I Hate Seattle

I just hate it here


I'm not a blogger. I'm not a reviewer. I was doing research on moving and in my wearisome state, I typed "I hate Seattle".... and here you all are. My people.

So here goes, my official dump:

I hate bumper stickers and the people that advertise their "unique" political thoughts of harmony.

I hate people who spend $50 dollars on a T-shirt that looks $5.00. I hate 50 piercing in someone's face and 20 year olds with $1000 work of tattoos on their bodies.

I hate people who feel they can act "eccentric" because they think they are unique, but really their just fucking crazy. I was the gym and this middle aged women with leg tattoos gets on the elliptical and starts making crazy (I mean CRAZY) faces and swaying her arms all around. It was a real scene and everyone just avoided looking at her.

I hate people who wear jeans and sneakers to the opera.

I hate slamming on my breaks to let a person walk across a main road. I won’t even mention Seattle driving. This is covered pretty well by another member.

I hate Starbucks and their disgusting burnt coffee and commercial branded bullshit. Alternatively, I hate people who find camaraderie through their excessive knowledge about coffee and loyalty to their specific coffee house of choice. This goes for beer and wine, too. Unless you're in the business of selling beer and wine, why on god's earth do you need to know so many useless facts about brands and ingredients. This goes for music, too. I believe I might be defining the "hipster", but these people have dedicated all of their intellectual ability to collect as many useless facts about music, beer, wine, and coffee. Meanwhile, they get paid minimum wage and ride a $1000 bicycle around with their equally retarded friends.

I hate people who care about dogs more than people. What the hell is wrong with you? I don't hate dogs, on the contrary.... but I DON'T appreciate that you want your dog to sniff me and say hello just because I'm walking by you. Keep your dog close to you. Not everyone thinks your little dog is the most amazing thing created.

I hate that the only people who will actually call you when they say turn out to be promoters or salespeople.

I hate being at a party and having my friends embarrassed when I call someone out on bullshit.

I hate listening to pipe dreams with no action. Everyone here has a fucking pipe dream and no action to support it. The only ones who actually make a life for themselves are safe and sound in their little cliques of friends they've known for 20 years. There's no way into that circle. And if you do get invited to a social gathering with these people, they'll be sure to make you feel like an outsider (and if you think you’ve made a friend, they won’t call like they said they would).

I hate people who think working as a waitress/ bartender AND learning about gourmet food puts them in an elite social clique. Who by the way feels defensive if you have college degree and know how to work hard for success. I've been spoken to demandingly by a few of those elite minimum wage earners.

I hate Seattle bicycle hipsters. There are a lot of fucking hills and a lot of fucking rain. Who wants to ride a bike with tiny little tires in this bullshit? I see memorials on street intersections all the time honoring dead hipster bikers.

Being a woman, it's a real pain in the ass to meet quality men. When I do find a man who can hold a conversation and isn't so damn protective, he turns out to be the biggest loser horndog looking to move in my apartment.

I had a date with a guy and he came over to my place, we had a couple drinks, he split a beer on my laptop and was gone to never be seen again. He said he was distraught because his mother’s lesbian girlfriend had died. Only in Seattle.

I went on a date with a doctor (no less) and he wanted to go dutch when it came time to pay. It wasn't even an expensive restaurant. Just a hole in the wall place in Ballard. What gives? The men here don't get it. I really hate them.

Oh, the small town aspect? Ya, I get that when my friends have type casted me into their perception of who I am and then act surprised when I stray out of that perception. If that isn't small town, I don't know what is. For instance, I was friends with a girl and she frequently said, I didn’t know you would like that? I didn't know you wanted to do that? I didn't know you would ever like something like that? We’re not talking about shocking things, here people. It was a matter of movie taste, choice of clothes, or something equally trial. Broaden your mind, people! We're not two dimensional beings!

OH, I especially hate when eating at a restaurant and I get shitty service and want to tip accordingly and my friend argues with me, adds money to my tip and explains to me that waitresses don't make very much money. Hello??? Hello??? Who is forced into a life of waitressing? Anyone? Well, part of waitressing is being nice. No nice = no tip.

I have lived in the Seattle area all my life. Grew up in Auburn and became an adult in Seattle. I thought I was improving my life, but now I can’t see anywhere in Seattle or Washington that I want to be. All I think about is how to get out. When I thought I was improving my life (coming from Auburn, you should understand), I bought a condo here in Capitol here. Now, I'm temporarily stuck. It's not a seller's market, you know.

I'll get out of here.... just you wait! I fucking hate Seattle and all of the Pacific NW for that matter. Grey skies 7 months out of the year. I fucking hate it here.

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