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Seattle, what a disappointment


I decided to completely uproot my life in Southern California in order to start over fresh in Seattle. I transferred my job and applied for college with excitement that Seattle was this beautiful city full of opportunity...I was highly mistaken.

Here I am, only five months into my one year lease and I can't wait for it to be over.

First of all, my rent alone is way too expensive and it's ridiculous that I have to pay another $250 just to park my car inside of my own garage -- also, car insurance is way more expensive here and you'll wish you didn't have a car if you do.

The people are terribly rude, which they are everywhere, but more-so here. It's almost as if everyone is just miserable or angry and they want to take it out on you. The people are so awful here that I find myself never wanting to leave my apartment and I don't. I go to work, go grocery shopping and then come home and that's it.
The people were so terrible here that I even had to quit my job that I was with for years. Between all of the homeless druggies that came in to steal or tried to rob me while I was working to my piece of shit manager that said I should fight when someone comes in to steal something. Even the people in my apartment complex are rude, they are struck up, antisocial, assholes, who think they are better than everyone, even though we live in the same damn building. The customer service is terrible, you almost don't even know who's working at the place you are at, because no one helps or greets you. Forget going out to eat, I've had waiters that would roll their eyes, slam plates, and even purposely ignore me and my party -- mind you, I am very polite and treat everyone with respect until they push the wrong buttons.

The pedestrians will walk across the street whenever they want and if you make even the slightest bit of eye contact, they will start something with you. I'm not exaggerating, I had a guy cross the street when it was my light to go and I had to slam on my brakes so I wouldn't hit him and he begin slamming his fists against the hood of my car until I was able to leave. Did I mention that it takes hours to get anywhere? If you want to head anywhere outside of downtown, expect to drive way longer than you anticipated. Ironically, the people in Seattle don't know how to drive when it rains, so the time waiting in traffic is tripled during those extra-rainy days.

The homeless people are everywhere and if you don't give them money, they become aggressive. When you're stopped at a stop light, they will come up to your window and knock until you roll it down and give them something. They don't want food either, I had a woman get upset that we gave her food instead of cash and she ended up throwing it away. If you live here, expect to have people constantly coming up to you and bothering you for money.

Did I mention that everything is more expensive here? I mean EVERYTHING! Even something as small as a piece of fruit at the grocery store. There is also hidden fees in almost everything. I was excited to go to college up here only to find out that my tuition would be $52,000 a year as opposed to $4,000 back in California -- this isn't because I am not a resident either, this is solely based on the program that I wanted to attend at SU.

Forget buying a house here. Homes that are valued at $200,000 are selling for $600,000 within a day. I mean, c'mon, this place isn't that great to spend that sorta money on a house.

Essentially, I could deal with things being a little more expensive, but what's really driving me away is the terrible fucking people. I don't expect people to be in a chippy mood all of the time, hell, I don't even care if people never say hello when we're passing by, but the rudeness is just unbearable. I've only been here for five months and can recall more than fifty negative encounters I have had with the people of Seattle.
Like I said, Seattle is a beautiful city, between the water, the city lights and the green trees, but that does not make up for the terrible fucking people here. I can't wait for this lease to be over so I can actually leave my apartment and not be threatened or treated like shit.

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Manifest Depression


Are you an underweight, introverted, ultimate-frisbee playing programmer who loves biking, hiking and yourself? Is an ideal Friday night smoking a bowl and then driving your sport wagon to a progressive political rally in the rain? Move to Seattle, friend - you're home. Otherwise, you might not fall in love with:

- A city so cold, but not cold enough for snow.
- People so cold, but not cold enough to be real.
- Darkness every day between October 1 and July 1. And that one instant every 19 days in the winter when you see the sun, it's so low in the sky that it only serves as a faded memory of a better time.
- A constant light rain that is so persistent you will no longer remember the fundamental differences between dry and wet.
- A self-righteous, politically-correct culture in which you could get fired by your employer and exiled by your friends for expressing any view outside the ultra-liberal company line.
- Girls that are determined to be masculine (those REI leggings don't hide your regret).
- Men that are determined to be feminine (that beard doesn't hide your lack of backbone).
- The worst drivers in the country. Statistically. There's no mandatory driver's education and the scars can be seen on most cars.
- Construction everywhere. Condos mostly. Clogging every roadway, creating noise and ugliness. We need a place to keep Amazombies at night after all.
- Seahawks fans whose ubiquitous "Sea-hawwwks" chant is reminiscent of your grandfather hoking a loogie onto the nursing room floor ("12th man" was stolen from Texas A&M, by the way).
- Rent prices that you would expect in the great cities of the world, not the afterthought of the west coast.
- Boring, bland food that is overrated and under-portioned (shout out to awesome salmon sushi - you're still cool).
- Entitled bikers who savor every opportunity to condescend and pose in their overpriced gear.
- Impossible, impenetrable traffic from 4pm-8pm, as if there was somewhere across town that people expect to be less depressing.
- Drab clothes and style. The color palette includes grey, black, light grey, dark grey and light black. And traffic-safety green.
- A deceptively thin beer culture - two mediocre breweries are the only thing on tap anywhere.
- A omnipresent passive aggression that underpins everything in the city outside of the three sunny months. It leads to a social stasis. A year will pass but you will only remember those three months.
- Every town immediately outside of the city for 100 miles in either direction north/south is strip-mall-ified hell.
- People are generally ugly, out-of-shape and unkempt, thankfully they're covered in baggy nylon rain gear for most of the year.
- Sneakily the most racist city you've ever lived in, but you're probably not black or hispanic, nobody here is.
- High sales tax. But it's needed to fix what-I'm-not-sure. Maybe to relocate homeless people one block in any direction.
- The only active nightlife is around Capitol Hill, which is quite dirty and has an awkward gay vs. bro underlying tension you can pretend doesn't exist.
- Roads are falling apart and busses are obnoxiously large and a public nuisance. Maybe try walking - just don't make eye contact with bikers or they might spit on you - but who can blame them? It is pretty damn depressing here.

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Seattle slipped into hell


So, three years here. I've always wanted to come here to this area; the PNW. So, east side I like it, it's great, people are more talkative, rain's SLIGHTLY more then Seattle. (For your info I ACTUALLY moved here for the rain. TOTAL disappointment. :( . ) So, I live in Seattle, three years now, I try to get out of the city as much as humanly possible. I say hi on the east side, start a random convo, it goes so so. I try it here, comment on a persons phone, jacket, backpack, hair, shoes, glasses, whatever I notice. Nothing. I say hi. Nothing. I say, oh nice phone. Nothing. I say hows your day, nothing. I was on the bus several times.

Most recently a young girl, early 20's, was texting, not paying attention, not holding onto the hand rails. Three times, she starts falling back, bus comes to a sudden stop. She is about to fall, I put my arm around her three times to catch her. Not one time did she thank me, she just giggled. WTF?? It's not like I did it to be thanked but still, I did it without thinking all three times, but not even a acknowledgement I exist. Time before a girl in heels, falling backwards, then forward, failiing at balancing, and paying attention. I grab her, put my arm around her to catch her since I have to leap across from where I'm standing few feet away to catch her. Her response, stare at my arm, stare at me, stare at my arm, stare at me. Then just stare at me, for ten seconds, not a word. I finally say are you okay? A Nod. Wow.

I get up for people on the bus, for women, for elderly, especially for a woman in high heels, seriously. Wearing that on the bus, what a fail. Am I thanked? No, 90% of the time nothing. I seem to be the only guy though taking my time to get up for other people. I guess it's to hard for people from here to be a gentleman. I go to Starbucks, I see people 24/7 leaving their ipods, laptops, phones, etc on the table, going to the bathroom. I say to people shouldn't you take that with you, someone can take that. Nothing. Maybe sometimes they say oh it's fine. Yet when someone takes it they cry about it, common sense.

Common sense is a other thing that isn't here. If I'm waiting in line at a store, or cafe, or etc, you see me in line, then you just get in front of me as I'm about to order, and you're dressed all fancy, you sir, are either blind or a douche. This happens I don't know how many times. I just look at the cashier with a WTF face, they say nothing. I sometimes order from the cafes, barista is staring at me, with a very weird look, not really talking. I go out of my way to talk to them, how is your day, what coffee roast do you think is the best, are you okay? How do you like working here? One word responses. Dude, customer service here sucks ass.

The FEW people in Seattle who talk to me, they grill me hard, wanting to know every detail about my past. Asking for exact details, ..creepy. Then if I ask questions in return, they stare at me like I'm weird for asking..um, no you're the one asking me, instead of a normal damn conversation. So this takes me to the rain. What rain?! Omg, I came here FOR THE RAIN, I actually miss it, it rained more 3 years ago, now it seems to rain few days a month at most..so depressing. IT's hot here, like pretty hot in the summer, way to sunny and blue. This fees NOTHING like the PNW portrayed in docs, movies, tv shows, vlogs, etc. Frak you climate change.

The traffic is one sick fraking joke. I can not go anywhere at mid afternoon ie rush hour, if I do I know it'll take over 2 hours to go from Seattle to the east side or south, etc. It took 50 minutes to go 9 blocks DT seattle caught in traffic, driver refused to let me off, I could have WALKED faster, being completely serious. I take transit because I actually care about our enviorment unlike all these aholes here in the PNW who just HAVE to have a car or 2, when we have oen of the best transit systems I've ever seen. space is at a premium YET you still must have your car? REALLY? Even when there is a bus stop RIGHT in front of your house. I see 2 cars in the drive way. We have commuter vans, we have ride shares, jesus man.

The puget sound is so damn nasty. IT smells funny and why is it so green?! Some bus drivers are complete douche bags, I say hi, nothing. I say hows it going, nothing. I ask about a stop, nothing, just stares. I get people who stare at me, most of the time it's females, from across the cafe, just staring, no smiling, no nasty looks, no trying to start a convo just staring..to the point even as a out going guy, I feel uncomfortable. I've started a new policy though, if someone stares at me. I will stand up, walk right to them and ask them hi, whatcha staring at? HOws it going?

Just like I've REFUSED to be as low as these Seattle people. When I see stuck up people giving me nasty looks, I'm not using the newest iphone like them, or my backpack looks too full. ITS CALLED PACKING A JACKET! I'll go right up and say what the hell is your problem. THey look at me like I'm crazy and I'll repeat my question. I say right to their face do we have a problem here. THis place is turning me into a wound up, anger filled, douche in return. I've even noticed that sometimes I wont say hi to people when they do say hi, just because I'm so spurred by the people here. Thanks for that Seattle. But I wont let them fill me with hate like most people have let Seattle do to them. Even though I say openly screw you Seattle. I can just move to the east side, or the Olympics and meet people who are actually friendly.

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"People like *you* are ruining Seattle!"


I moved to Seattle about 2 and a half years ago from San Francisco proper, where I lived for 6 years. Only now am I getting used to living here (no joke), and I attribute this to my having developed a very, VERY thick skin to combat the disappointingly backwards social attitude here. I've lived in several major US cities in a wide variety of areas and regions (NYC, Boston, Dallas, SF, and a number of other places in between), but none of them comes close to Seattle in terms of social dysfunction. And I say that in a very serious, sincere, and un-sarcastic tone.

Anyway... to the topic at hand, which of course relates to my opening paragraph above:

I live in Ballard, only by a few blocks away from what is generally considered the center of the neighborhood (which would be where Ballard Avenue SW hits Market). I own a home that is a part of a sort of mini-development that was put in place where two or three properties used to be. Some of the structures on this lot are adjoined townhomes, and some are free standing homes. It is all new construction and the lots are, for the most part, zero lot-line.

Since moving there I've experienced multiple, *multiple* incidents of vandalism at my home. As I have come to learn, new construction is unwelcome in Seattle because it is seen as something that is ruining the face of Seattle. And me, as a person living in one of these structures, is a "bad guy", an unwelcome outsider, a so-pegged selfish bastard that has moved here to ruin the neighborhood and drive up home prices (note: all this is apart from the fact I moved here from hated SF, CA, which is a whole other posting altogether).

Consider this, people of this painfully provincial, bumpkin-laden town:

1: I didn't own the houses that existed previously on those lots, and I didn't sell them (or make a profit on the sale). You, Seattle, did.
2: I didn't make money as a local realtor (and Escrow agent) off the sale of these properties. You, Seattle, did.
3: I didn't buy the land as a local developer with the intention of developing it into what it is now. You, Seattle, did.
4: I didn't get hired and paid as a local engineer / architect to develop plans for this lot. You, Seattle, did.
5: I didn't approve the plans on this lot as a city office or official. You, Seattle, did.
6: I didn't get hired as a contractor (plumber, builder, flooring carpenter, etc.) or sell you materials to complete the project. You, Seattle did.
7: I didn't (again) make money of the resale (and escrow) of these homes as a realtor. You, Seattle, did.
8: I wasn't the local development company that made money off the finalization and sale of whole project. You, Seattle, did.
9: And Lastly I am not the city, making a considerable amount more money than you would have otherwise from the new property taxes applied to higher-appraised, more densely constructed, newly constructed properties.

And what did *I* do? I moved into the home.
And I am the guy who is demonized?

Seattle, get a grip.

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