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I Left My Depression in Seattle


I feel like the only people who discredit the Seattle freeze are the ones who freeze people out of their lonely lives. It's real, people don't talk to nor do they want to talk to you. There's a wall where people feel like they don't need you, and will go out of their way to prove it.

I moved to Seattle (technically, the shitburb of Puyallup). Everyone already had their dead set group of friends and I had to mix and mingle between several groups throughout my teenage years. But by my twenties, I had no friends. They were either too shady or non-existent.. One common factor is that they would all flake. Any coffee dates, plans to do something outside of work would be met with silence the day of, then later a sorry, xyz happened. Like shit, you could have texted me right?

As a result, I lost confidence and really became a recluse. Got to the point where I developed anxiety from even interacting with people in the store.

I got out when I had the first chance, now living overseas and feeling like I somehow escaped the twilight zone. Lucky I got out before I had the chance to off myself.

Oh and btw, tech companies don't even want to deal with native Seattleites. And for good reason. The education standards suck. Unless you go to UW or fork 6 figure debt for a private university, you're shit out of luck competing with the kids from elsewhere in the country, hell kids from Europe and Asia get shipped in all the time for Engineering jobs.

I applied to several companies for years to no avail. Once I left, my LinkedIn is full of recruiter mail from, guess who. All the big tech corps based in (guess where...) Seattle.

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Manifest Depression


Are you an underweight, introverted, ultimate-frisbee playing programmer who loves biking, hiking and yourself? Is an ideal Friday night smoking a bowl and then driving your sport wagon to a progressive political rally in the rain? Move to Seattle, friend - you're home. Otherwise, you might not fall in love with:

- A city so cold, but not cold enough for snow.
- People so cold, but not cold enough to be real.
- Darkness every day between October 1 and July 1. And that one instant every 19 days in the winter when you see the sun, it's so low in the sky that it only serves as a faded memory of a better time.
- A constant light rain that is so persistent you will no longer remember the fundamental differences between dry and wet.
- A self-righteous, politically-correct culture in which you could get fired by your employer and exiled by your friends for expressing any view outside the ultra-liberal company line.
- Girls that are determined to be masculine (those REI leggings don't hide your regret).
- Men that are determined to be feminine (that beard doesn't hide your lack of backbone).
- The worst drivers in the country. Statistically. There's no mandatory driver's education and the scars can be seen on most cars.
- Construction everywhere. Condos mostly. Clogging every roadway, creating noise and ugliness. We need a place to keep Amazombies at night after all.
- Seahawks fans whose ubiquitous "Sea-hawwwks" chant is reminiscent of your grandfather hoking a loogie onto the nursing room floor ("12th man" was stolen from Texas A&M, by the way).
- Rent prices that you would expect in the great cities of the world, not the afterthought of the west coast.
- Boring, bland food that is overrated and under-portioned (shout out to awesome salmon sushi - you're still cool).
- Entitled bikers who savor every opportunity to condescend and pose in their overpriced gear.
- Impossible, impenetrable traffic from 4pm-8pm, as if there was somewhere across town that people expect to be less depressing.
- Drab clothes and style. The color palette includes grey, black, light grey, dark grey and light black. And traffic-safety green.
- A deceptively thin beer culture - two mediocre breweries are the only thing on tap anywhere.
- A omnipresent passive aggression that underpins everything in the city outside of the three sunny months. It leads to a social stasis. A year will pass but you will only remember those three months.
- Every town immediately outside of the city for 100 miles in either direction north/south is strip-mall-ified hell.
- People are generally ugly, out-of-shape and unkempt, thankfully they're covered in baggy nylon rain gear for most of the year.
- Sneakily the most racist city you've ever lived in, but you're probably not black or hispanic, nobody here is.
- High sales tax. But it's needed to fix what-I'm-not-sure. Maybe to relocate homeless people one block in any direction.
- The only active nightlife is around Capitol Hill, which is quite dirty and has an awkward gay vs. bro underlying tension you can pretend doesn't exist.
- Roads are falling apart and busses are obnoxiously large and a public nuisance. Maybe try walking - just don't make eye contact with bikers or they might spit on you - but who can blame them? It is pretty damn depressing here.

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Cool tips for living in Seattle


Welcome to Seattle! Hope you enjoyed your flight in(as long as you're not from California, we hate those guys, go back home). Today we're going over 10 COOL TIPS for living in a COOL TOWN like SEATTLE. Lets just jump right in.

1. Have fun: With approved activities us northwesterners take part in such as: video games, biking in an orderly fashion with a GROUP, I repeat, WITH A GROUP(only), and buying things. Also, Hempfest is in June every year, so if you enjoy good music* and smoking weed with antisocial teens/twenty-somethings in the grass, this is for you! Just don't have too much fun!

2. Be yourself :^): As long as you don't cause any trouble, we accept people from all walks of life! Just be sure to dress just like us(boys, that means no loose fitting anything! What are you? A plumber? Or homeless? :^) And girls, bust out those Northfaces and leggings!) talk just like us, and preferably, wear glasses. Oh and be white, please.

3. Become part of the thriving social scene!**: Seattleites are known for being incredibly social creatures. Do not be afraid when you receive a solitary nod in response to any given question, for a Seattleite, it requires much effort to respond verbally. Also remember, when using public transportation try to maintain your volume at a low decibel level, as Seattleites can become agitated and/or threatened if voice exceeds whisper level.

4. We welcome all races!: As long as you stay in your protected strongholds of Kent/Tukwila/Rainier Beach, we welcome you with open arms. Just don't come in our PCC's, please. And stay out of our parks.

5. Keep tidy at all times!: Despite Seattle being the birthplace of grunge and stoner rock, as well as kind of spawning most of the alternative scene in conjunction, we try to keep everything pristine here, and it would do nicely if you don't upset things, thank you :^). Your ripped jeans WILL be frowned upon. We loved it when that guy Nirvana did it, but you're not him silly. And we're actively trying to remove any 'city' elements from our town. That could bring problems like DRUGS(that aren't weed and craft brews I mean).. Though we should put a few safe injection sites around, because you know, we care. Enough to give them a surplus of supplies to use, and a clean place to meet for drug exchanges, because we got rid of the fucking tent city underneath the bridge that served as a containment center for the homeless, until we couldn't hide that anymore from the public.
Hopefully, with your cooperation we can become a more green, more pristine city, and we will be taking ballots soon for whether or not to outlaw spitting outside.

6. Learn to drive a whole new way!: You'll find yourself adapting to the roads minutes into coming here. If you're not backed up in rush hour, you'll find limitless opportunity to prove you too can be as aggressive as us(only behind the wheel of course), or so passive you become an obstruction on the road.

7. Get hype!!!: You can't keep up if you're not caffeinated from the moment you hit that starbucks drive-thru. If you get caught even slightly off guard, on the job or otherwise, you'll get that weird look of 'what a fucking idiot'.

8. You will find love***: Men in Seattle are so starved for affection that you will frequently find regular working class men and above with hamplanets, or better yet, their wonderful stay at home Aryan houseplant. Girls can get away with anything here. Even joblessness. Or grotesqueness. Or just an entitled/condescending attitude that at least 80% of the females embrace as themselves. Take note ladies, you're better than him! Just because.

Then again, most of the influx of tech workers are at least borderline autistic, so it's pretty fair all around.

9. Leave the past in the past!: No one wants to hear about where you're from. If you're not from Seattle, you're probably a dumbass. This is after all the last place where anyone in the world has sense, and clearly the best place. Ever. Seattle. Go Hawks.

10. Oh, introverted world :^): Best place hands down to hole up in an overpriced apartment with your spouse and just. Shut off from everybody. Until the next time you log into facebook and reassure your (possibly not real)friends "Yeah we should make plans sometime", until they eventually get the message, at which point you should now have the appearance of being 'normal' and having friends(+250 preferably) that don't bother you.

Just buttrock*

Social activity may be limited to eye contact on the street**

If you're female***

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Seattle slipped into hell


So, three years here. I've always wanted to come here to this area; the PNW. So, east side I like it, it's great, people are more talkative, rain's SLIGHTLY more then Seattle. (For your info I ACTUALLY moved here for the rain. TOTAL disappointment. :( . ) So, I live in Seattle, three years now, I try to get out of the city as much as humanly possible. I say hi on the east side, start a random convo, it goes so so. I try it here, comment on a persons phone, jacket, backpack, hair, shoes, glasses, whatever I notice. Nothing. I say hi. Nothing. I say, oh nice phone. Nothing. I say hows your day, nothing. I was on the bus several times.

Most recently a young girl, early 20's, was texting, not paying attention, not holding onto the hand rails. Three times, she starts falling back, bus comes to a sudden stop. She is about to fall, I put my arm around her three times to catch her. Not one time did she thank me, she just giggled. WTF?? It's not like I did it to be thanked but still, I did it without thinking all three times, but not even a acknowledgement I exist. Time before a girl in heels, falling backwards, then forward, failiing at balancing, and paying attention. I grab her, put my arm around her to catch her since I have to leap across from where I'm standing few feet away to catch her. Her response, stare at my arm, stare at me, stare at my arm, stare at me. Then just stare at me, for ten seconds, not a word. I finally say are you okay? A Nod. Wow.

I get up for people on the bus, for women, for elderly, especially for a woman in high heels, seriously. Wearing that on the bus, what a fail. Am I thanked? No, 90% of the time nothing. I seem to be the only guy though taking my time to get up for other people. I guess it's to hard for people from here to be a gentleman. I go to Starbucks, I see people 24/7 leaving their ipods, laptops, phones, etc on the table, going to the bathroom. I say to people shouldn't you take that with you, someone can take that. Nothing. Maybe sometimes they say oh it's fine. Yet when someone takes it they cry about it, common sense.

Common sense is a other thing that isn't here. If I'm waiting in line at a store, or cafe, or etc, you see me in line, then you just get in front of me as I'm about to order, and you're dressed all fancy, you sir, are either blind or a douche. This happens I don't know how many times. I just look at the cashier with a WTF face, they say nothing. I sometimes order from the cafes, barista is staring at me, with a very weird look, not really talking. I go out of my way to talk to them, how is your day, what coffee roast do you think is the best, are you okay? How do you like working here? One word responses. Dude, customer service here sucks ass.

The FEW people in Seattle who talk to me, they grill me hard, wanting to know every detail about my past. Asking for exact details, ..creepy. Then if I ask questions in return, they stare at me like I'm weird for asking..um, no you're the one asking me, instead of a normal damn conversation. So this takes me to the rain. What rain?! Omg, I came here FOR THE RAIN, I actually miss it, it rained more 3 years ago, now it seems to rain few days a month at most..so depressing. IT's hot here, like pretty hot in the summer, way to sunny and blue. This fees NOTHING like the PNW portrayed in docs, movies, tv shows, vlogs, etc. Frak you climate change.

The traffic is one sick fraking joke. I can not go anywhere at mid afternoon ie rush hour, if I do I know it'll take over 2 hours to go from Seattle to the east side or south, etc. It took 50 minutes to go 9 blocks DT seattle caught in traffic, driver refused to let me off, I could have WALKED faster, being completely serious. I take transit because I actually care about our enviorment unlike all these aholes here in the PNW who just HAVE to have a car or 2, when we have oen of the best transit systems I've ever seen. space is at a premium YET you still must have your car? REALLY? Even when there is a bus stop RIGHT in front of your house. I see 2 cars in the drive way. We have commuter vans, we have ride shares, jesus man.

The puget sound is so damn nasty. IT smells funny and why is it so green?! Some bus drivers are complete douche bags, I say hi, nothing. I say hows it going, nothing. I ask about a stop, nothing, just stares. I get people who stare at me, most of the time it's females, from across the cafe, just staring, no smiling, no nasty looks, no trying to start a convo just staring..to the point even as a out going guy, I feel uncomfortable. I've started a new policy though, if someone stares at me. I will stand up, walk right to them and ask them hi, whatcha staring at? HOws it going?

Just like I've REFUSED to be as low as these Seattle people. When I see stuck up people giving me nasty looks, I'm not using the newest iphone like them, or my backpack looks too full. ITS CALLED PACKING A JACKET! I'll go right up and say what the hell is your problem. THey look at me like I'm crazy and I'll repeat my question. I say right to their face do we have a problem here. THis place is turning me into a wound up, anger filled, douche in return. I've even noticed that sometimes I wont say hi to people when they do say hi, just because I'm so spurred by the people here. Thanks for that Seattle. But I wont let them fill me with hate like most people have let Seattle do to them. Even though I say openly screw you Seattle. I can just move to the east side, or the Olympics and meet people who are actually friendly.

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A new-to-town friendless loser's take on things


I moved here from Florida in Oct. 2015... I intend to be gone come 2018. Some things, it's a wall:

-There is no fixing the severe traffic congestion. The only feasible option would be people need to leave the area, because we all know roads aren't getting built any time soon. Not when we have all the homeless people to pay for! We have about 25% of what we need to make things work at a realistic pace in terms of infrastructure. The less than stellar drivers also contribute to the crawling pace of traffic. Whether they are texting, shooting/cutting up a line (seen more than I'd like to admit), or simply just not paying a-fucking-ttention, the barely-skilled drivers here are about 50% of the problem of why it takes 2 hours to get in or out of this shithole. Personally, I split lanes on my motorcycle, because fuck all of you. Nobody ever cares or even notices me doing it because nobody is actually looking at the road when they drive... also phone out while driving needs to be a citable offense too because the retards here can't do 2 things at once.

-The weather here is downright fucking miserable. How can someone justify tolerating 10 months of SHIT for 2 months of what most people call a regular day? And it's not even nice for the whole day those months! Seems like you can never win here. No sun = rain. No rain = no sun. Rain = no sun. Then you get lucky... you catch a break like today where the sun is shining and you have no clouds in the sky at all. Then you get excited and want to go do something and enjoy 'the beauty of Waaaaaaashington' NOPE .... 65mph gusts and it's hovering 20-30 degrees. Recipe for frostbite... There are a few days, shit maybe even a week or 2 last year where I really enjoyed the days... but it's not worth suffering 300 days out of the year for 65 'better than average' days.

-I don't know what it is about the people here, man. Some of the laziest motherfuckers I've ever seen in my entire life. No joke if yall lived elsewhere about 95% of you would be replaced almost immediately. You'd be insulted first, then fired, because the lot of you are downright useless. You bring zero value to the world. Nobody wants to earn their money here. Tons of drug addicts.... also I feel like all the dumbest facebook commenters and buzzfeed readers all formed a group and decided to form towns... I was shocked at how liberal this state is and how incredibly infantile and STUPID, and I mean literally stupid, most of the residents here are... like yall operate on a 9th grade level of intelligence at best. For real. When I first moved here, I thought it was just me being on edge and jetlagged...but people here suck. If I would have known I was giving up legitimate human contact by moving here, I probably wouldn't have. I haven't been able to pry more than a "May I take your order?" from anyone... people don't want friends here, it's genuinely confusing. People bitch and complain about how bad the people are here but they have no problem shutting others out or ghosting them. When I ask to hang out, it's not because I'm going to murder you and smoke hash from your bones, it's because we both like motorcycles or like to shoot guns or snowboard or whatever. I feel like there's a mind controlling bacteria in the air or something there that turns people into pure fucking assholes... I literally hope it gets swallowed whole by a sinkhole or some shit. Fuck Seattle. Fuck W/NW Washington in general. Also, why are there so many fat bitches here? And they're picky (which is hilarious btw)... nobody wants you and your 3 kids from 3 different military dads you fucking honey pot... The hot ones are just a different breed of crazy, and the pussy ain't worth the baggage they come with (the useless skin around the vagina aka the woman)

-Cops. The lack of police presence is... I'm running out of expressions for mind boggling. But that's what it is. There are shithead drug addicts everywhere because there's no task force chasing them the fuck out, or better yet, killing them. Drop those sacks of shit like the bags they are. Traffic would also be a lot more efficient if there were units writing tickets to shitty drivers aka doing their fucking jobs. Plus with that better flowing traffic, they can get to calls faster, and do more actual police work!

-Fun. Or lack of. I feel bad for the young kids more than I'm pissed about not having jack shit to do for myself. I started to wonder why so many females told me they 'love hiking'... because there ain't anything else to FUCKING DO AROUND HERE EXCEPT GO WALK AROUND SOME SHITTY BORING PARK. SUPB, jetskis, kayaking, all doable for all of 45-60 days out of the year (woooo!) wintersports appx the same.... then what. Dick. The nightlife sucks because the people suck... but seriously I feel really, really bad for the kids here. Their skateparks are trash, the BMX tracks are pitiful, I mean I genuinely feel bad for the kids. What a terrible place to raise a family. I bet 'retail therapy' is something they really enjoy...not. I restore vehicles in my spare time so it's not a HUGE issue for me, but damn turning a wrench gets fucking old after awhile and it'd be nice to have some kind of scene somewhere, to escape the mundane and depressing reality that is Washington.

-The last thing I want to bitch about is taxes. This state loves taxes. It loves pocketing the taxes. It loves continually bending all of us over and shoving that gigantic pineapple up our asses. I give up almost 30% of my pay because jack the addict and jill the 'tute won't just up and fucking die, and they need their free state healthcare. Road tax. Discovery pass. Emissions. Inspections. Tabs. It's a fucking racket if I've ever seen one. And we the people who pay the taxes get JACK FUCKING SHIT for it.


TL;DR - Washington is morbid as fuck.

With that being said, not every single person I've met has been retarded, and not every day has been garbage... but it's the norm, and it's what to expect. Washington has turned me bitter, and made me hate people. I've grown angry and intolerant to just about everything that isn't the inside of my car or bedroom. The last thing I'd like to add is that I have no friends because they are all dead... I make good money here and live in a nice apartment, and the only reason I'm sticking around is the golden handcuffs. I make really good money and get to do whatever I want with it... just not sure how much longer I can take the neverending cabin fever and anxiety.

Thanks for letting me bitch, sorry for the wall

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Soggy self-righteous soul-suckers


I don't even know where to begin. After not seeing the bloody sunshine for - what? 18 days? - I'm ready to slit my throat or stomp on the smug vampire faces of these soul-sucking chuckle fucks.

I moved here in 1998 from southern PA via Dallas. I only intended to check it out, but by a series of stupid decisions and Murphy's Law I ended up staying. I landed in West Seattle, which then was still reminiscent of small little beach towns I loved back east. And blue-collar with a little yuppie flair, not the liberal millennial self-righteous cluster-fuck it is now.

After about 15 years I moved out of W. Seattle and up to Snohomish. It's a little more small town, but does have it pockets of preachy uber-liberal.

For many years I was focused on just surviving. I wanted to make it on my own, get away from family suffocation, and I had a string of really bad luck for my first few years(or its just the PNW?). SO, i just put my head down and did what I had to do to have a roof over my head and feed my animals.

Damn did I struggle with making friends.My core group of friends (it's small) are not from here. Funny how that happens. People here are just weird with passive-aggression. Back east, if you strike up a conversation with someone and they say, "Hey let's get together next week," they bloody mean it. Here, that phrase means "It was great to tell you how awesome I am, but I'm not interested in anything that would require emotions or effort on my part and I'm too much of a damn pussy to say what I really mean, because God forbid, then you might not like me. Oh and I can't say 'God' because that might offend some of those of the diverse cultures I cater to in order to make myself feel warm and fuzzy."

I've never in my life seen adult-babies that were so damn afraid of hearing the truth. I'm not talking about being an asshole, just something benign, but that may not be in their favor. Have never seen so many "adults" get butt-hurt by honesty. No, they'd rather LIE instead of having a feeling hurt. Can't hurt the feelings they are sooo delicate.

And they have the spines of jellyfish. Geeezez, it's ok to speak the fuck up if a, um, minority, is doing something ILLEGAL. The political correctness here is choking.

And WTF is it will people losing their fucking minds when you blow your horn? It's there for a damn reason! "Hey, you're about to smash into while you're TEXTING." Don't shit your REI pants, I'm just lettin' you know. I've had people road-rage me because I blew my horn when they were about to hit ME.

I'd love to take these snowflakes and plop them on the Beltway for a week. And while I'm bitching about driving - the LEFT lane is for PASSING, not cruising at 54 miles an hour. It's like an epidemic. Everyone drives 54mph even when there is no traffic and the road is dry...in all fucking four lanes.

And would you hippie-libbies, PLEASE teach your damn children how to behave in public! I cannot tell you how many times I've been out to a nice restaurant where someone's free-range children are running amok and yelling. The restaurant isn't your fucking living room. I don't give a shit if your children hang from the chandelier at your home, but I do not want them climbing the chair at MY table or dancing on YOUR table while they scream-sing. But then disciplining might hurt their delicate feelings.

And yeah, the weather IS as bad as people think. This summer was shit.It seemed for every sunny day, we had four of clouds or rain. This fall is even worse - RECORD rainfall. No fucking wonder there are so many drug addicts. I've never seen so many people - not homeless or junkies, but "normal" people doing coke and heroin. And those who aren't injecting are drinking. So many fucking alcoholics here. No fucking wonder - it's so damn depressing.

I love the outdoors, I love being outside. But hell, when it isn't raining and you do go for a hike, it's like going to the damn mall at Christmas. Excuse me, pardon me, excuse me...so many damn people. To me hiking is going out in the woods and not seeing anyone.

I want to leave, but it's not that easy. I can't just move without having a job (I'm a copywriter). And I haven't been able to save much as my wage never seems to rise with the insane cost of housing around here. I'm working on it, but I think it will be a while. God, I hate this place.

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Why'd I move here?


I'm in nonprofit, so I don't think my move up here from San Francisco is the same as if I were working for Amazon or Google. I wish I had seen this site before applying for jobs up here!

I've been here for about two years. At work, there's a coworker I see everyday and we actually have to collaborate on projects. For the first year plus some, she was never nice to me. She treated me like dirt and as if I should know everything about her job and the organization. Something happened where all of a sudden she was nice and helpful, but that was after a year later.

People I work with are nice. I wouldn't call any of them a friend, though. My sarcasm is lost on them and lost on most people in Seattle. Does sarcasm not exist here? That's part of who I am and how I deal with stress. Everyone seems to be a literalist here. Even if I explain I'm joking, they continue on. Do these people have a brain? I feel like I'm dealing with androids.

Most people have summed up the traffic problem. I'll add a few more aneurysm-inducing habits drivers have. When the light turns green, GO! Most drivers boast about going from zero to sixty in a few seconds. Seattle drivers love to see who can be the slowest going from zero to twenty, which is ten below the speed limit. It usually takes three blocks. No wonder traffic is so bad!

It's annoying when drivers consistently drive below the speed limit. 20 in a 30? UGH! 50 on I-5 with no traffic???? See a cop? They all slow down to 15 below the speed limit. I'm surprised I've not had a stroke yet.

When the light turns green, I go. Especially during rush hour. Get as many cars through that light as possible. Otherwise traffic gets back up. If I'm first in line at the green light, I often look in the mirror to find the car behind me still at the light when I'm a block away. Two blocks and they are just crossing that intersection. No wonder traffic sucks!

I stop for pedestrians. Most cars here don't stop for pedestrians, though it's the law. They boast about the pedestrian-friendly city, but no, they are too much in a rush (going 20 in a 30) to stop.

Don't park within 30 feet of a stop sign? I guess I failed math, because 30 feet for Seattle-ites seems to be about six inches from where I come from.

Seattle is growing. How long before I-5 dies? It's going to become a parking lot soon. It's pretty close during rush hour. I see a mile-long line of cars on side streets waiting to get onto I-5. One day it will stop, and it's not going to be pretty.

Perfectly livable single family homes are being torn down to build 4-6 townhouses. Where's the yard? Many of the homes are also poorly built.

People are socially inept. People with dogs project their social anxieties on their dogs here. As environmentally conscious as they claim to be, there's an awful lot of dog shit that's not being picked up.

The city is a waste dump. Have something you don't want anymore? Stick it on any street corner, preferably on some stranger's property. Hopefully someone else will take it within the next three months.

Have a dilapidated RV? Feel free to park it anywhere! Especially in Ballard. Seattle-ites don't want them to ticket or tow you because you can't afford to pay the ticket and that would be discrimination. So don't worry! Even though you're illegally parked, no one will report you for at least 72 hours. And then if they do, you'll get another 72 hours to move your vehicle. And then you can just move it up a block and start the whole thing over again.

Remember when mom made you mow the lawn? Don't have to do that here, I guess. Kids have it made! So many yards are overgrown jungles. No one has pride in how their property looks. With the overgrowth, it's no wonder there's a problem with rats.

I think that's it for now. There's more. I'm not going to address the inept government or the inability to deal with the homeless problem or the lack of common sense. I look forward to the day I can finally leave this growing cesspool.

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Seattle and the PNW you are INTOLERANT!


Man. i cannot stand it here! Look let me tell a bit about myself, i was that kid who was nice to all the new kids, i have great social skills. And it takes a lot to upset me really, it does. Let me tell you something. This is the only ONLY! place in my entire life. Where a lady at work thought it was ok to make gay jokes about me, this is the only place where said lady INTRODUCED herself to a new coworker by eaves dropping into a conversation i had with my coworker sitting next to me who i had asked what he did on the weekend, to which he responded "nothing really just stayed home" and i said "oh thats fine sometimes i do the same also" And she says , not hi im jamie, not hi nice to meet, she says in the most bitchy stuck up judging voice, "OH! so i guess its safe to say you dont go out much DO you ____" I looked at her like. what? what the fuck? who the fuck are you? and said "how can you even say that you dont know me." This lady was 30 years old, i was 21 and she acted like a fucking child. Like some bitch in highschool who could not get over the fact she was old.

That is just one reason i hate this place. I mean come on! how fucking hard is it for you people to be normal? This same freak would fucking talk about CHILD PORNOGRAPHY AT WORK!!! Seriously, if i spoke my mind i would have said "Can you people please SHUT THE FUCK UP! and let me do my god damn work without hearing you talk about this fucking weird shit" As one of the post on here said the city is filled with arrogant idiot Tech loving wack jobs. I mean just get on a bus and you will see it. The whole fucking bus just stares at their phones or listens to music. YEAH! so tolerant guys! lets not talk to each other thats so tolerant! I said hi to the girl sitting across from me and started talking to her. And the bus was staring at us like we were doing something wrong. SERIOUSLY how the fuck can this place even exist? Where basic human principals like socializing are ostracized and turned into a "if i dont know you since high school or if i did not meet you from one of my friends i dont want to get to know you" society.

I work for Microsoft and some of the people are cool, And they all tend to be out of staters! who are the cool and respectable people. ONLY a rare few who i meet that are born and raised here are normal. The rest are just so. i dont know its just so in human. Look i understand anti social people. OK i really do, and im a nice guy i dont want to mock you for being anti social. But when an entire state is filled with people like this. Its just so damn depressing! like seriously im a very upbeat guy just naturally happy to go outside and walk around the block. When the sun is shining i go out walk around all happy and hoping to see someone else walking so i can say hi to them. Nope i just walk outside and get stared at by people in cars like im some kind of freak.

its just really i dont know man. I have lived here for 13 years. i am 23 now. If i really have to stay here for my whole life. I would rather go join the military and possibly die. AS LONG AS I GOT THE FUCK OUT OF THIS DEPRESSING SHIT HOLE! It seriously sucks your soul! the people mock you for your spirituality! and if you disagree with them politically you are a rapist pedophile who probably kills innocent kids.

I work at microsoft i thank god every day for this job. And without god man i dont know i would be just so fucking miserable. the people, the people! i have stories folks, stories to tell your kids, your wife, your friends, LIFE changing stories, like real fucking life experiences stories that will make you see differently. And its all because of this horrible horrible place. The weather sucks, the people are just awful! the nicest and most human people i meet are out of state or from another country. And i have to tell you. I do not require a super expensive fast car, i do not require star bucks coffee, i do not require a LOT to be happy in life. I only need basic things food, sun, human interaction!, water, and i cant emphasize human interaction enough man. Just going out for a walk, a hike, going to eat, HELL the homeless people are the ones i end up having to ask out because the rest of you are so damn scared of each other. Its pathetic! I mean i seriously find myself talking to the homeless in Seattle and than asking them to eat with me. Because you people are just THAT damn paranoid of each other. I cant wait to go back to GA. Hell a DESERT! like AZ and NM are more alive! socially than this fucking "evergreen" state they should just rename it "evercloudygreyrainy" state. The only times worth being here are Late May- early august.

I cant wait to leave this place. I pray every day to god that i live long enough to leave this place.

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Apparently I'm the entitled one


I'm driving along somewhere between Issaquah and Renton. A van pulls out in front of me and I have to slam on my brakes. This happens all the time, so I honk a little longer than maybe I should have. Meh. Anyway. There was no one behind me, so why the FUCK did this guy have to do that? I get to the stop light and his window is down and he is calling me an entitled piece of shit because I could lift my fat leg onto the break pedal. I yell back about how he is the entitled piece of shit, like the rest of fucking Washingtonians, because he is the one pulling out in front of people and gets mad when something happens. He says fuck you and I offer to bend over the car for him. He got really uncomfortable and rolled up his window. I'll give him this: at least he had the guts to roll his window down. Most of these assholes do something shitty and then ignore you when you call them out on it.

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It begins


Step 1 is underway. I am selling, discarding, or shipping my belongings back to Illinois. I am selling my condo; I am going to rent until work gets me relocated to Illinois.

Step 2 will be the actual departure. By this time next year, I should be driving away.

What drove me to this point? The general cluelessness of the Pacific Northwest.

I have never seen a transit system so useless. If I have to go anywhere and it's in a 5-mile radius, I will just walk. That's no f---ing joke. The buses and traffic here are so awful that I can, quite literally, outpace the bus. On foot. Walking. Not power walking, not running. Just. Walking.

Where's the cluelessness? It's that the metro systems *know* the problems but they won't do anything to fix them. The transit here can not only be late, but *early*. It will come and be gone before it's supposed to. People have told me that "the secret" is to get to a bus stop early. What's the point in that? If I have to get to the stop early, I'll just start walking to my *actual* destination. A bus *might* pass me along the route, but only when I'm about 5 minutes from where I'm going. So walking takes the same amount of time and costs me less.

Going further than 5 miles? Just drive. I could try to take transit, but I'd still be hitting that early/late thing I already talked about. There's no problem with traffic, really. In a car, I'm in traffic; on a bus, I'm still in traffic while being on that shitty, unpredictable schedule.

Of course, why should I go anywhere? I grew up in Chicago where there's actually stuff to do after work that's not going out and getting shitfaced. Well, not here! Welcome to Seattle: Everything that's not a bar closes around 7 or 8. After a year or so of that, it closes permanently from lack of business. Again, more cluelessness. Why is the business shutting down? Not enough business. Maybe if you'd actually *be* open when people might want to do things? I've seen restaurants in Seattle that are open 10-4. I guess I'm supposed to take a two-hour lunch to go there or something.

OK, so I'm not going anywhere. I'll stay home and enjoy myself. Well, not *in* Seattle. You can't own a home *in* Seattle; the prices are obscene. This is one reason I'm moving back to Chicago. I could sell my shithole of a condo and use that money to get a 4-bed/2-bath two-story house with basement, garage, and yard.

And with that, I don't have to put up with clueless condo/apartment neighbors who seem to be completely confused about rules/bylaws regarding parking, noise, trash, recycling... fucking *anything*. I mean, I can't get the upstairs neighbor to keep it down. He stomps everywhere, and will drop *really* heavy shit between 2 and 3 in the morning. Earplugs don't help me sleep when the whole damn condo shakes. Oh, and the condo garage door is broken again because someone hit it. Fucking hit a garage door. How the fuck do you hit something *that* big that's right in front of you and you see every fucking day? Cluelessness, that's how.

Yeah, OK, there are neighbors in the midwest, too, but y'know what? They're actually real fucking people who treat people like people. The first job I had in Chicago I actually got along with my co-workers enough that we would go *do* stuff after work (that wasn't getting drunk). And I'd meet other people, and then more. And I'm still friends with them today.

Seattleites are so fucking "high-touch" that if you don't talk to someone you want to be friends with for over a week they think you must actually hate them and you have to sort of start over again. Y'know what? No. I hadn't talked to my friends Mike and Eric in years and we just picked right up where we'd left off.

So Seattle is (and not for lack of trying) sleeping, working, eating. I've tried to find things to do here, and I can do all that and more in other cities. I've tried to make friends here, and it's just a goddamn chore; I shouldn't have to constantly prove myself.

So that's it, Seattle. We're so done. It's not me. It's you.

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