I Hate Seattle

More Narcissism


Brief snip-it of a cell phone message:

"Um, hi, my name is XXX and you called regarding scheduling a massage with me at XXX clinic. I am SO sorry, but I have no availability. I have been practicing for 17 years, so I rarely have any openings!" Wow. What a fuck. Then, then, get this. "I *do* have a colleague in the same suite who has *only* been practicing for 5 years and she has much more availability than *I* do."

Keep in mind, I called seeking a therapeutic massage for an injury I have been dealing with, which I mentioned in the initial voice message.

No, "I am so sorry to hear of your injury. I may not be able to help, but I know X therapist who can. I hope you get well and get the care you need and deserve." Hahahaha. Definitely delusions spinning in my head I'd ever receive a voice message like that. Wow. What a self-promoting fuck peddling half truths. No compassion. No self-respect. No dignity. No care.

Eastside zombiedronefucks.

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