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Hope for the best, EXPECT the worst and some tid bits


There's a difference between anger and hostility and this website is out of control. I'm interested to know if a sister site exists with a real moderator, and not some narcissistic troll Seattlite. If so, please make a post.

Oh, and thank you to the individual who gave the prison sentence analogy. It helps me to sleep at night and not react to people who literally run into me every day, simply when I am walking... well, anywhere. Some guy, just the other day at a local natural food mart was speed walking and ran right into me- *while* he was carrying flowers which will later be received by his tramp, narcissistic and conceited love interest. I gave him a dirty look and it didn't phase him in the slightest. I kept my mouth shut and kept marching on.

Truly, I feel desensitized due to all the passive aggressive behavior. I do use expletives, when legitimately angry but never direct them towards someone. And, that is more in writing, anyhow, as opposed to verbal dictation.

Here is an example of a backlash encounter I had the other day:

Just two days ago, I very politely told a woman who was interrupting a conversation of mine, "I'm not talking with you, can you please leave." Boy, was she livid! She left, slammed the door of the cabin, and before she left called me a "bitch" to my face. Wow. I very kindly asked you to leave because you couldn't read non-verbal cues that I WASN'T making eye contact with you.

The sad part is the folks I was speaking with said nothing to her, and they oversee her. At one point they said, "she means well" and "she's going through a difficult time." (um, as if I weren't?) And, calling me a "bitch" to my face means well. Wow.

I ended up writing a letter to the overseer of the (dis)organization, but don't expect anything to come from it.

A very clear example of why the whole passive aggressive cycle is perpetuating itself. And, for the RECORD, that's an assault right there. *Technically speaking* In a SANE society, even non-verbal cues can be considered to be an assault. But the sheer VOLUME of people who will accept this behavior as the new "norm" are forming some sub-cult of pure EVIL.

In Seattle - hope for the best, but definitely expect the WORST, and don't expect your assaults to be fairly handled. Even if the woman were to be charged, she would likely spend her entire prison sentence contemplating "revenge" as opposed to "learning a lesson."

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