I Hate Seattle

Suicide, Seriously


Never in my life have I thought about suicide every day - as in every day. The more gentrification, urban sprawl into the country (where I tried to ESCAPE - which is boxed off by three car garage fucks with 5 pigglets who live on a fucking LAKE - (wtf how can you own a lake?), REAL religious cult leaders and dismissive, dispassionate, sheeple staff from every angle of medicine... taking up such a concentrated amount of space.... airing their STINK in all directions .... just wow! Arrogance and incompetence mixed = how the bloody effff do you have a job? Just wow......

I cannot wait until the entire CITY OF SEATTLE, King county as a whole, AND sorry to say, Snohomish county as well, just falls in on itself. I hope by then, I am watching its decay from, oh let's say Faro or maybe even somewhere in Romania. Who knows. I cannot wait!

Not one ounce of silence to negate the incessant noise from women clomping around in high heels and having their children run all over grocery stores spitting and slobbering on carts that I have to then, very regrettably use to push around the produce I have so carefully selected. Then... child's spit on my cucumber. Fuck. Siiiick!

I have run out of happiness for the Year and it's only January.

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