon, SECONDS will turn to minutes, to hours, to days, to suddenly half a year! And, all the time you spent trying to be patient, non-judgmental, hoping people would "come around" or "come to understand you" will show it's Darkness. An entire city of pussies who can't speak up for themselves, or speak out about injustices. It's 90 % talk. Little to NO action, and a whole lot of "reaction." Because, um, like, we are only going by "theory" and not "direct experience" here in Seattle, Washington and "The Eastside" mmmmkay!

An entire city of pussies who are so narcissistic that when you do (speak up and speak out), you will be berated and deemed to be a "drama queen" simply for having authentic standards that counter the "status quo" and line up with real TRUTH.

In time, your "frenemies" will show their true colors, you'll be harassed by the pol-ice force unnecessarily, multiple times per WEEK, even, assaulted on public transit, and DISMISSED by your "friends," peers, psychotherapists, church pastor, etc, who think "you made the whole thing up." "They" will try to convince you that you are simply "complaining unnecessarily" that *really* there is NOTHING wrong with Seattle, Washington and that "it's all in your head." They will refuse to hold legitimate conversations with you, ones that will undoubtedly counter their falsification of your truth. "They" will talk over you because your so very true, truth is too much for their extremely experienced eyes and ears to hear. Of course!

"They" will try to pressure you into stating your personal TRUTH is just a "perception." But deep down, you will KNOW. The tears will come. And, you will know. You will know you are alone. A Stranger in a Strange land of Jetson, techno drones, and flavorless beached whales with mini-me's who, not only lack empathy, but who have had the empathy PROGRAMMED right out of them. A new species of automatons who sponge off exploitation and authoritative statutes and vampire the life, heart, and soul out of the few visitors who used to care so much about the little details of life. And, then... then... you will be right where they want you - drinking Starbucks and going to "the game."

In seeking professional "help," to rectify the situation and realign with Source, you will be so strung out that even the deepest pieces of you will feel long forgotten. You will spend months and, even years living in fragments. You will see a ghost in the mirror each and every day. Nothing, not even the holiest of holistic services and psychotherapy will work to piece you together.

And that ghost, is an indicator. An indicator of a Soul now nothing more than a transaction. "They" have you! The noose is tied. A person now a profit margin ready to join the 'anti-community' "community." Barf in a bag to you, but you didn't even notice because the cranial pressure of their mass assault and forced directives to tie that noose were at the forefront of your mind.

When you get a moment to breathe, you will search, and search, and search for a beacon of hope. A sense of home. This longing will become your sole and soul goal. Tears of pain will erase tears of joy. And the "Thems" will surround you, call you names, and throw you into the fire until you submit and run naked in your own humiliation.

As a very last resort, you will place a post on an online forum, hoping that someone, from somewhere, far far away will hear the hostage in you. Because, well, a rape whistle just isn't enough to covey the sheer agony and torment of the "Thems." And then, maybe, just maybe, you will find some solace with the fact that someone, somewhere may donate to you some relocation assistance, because, well, you are just too damn stubborn and integral to submit to a job in the 'anti-community' community world of Seattle, Washington.

Thank you, and Goodnight!

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