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Stop Drawing Attention to Yourself with Your Obnoxious Infant that Should Have been Aborted


Another day in the life on the "Eastside." High fives, invisible comrade. Where art thou?

Today, I entered into the post-office in Kirkland and just as I was entering, a woman with a three year old and her hands full of letters slammed the door right ON me. Luckily I only had car keys in my hand, so I managed to push the door open, so it didn't fully slam in my face. I turned to look over my shoulder - they ran away. What a parental example if ever there were one! I gave a dirty look, but they kept marching on in their delusions. (the mom is probably going to get a botox injection on her day off. ) Before they left, I screamed, to see if anyone would look - and no one did. Typical.

And...., you know why no one looked? Bystanders were too busy gawking at another clumsy clown with an infant. In the post office! Cluttered mail just falling everywhere, even on the infant's carrier, which the woman literally dragged along the floor! and as she was doing so had the mail falling. No idea what you are on lady. The child was screaming and I could hear "it" over my earplugs. So, pretty much, the post office just turned into a nursery 3 seconds after I had a door SLAMMED in my face.

Only in Kirkland, would someone find this to be amusing, and an older Chinese woman purchasing stamps at the counter looked back: "awwww how cute." Um, it wasn't cute when the mail was literally falling on the infant's carrier on top of the infant. Did you see that part?! Wow!

I kept giving the woman dirty looks, and muttered under my breath, "wear a condom." Not one person in line had a joined evil eye. Everyone, kept cheering and asking if "it" was a boy or a girl and blah blah and commenting on how cute "it" was.

Another delightful day. Shoot me.

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