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It is called PRIVACY, not secrecy, thanks


Privacy. What's that eh? It's bad enough we live in a soul sucking Universe where half of us likely, (and unknowingly) have been microchipped by the dentist or hospital staff when "going under," can't build a cabin on a parcel of land because every single square inch of an inch is owned by someone or some corporation, and, IP addresses are being saved in e-mails. Yup! (use openmailbox or tutanota).

Move to Seattle, Washington and any teeeny bit of privacy you *thought* you had will be taken away the minute you venture outside, simply to walk or breathe. In Seattle, Washington the thought of thinking you thought you had privacy is actually illegal, (I think), just so you know. ;)

If you do not announce your arrival of "who moved into that end unit?" your neighbors will literally stalk you, and try to figure out if the "new car" in their neighborhood is yours or a friend of a neighbor or neighbor 3's daughter's great-grandmother. Trust me. If they can't figure it out that way, they will ACTUALLY give your license plate number to a local pol-ice officer, who is their *friend* and have them look it up for them. Sheer disgust. This actually happened to me, but in a slightly different capacity. I won't even share the long and drawn out UNNECESSARY drama that came as a result of, briefly,living with a real sociopath. A true lunatic!

So many times in life I have simply "rented a room" with money I had saved. Paid the rent. That's it. Mostly when I was relocating somewhere new. I never stayed with "family I knew in the area" - just moved by myself.

Once, I lived in a neighboring state and signed a lease for a 2 bedroom apartment - living ALONE, when I didn't even have a job and just some money saved and wanted to lay low for awhile. God damn, not here!

I have had such a difficult time renting a room because the landlord wants to control "how much time the tenant is in and out of the house." Um, I live there. What is it to you if I have a job, if my rent is paid? I'm not anti-social because I enjoy listening to full masterpiece musical ALBUMS in my room in MY OWN COMPANY.

Look up "Introvert" you fucks! *rolls eyes* I actually had to say to people on different occasions, "you know I am not a big talker" or "I'm a really quiet person." At one point, I actually told a woman I was deaf, simply so she would stop talking to me. I said, "ma'am, I can see your lips moving, but I can't hear anything because I am deaf." Quiet means quiet. As in your high heels clomping on the floor are literally BURNING my ears!

You have a supremely respectful and CLEAN tenant who pays rent on time. What more do you want? Oh, and I walk past you with headphones in because I'm going for a RUN or walk to enjoy MY OWN company - it's called having a relationship with yourself, try it!

This is NOT a place to come if you desire to restart your life and retain anonymity, whatever the case may be. If you desire that, try Key West!

This is NOT a place to come if you are an introvert at heart.

I can't tell you how many people told me I was being evasive or secretive on the sole basis I did not tell them where I "worked." Um, I met you ONCE, for a half an hour! Um, excuse me? I could be taking care of an ill family member or be ill myself. Or, maybe I just have time and savings and have elected not to be part of the rat-race for awhile. Maybe I just figured out that taking "time off" is candy for the soul. Try it you tight ass!

What I have learned is that there's a 90 % *secret* caveat to a house-mate situation. As in, "I'm saying I want a housemate, but really I need a caretaker." Or even worse, "a girlfriend." Um, I have a life. Because you neglect your children or animals or need to hire a legitimate caretaker, I, your housemate, am not a surrogate parent, nor a petsitter, nor your caretaker. Nor your girlfriend! Ick! You can *hire* other people to do those tasks, and pay them (you tight ass) with your fat ass paycheck.

Dear Seattle, Washingtonian, Why? Why, do I have to tell you WHO I am, yet you feel so entitled, as you have "lived here your whole life" to withhold, "who you are" ummmm, "just because." (whispers - and guess what, I don't even care - I bet that offends you doesn't it). Screw that. Never in my life have I lived in an area where people were so up in your business even when you are just quietly moving into a new place. As if moving wasn't stressful enough!

Trust me, those friendly neighbors are really nosy neighbors "gathering information" that they WILL later try to use against you at all costs if you get into a civil dispute. Mind your P's and Q's and don't get personal! And, if you don't happen to have a profile on an anti-social media website, then you are in BIG POTATO trouble and automatically labeled to be in some underground crime syndicate.

Maybe I just don't want *You* knowing what doctor I see, what if any, spiritual practice I choose, if I have a partner, what sex I date, if I'm married, single what have you etc. Landlords are NOTORIOUS for asking illegal questions, let me tell you! And, there is a ton of landlord assault and identity theft by property managers - so beware, dear ihateseattle comrades, beware.

Thank you, and goodnight!

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