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Manifest Depression


Are you an underweight, introverted, ultimate-frisbee playing programmer who loves biking, hiking and yourself? Is an ideal Friday night smoking a bowl and then driving your sport wagon to a progressive political rally in the rain? Move to Seattle, friend - you're home. Otherwise, you might not fall in love with:

- A city so cold, but not cold enough for snow.
- People so cold, but not cold enough to be real.
- Darkness every day between October 1 and July 1. And that one instant every 19 days in the winter when you see the sun, it's so low in the sky that it only serves as a faded memory of a better time.
- A constant light rain that is so persistent you will no longer remember the fundamental differences between dry and wet.
- A self-righteous, politically-correct culture in which you could get fired by your employer and exiled by your friends for expressing any view outside the ultra-liberal company line.
- Girls that are determined to be masculine (those REI leggings don't hide your regret).
- Men that are determined to be feminine (that beard doesn't hide your lack of backbone).
- The worst drivers in the country. Statistically. There's no mandatory driver's education and the scars can be seen on most cars.
- Construction everywhere. Condos mostly. Clogging every roadway, creating noise and ugliness. We need a place to keep Amazombies at night after all.
- Seahawks fans whose ubiquitous "Sea-hawwwks" chant is reminiscent of your grandfather hoking a loogie onto the nursing room floor ("12th man" was stolen from Texas A&M, by the way).
- Rent prices that you would expect in the great cities of the world, not the afterthought of the west coast.
- Boring, bland food that is overrated and under-portioned (shout out to awesome salmon sushi - you're still cool).
- Entitled bikers who savor every opportunity to condescend and pose in their overpriced gear.
- Impossible, impenetrable traffic from 4pm-8pm, as if there was somewhere across town that people expect to be less depressing.
- Drab clothes and style. The color palette includes grey, black, light grey, dark grey and light black. And traffic-safety green.
- A deceptively thin beer culture - two mediocre breweries are the only thing on tap anywhere.
- A omnipresent passive aggression that underpins everything in the city outside of the three sunny months. It leads to a social stasis. A year will pass but you will only remember those three months.
- Every town immediately outside of the city for 100 miles in either direction north/south is strip-mall-ified hell.
- People are generally ugly, out-of-shape and unkempt, thankfully they're covered in baggy nylon rain gear for most of the year.
- Sneakily the most racist city you've ever lived in, but you're probably not black or hispanic, nobody here is.
- High sales tax. But it's needed to fix what-I'm-not-sure. Maybe to relocate homeless people one block in any direction.
- The only active nightlife is around Capitol Hill, which is quite dirty and has an awkward gay vs. bro underlying tension you can pretend doesn't exist.
- Roads are falling apart and busses are obnoxiously large and a public nuisance. Maybe try walking - just don't make eye contact with bikers or they might spit on you - but who can blame them? It is pretty damn depressing here.

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Seattle is a Horrifying Cesspool of Utter Bullshit


I moved to Seattle with my boyfriend towards the end of the summer. We both grew up around the D.C. area and had spent most of our adult lives there. We were tired of the scene, and decided to move to a more accepting and diverse city, so we decided on Seattle.

What a bad move that was.

1. Looking for work was hell:

I am a well educated person with two degrees and work experience, and the best I could do after a month of searching was a minimum wage job in food service. Granted, minimum wage here is pretty decent, but for the cost of living...?? I literally would go days without eating because I couldn't afford to buy groceries. I often had to choose between groceries and rent.

2. Judgmental as hell:

The people here are the literal WORST. And that's coming from someone who grew up in D.C./Northern VA rich ass white people area. I have never felt more judged or marginalized in my entire life. I smoke sometimes, and I would always make sure that I smoked behind my place of business, by the dumpsters, so as not to offend non-smokers. People would park their cars sort of near where I was smoking, and hustle their children as far away from me as they could, while staring me down like I had a gun pointed at them. Whenever I tried to be friendly and talk to people and interact with people who came into the place I worked, I got shot down. No one- and I mean NO ONE- gives a shit about you or how your day is. I would always be friendly and greet people when they came into the store, and they wouldn't even look at me or acknowledge my existence. They'd place their order while looking behind me, and then throw their money at me like I wasn't really there. I'm 25 years old and I've worked in food service a long time, but I literally had a breakdown at work one day and had to leave because I couldn't stand how rude people were being to me. It's very hard to deal with those people 8 hours a day/ 6 days a week and not start to take it personally.

3. Disappointing as Hell:

I thought this city was for artists and musicians. I thought it was for creatives who pushed against the grain. I thought it was for revolutionaries who wanted to change the world. I couldn't have been more wrong. Maybe this is how it was 20 years ago, but now Seattle will drain the life out of you and steal all your money, hope, dreams, and your will to live. The only people who could possibly thrive here are the wealthy. I literally had to leave or kill myself: that was what it came down to. This city sucked the life out of me and destroyed my relationship. My now ex-boyfriend is still there, playing his guitar, trying to make it work. But he's miserable, paying $700 a month to live in a 10x10 cinderblock icebox in somebody's basement. Seattle is just a playground for the wealthy, where they can park their fancy cars, and their fancy boats, and their fancy aircraft and then shit all over anyone else. I'm never going back there.

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You will go mental here.


First off, Fuck Seattle. Fuck all the people. Fuck the buildings, streets, rain, fuck the seahawks, fuck it all.

Why is this city so Gay? Why do the folks act so anti-social? Why are people so flaky? All the men who grew up in Seattle are pussys. They cant even give you eye contact when speaking to you. The women are all cold as fuck. The women act like men, its really fuckin backward.

Dating? Whats that?

Everything is cliquish. I came from California, had tons of friends, IM very social. However, when it came to Seattle, people will just not let you be their friend.

I would rather be in California, where if someone hated you or had something to say they said it. BE DIRECT, STOP ACTING.

Seattle will leave you mentally fucked. Why? Because everything is so covert and indirect that you start tripping out thinking whats wrong.

Theirs nothing wrong with you, its this fucked up town.

I had no clue that this was the way it was when I came to this place. Not a single clue. But living here I slowly started to understand. By far Seattle was the worst experience in my life.

It makes sense why this place is suicide capitol USA. It makes sense why the drug use is very heavy here. Im not talking weed but the demand for serious drugs is huge out here, because of all the mentally fucked people out here.

I cant wait to get the fuck out of here.

Dont get me started on the traffic and horrible drivers? Move over to the right you slow fucks. People in Seattle are all either depressed or stoned and zoned out. Their like robots, or zombies. Its why this city has no REAL CULTURE. THIS CITY HAS NO SOUL. No diversity. Everyone is hella uptight, for no reason. Seattle is an international city but it acts like a small town. To be honest its not just Seattle but this is a Pacific Northwest thing.

Everything just moves real slow here.

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Seattle losers, fuck off


I'm in shock that this is Seattle.. I'm in shock that the Space Needle was disgusting and only consisted of a lemonade stand, overpriced food, and a pan flute band with horrible music. I'm in shock that there is nothing worth while in this entire place, besides looking at the pretty mountains, good luck finding the time to drive out to them, you have to work 40+ hours a week in order to pay your rent.

I'm cultured, i've lived in 5 different states, traveled to 4 different countries and grew up in a major, successful, non-depressing city, this is hands down the worst place I've ever lived in my entire life.

I could literally type all day about the varieties of hell I have experienced in this place but what shocks me the most is the deplorable social skills and people that exist here. I've never met more stuck up (for no fucking reason, you are not special you are a sheep) more passive aggressive, or more fucking stupid then the people I have encountered in this place.

Do Seattle people know how to have a conversation? Hold the door? Meanwhile, don't get me started on the jobs I've had here....I've never experienced such awkward and down right rude people then I have at where I've worked. All three jobs people can not handle a second of me due to the fact I didn't grow up here and I had some criticisms, I've even had someone freak out on me because they were sick of hearing the negatives of this place (sorry for the reality check). and then men... what the fuck. I've had to edit this because some men here seem to have gotten upset that I said "men stare at me" so because they can't seem to get laid I've removed the sentence. :)

Seattle, get your shit together. I'm running away from here as fast as I can... Worst year of my life, and I'm not wasting another second here. Enjoy your influx of Indians and Asians, they're really making your culture great.

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Glad to be gone!


Oh my, where do I start? Oh, I know, anywhere I want, because by the end everyone will understand why I hate Seattle. I lived just outside of Seattle all my life (Marysville area) and was basically brainwashed the whole time into believing it was the Mecca of cities, nothing could be better...Boy was I wrong! I am a 25 year old tech graduate, and a year ago my wife and I had the priveledge to move to another city both of us had never been to for a job offer. I have to say, that after a year of stress free lifestyles, Salt Lake City is our new love. You see, in Marysville we rented a 900 sq ft 2 bedroom apartment for $1100 a month. 25 minutes outside of downtown SLC (as the locals call Salt Lake) we have a 3000 sq ft 4 bedroom home we are renting to own for $900 a month. Traffic in Seattle area is downright hideous. Is it sad to say Salt Lakes transportation system makes the money pit hellhole of Seattles look like a 3 year old calls the shots in King and Snohomish counties? I can be anywhere in Salt Lake valley within 30 minutes, and not wanting to slit my wrists by the time I arrive. And the rain, oh 4 proper seasons, how my wife and I love thee so! Oh, I guess Seattle does have 4 seasons as well...Rain, drizzle, wet, and downpour. Don't get me started on all the superficial asshats that live in the Pueget Sound, everyone there has to be heard, yet nobody wants to listen, how the fuck does that work?!?! All in all, I'm a very happy Salt Laker now, and my wife and I will only return to Seattle to visit all the family and friends who are stuck there and we feel sorry for. Take my advice: Save money and get out of Seattle while you can!

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A note from the sun


I am the Emerald City’s Sun, and I have a story to tell
I shine across the planet Earth, and usually I do it well
In school, you hear of rotating around my light in space
You may wonder if it’s true, since you never see my face
The reason you don’t see me in Seattle day by day
Is the same reason the sky weeps, and the clouds are always grey
I muster up the courage to peek out from the clouds
But it doesn’t take me long to cower at what I’ve found
The people are grim, their smiles gone, with passive aggressive moods
And liberal disdain, and rich snobby housewives, and obsession with organic food
They raise their defenses and give mindless speeches on “tolerance” when given the chance
Yet without an audience, they pass right by scarcely offer a glance
They fear having fun, and don’t help their neighbors – that is, if they know them at all
Their houses, their minds, and their hearts are all surrounded by sturdy walls
I see this and weep from behind the fog, the sky constantly delivers my tears
I am ashamed to say that in Seattle, even the sun hates it here

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Oh look...


...the rain and gray skies are back. And to think I got my hopes up that the decent weather we had last week would stick better than the snow. I guess I stashed away my trusty North Face fleece too soon. Better go dig it out before Junuary comes.

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A Seattlite's daily to-do list


1. Tell people in other parts of the country Seattle doesn't deserve its reputation for rain.

2. Get in your car and turn on the windshield wipers- because it's raining.

3. Drive ten miles an hour under the speed limit in the left lane.

4. Go to work and engage in no social contact whatsoever- speak and make eye contact only when absolutely necessary.

5. Spend $35 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

6. Complain about the Sonics leaving town even though it's been four years.

7. Tell yourself over and over again that Seattle is a world class city (even though it's not).

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Great Things About Seattle


Okay, so here are some great reasons to live in/move to Seattle.

1. Stronger property values.

Sure, Seattle house prices have fallen, as they have throughout the nation. But Seattle house prices remain better than in much of the country. This is because Seattle, like Manhattan, is an island. There's only so much real estate. You have the mountains to the east, the ocean to the west. Limited real estate, in a place where people want to live, means that property prices might dip, but never plummet.

2. Stronger economic climate.

Seattle has the jobs of the present and future. People may snipe at Seattle's tech culture, but that's where the jobs are. Look at Detroit and the Rust Belt. Jobs of the past mean economic depression. Seattle has a much stronger economic base than much of the U.S.

3. Fresh water.

Cities in the southwest often go through Drought Watches because of water shortages. This will worsen as America's population increases. By contrast, the PNW is fresh water rich. You might snipe at the rain, but an over-abundance of fresh water is better than a lack of it.

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Seattle PI article - drivers suck / why not to move here


Two good articles.

Notice how Seattle PI is in such disbelief at these findings.




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