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Why do I need to know this?


So, I've been slightly "browsing" the internet for a different living situation in Seattle, Washington and just happened to come across this snip-it in a housing ad:

"Hi, I have a room for rent in my house that will be available in the coming weeks due to a roommate moving out (Leaving on good terms; moving in with gf! :) )."

So.....you have a room available. It is irrelevant to me why the room is available. Why do I need to know that your housemate is moving in with his or her partner? Adults do that all the time, it's called being a grownup! LOL!

Just for the sheer fact that this individual is putting his or her housemate's personal business onto the web for all to see, is showcasing his or her level of trustworthiness, right there!

This narcissistic individual probably thought, "oh, what if the prospective renter thinks *IIIII* yes capital *IIIII* did something to push the housemate away? Like, oh my gawd! Someone grew up - in Seattle it's age 45! hahaha.

People drift apart all the time. It's called LIFE! There is no utopia. You aren't *that* important. Stop obsessing about the *why why why of everything - the person is probably laughing at you and not with you and about to get a restraining order because you are nosy fuck*

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