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True Story


Years ago, I lived in a different state - SOLO. Far far away from Seattle, Washington. At this point in life I was weekly venturing out to live music gigs and pretty active with that part of my life regarding some artistic pursuits. That's all that can be said.

A friend of mine in a local band in Seattle, Washington was living out of his van, and once had confided in me when our paths had crossed. When I Iearnt of such, I was extremely livid! My first thought was, "what the fluff, why are your FRIENDS letting you live in your van?"

Now, we all have flaws, blah blah, but really? Your band mates that you ROAD TRIP with and who you have confided in with your deepest of secrets are letting you live out of your goddamned van! WTF! That's not a flaw, that's a CRISIS!

Immediately, I wanted to drag him to my city and show him love and care and compassion and have him live in an extra bedroom available in my apartment. But, he was IMMUNE. He didn't have the eyes to see. He was so used to being used by "the scene" and being mistreated and back stabbed by frenemies in Seattle, Washington.

Months later, a friend from my city told me this same friend had been mugged (male) in Seattle. Fuck!

A year or so later, I had my own hardships and moved to this area Eastside bumblefuck because I read of some laws and services that may be able to help me in my particular life situation. One day, I popped into a sandwich shop where my friend formerly worked. No one there had ever heard of him. Hmmmm..... I thought maybe I had entered into the wrong shop.

Three months later, I found out from someone on an online dating website that my friend in Seattle had died. I did some research and later learned the cause was a drug over dose. I won't say much more....Fuck!

Let's just say I saw the writing on the wall WAYYYY back. Over a year prior. No one else did? So much gossip going on about me that I am a drama queen in that scene. Um, hello, I am substance-free, I have a different pair of eyes than you! I CARE! In Seattle, Washington, there is no "let's sit down and talk about XXX." Help is out there! It's up to you to take it, but it's there. But, you need support, friends to ride you, make calls. Not one person in your Seattle, Washington art/music scene can support you? Dear Lord!

Please, get your friends help before they unnecessarily die at age 36. If you are reading this, and you have friends in Seattle, Washington that have any addiction issues or housing issues - take them in. It really IS that bad, and 1,000 times worse than what they convey. I have witnessed insane asylums first hand in the state of Washington. Don't send your loved ones there. Try your hardest!


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