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Uncivilized, rude, patronizing and condescending


So I moved here about three years ago to take a job. Mind you that I moved from Philadelphia in the East coast where people can be rude, but you never have to wonder what they are thinking about you. I think that the grittiness of the East Coast makes people more secure about who they are. Seattle natives (in my opinion) are lacking in culture and real-world experiences, and this I think is one of the main reasons for their anti-social and dysfunctional behavior. Ask a Seattle Native about hardships and they’d talk about a barrister messing up their coffee order, or being “triggered” by someone at the gym. Further exacerbating the problem is the fact that they mostly live in a bubble. In all honesty, no one outside of Seattle cares about Seattle. But to the locals, they consider themselves trendsetters and progressives. This is in fact the most racist city that I have ever lived in. On the surface it appears all great, but once you begin looking beneath that you realize that this city is laden in bigotry and hypocrisy. They talk about minorities as if they feel sorry for them and love taking on "pet projects" to save these people. But once the white power structure is challenged they begin showing their true colors. Not to mention that if you don't assimilate then you are left out in the cold. This is completely find by me, save for the fact that they go out of their way to remind you that standing out is not what they do in their "great city." "No on here uses umbrellas (which is a boldface lie), "we don't wear those," "we don't use those words".... and the list goes on and on.

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Seattle full of clones?


Hey Everyone.

I moved here 8 months ago, and I love it here. I love the location, weather, mountains, water, trees, ect. However, I find the people here to be, how might you say, different? I know people can be mean and shitty everywhere, but people here seem to all be mean in the exact same way. Seattlites all seem to engage in the exact same type of passive aggressive & rude behavior. They also seem to share the same personality, demeaner, political beliefs, driving habits, values, ideas/ideals, and exhibit the same types of arrogance, entitlement, nosiness, and self righteous indignation as well. There isn't a lot of individuality here, and the people appear to be completely conformist. I've been baited by multiple people to badmouth Seattle, but I don't bite. I'm completely hip to this. They seem frustrated when I dont respond, but I know this is due to disappointment...they want me to join in, so they turn it around on me, and tell me to leave if I don't like it here. Unfortunately for them, I DO like it here. The only thing I REALLY hate about Seattlte is driving. I'm also somewhat skeptical of the social climate. People here seem to stuck in the 7th grade.

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