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Top reasons why Seattle sucks!


Why Seattle SUCKS!

The weather. Hands-down the absolutely worst thing about Seattle. The shit season starts sometime around mid-September and ends sometime in the beginning of July. During this time you can pretty much expect high temps in the low 50's and low temps in the upper 30's, with constant overcast. The locals often point out that Seattle gets less rainfall (in inches) than most other American cities. But what they don't tell you is that it rains just about all the time! It's this annoying drizzle that sticks around for days on end. And you can't really do anything outdoors because it's just so shitty out there. In the wintertime, you can expect darkness to fall sometime around 4pm. Seeing the sun during wintertime is like finding a needle in a haystack. It's very depressing and I can pretty much guarantee you that you'll feel like a slug during winter.

Anyways, sometime during the first week of July (yes July), the weather will clear up and it will start getting into the low 70's. The locals always brag about how this is the best summer weather in the country. It's not. You still need pants and a warm jacket after sundown. Ironically, this is also the time that the locals start complaining about how hot it is. 75 degrees is too hot for them. The nice weather only sticks around until the beginning of September and then rapidly gives way to another 9-10 months of soul-crushing depressing overcast.

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