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Fuck you! Your subaru!, and your cage free salad too!


In this post I will try my best to avoid delving deeply into a cathartic, repetative, and rage filled tirade about the painfully obvious flaws typical of the scum fuck shit stain "people" and the problems surrounding them, who inhabit this region. I would simply like some opinions. Is there any real solution for living amongst the masses of these insular, provincial, narcissistic, bad mannered, FAKE, lemming, entitled, coddled, pansy ass yuppy FUCKS? Or is the only real solution to simply pack up and leave to let these dipshits masturbate to themselves in the mirror, fully outfitted in their tour de france biking gear? It's hard to believe that masses of transplants have the financial means or ability to move here, get settled in, and quickly thereafter be able to spend another small fortune to get the fuck out of this god forsaken place once reality sets in. What do those of you with financial or occupational obligations (that come from the civilized world where people have manners, are GENUINE, say please and thank you, think freely, and know how to drive) do to endure and thrive in this necrotic purgatory known as the northwest? Especially without becoming exactly like these classless meth breath, trustafarian, hipster, dip shits, or another BORING fat ass pretentious bbq stained faced football worshiping mongoloid? Is there any solution other than being forced to leave for your own mental health and quality of life? Or must you conform, and bow before the almighty "emerald city" and its blissful and proud inbred populous to endure this beautiful soggy hell?

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