I Hate Seattle

Density of the Densest


My roots are far into the backwoods country where we never really domesticated pets (had 11 cats in one house, let them run feral), no public transit, and for "fun" people tie a sled to the back of a truck and drag it through a farm field. The epitome of "redneck" if you will (there aren't even taxis in my place of origin). It's extremely dirt poor, in terms of finances, and a lot of neighborhoods don't even have sidewalks.

With that said, people, for the most part, help each other out (even if they don't necessarily like one another). Otherwise, the town doesn't exist. So, if you have a flat, someone will help you to change your tire or give you a ride or, they, themselves may have chains to tow your vehicle right then and there. Or, even a spare tire in their backyard. Lots of options for those stranded on the road. Obviously, I left for a reason, but I do appreciate the sincerity that exists in terms of "I help you, I don't expect anything in return. I'm not going to hit on you or stalk you because you're attractive etc. and I just helped you, and now feel entitled to be in your life after a 10 minute interaction."

Once, I was driving through a town called Woodinville (Seattle Eastside) which, at first had a similar vibe to my "hometown." Wrong! One night, I happened to be broken down on the side of the road. It was late at night, and the car stalled while I was driving around a curvy part of the road. I put on my fourway flashers and tried to flag someone down. Even though my flashers were on, it was difficult to see the car, which I thought was extremely dangerous.

I can't tell you how many cars drove by MY car while I was flagging someone for help! It took about 10 or 15 MINUTES to have someone stop to help. In the meantime, I looked into the window of other cars and saw people texting, eating sandwiches, talking on the phone, etc. I did flag a group of Indian men down, but they seemed to be of the Microsoft "text speak" camp and were even texting while I was trying to gesture they help to move the car off the road. I tried to explain that the car was a hazard to everyone's safety and that it needed to be pushed off the road - immediately! But, anyone with common sense would know that, right? They DROVE AWAY!


Several other folks stopped by, and *didn't know what to do!* "Um, push the damn car off the road!" I knew what was wrong with the car, but it just needed to be off the road for safety reasons. No quick thinking from anyone passing by, whatsoever. People actually tried to have a conversation with me while I was standing there in about 30 degree weather, freezing my ass off and just wanting the car to get into a safe location - for everyone!

A conversation? What in the hell?

I was livid! I did a meditation and magically the car started itself! I was able to drive it off the road into a more secure location and do what needed to be done to repair it.

Lesson Learned: In the State of Washington - get AAA and don't trust that your "friendly" neighbor is going to help you. Well, maybe here and there, but not at large, no sir.

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