I Hate Seattle

Run Like Hell, You'll Need an Exorcism if you Stay


Oh my word! Where to begin? Seattle, it's "Eastside" cohorts (consisting of Kirkland, Bellevue, Brothell and the like), and the entire State of Washington are a collective of Narcissists (yes capital N) who enable each other's ill behavior and exist in pyramids of narcissistic nepotism that go something like this: Born in Washington State, attend the University of Washington, LIVE AT HOME, commute downtown or to a "satellite campus" (Brothell has the University of Washington - Cascadia satellite campus), have your parents pay for everything while you are a GROWN UP with four limbs and an able body making no attempt to pay your own way through anything" or develop your own ideas independent of your "family" or FAKE AS BACON "friends," verbally abuse your housemates (if applicable), "friends" and romantic partners because your parents didn't raise you to have etiquette and you didn't seek to learn about life outside "Washington State" and are too narcissistic to seek psychotherapy, (in the event you seek psychotherapy, there is a 90% chance your psychotherapist is also a clock-punching narcissist with a diploma mill degree who will hand you a sheet of yes/no questions to fill out of "how depressed" you are as opposed to asking open ended questions to help you to expand your worldview), prey on innocent international exchange students via covert hazing and mind-control techniques to get them into your "cult," start a non-profit because you have no skills to work for a real business or start a "real business" of your own, mis-manage the non-profit because you went to a school that taught you jack about human communication and money management (even though your parents had loads), form cliques with your FAKE AS BACON "friends" who will work at your non-profit, yet turn on you in a millisecond (i.e. your car breaks down or you lose your housing you will have no one to ride you to a repair shop or a couch to crash on). when your friends turn on you beg your parents for "help", go back and live at home for no other reason than the fact you can't manage your money or relationships properly, in the event you have real addiction issues or something of the sort, receive NO support from your "family" or "friends" and are left hanging by the State which has no services for the handful of folks out there seeking real help, are frustrated at the lack of State services to get "help" and repeat the vicious cycle by enrolling in a "master's" program at.... guess where? The University of Washington! Continue your master's at your nepotinistic school, or a diploma mill school, continue to enroll in school because "the real world" scares you and you can't communicate to a supervisor at a real business, likely enroll in diploma mill schools such as Capella University to get an "online" PhD and never have to have a real dissertation committee review and criticize your work. Teach at The University of Washington and become subservient to the staff, your FAKE AS BACON "friends" and work alongside many aunts, uncles, and parents who think it's naughty to exercise real "academic freedom" laws or "whistleblower" laws because it *may* offend someone. And, well, we cannot offend anyone, now can we, in the narcissistic State of Washington?

How's that for brunch?

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